Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sophia Love - Wonder Full

Probably as many folks have great difficulty with the word Love as with the word God.  So great has been the poisoning of their true meanings that I welcome any opportunity to shed some light on them.  Sophia Love does that ever so sweetly in this little op-ed piece.  Enjoy, DT the ET

By Sophia Love - January 14, 2013

It is our fourth day and we are right in the midst of the Quest.  What can we do to guarantee success? 
We can love.

Agape is unknown territory.  Solitary bliss without a mind altering substance is not “normal”.  Agape, once discovered, offers accelerated joy, constant peace and a state of equilibrium.  You cannot “rattle” a Master.  All is happiness.

There is untapped potential within.  You are a force.  Access your power with love.  Check out your smile, that unique stride you have, your laugh.  Appreciate your sense of humor.  Give yourself a hug.

As we do these things, and gradually accept our individual wonder – we find Oneness.  We will be filled with wonder at the brilliance in each other.  We will be “wonder – full”.
We are each others reflection.  This world is illusion – a fun house at a carnival – a house of mirrors.  Look around and you’ll see evidence of what beliefs you are holding on to.  What do you see?

As we re-birth this new age, walls, structures and institutions are crumbling; belief systems turn out to be intentionally fraudulent.  All conversation and contract is some form of manipulation.  This has been our environment, our field of awareness, the backdrop of our reality.

It’s neither good nor bad, it just was, it just is and it’s in the process of changing.  As it does, you discover its all part of the same Quest we are on.  You see, there are very few absolute truths and we are on this journey to find one of them.  Once found, it cannot be lost; you carry it with you always.  Agape is your very core.

You are an outsourcing of God, or whatever you call Prime Creator.  As drops of water are the Ocean, you are Divine.  Every attribute you hold has its origin in One.  Every attribute you hold is sacred.

We must move into loving every part of ourselves, as One, before we can move beyond.  Beyond we discover love for every other, as One.  It is from there we come to truth – there is no other – all is One.

We are transforming and our very language becomes a challenge.  Names are separators and become unnecessary when we recognize alternate expressions of truth by their very essence.

We are on a path to truth; Oneness.  Agape sounds different than we expected; we’ve never lived here.  Stay open, your heart is jubilant and itching to rejoice.  You are a thought and can go anywhere!  Choose places of your deepest longing, without regard to should or can’t.  You are magnificent and full of wonder.  Allow yourself to fly beyond restrictions of self doubt.  We are watching, learning and seeing ourselves in your flight.  Thank you for being here and for sharing your journey!

You are the One we’ve been waiting for.

I love you!

See you tomorrow,

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