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Some Thoughts on Ascension – by the Great Divine Director

I love this being's handle - Great Divine Director.  I thought that title belonged to the CEO of Goldman Sachs...A lovely channelling under any name.  Enjoy,  DT the ET

  As Received Through Tazjima On January 26, 2013

I AM the Great Divine Director. Greetings and salutations to all those who are awake and aware in this time of transition for your race and planet!

We come today to lend our light to those who are still struggling to understand or undertake the next steps on the pathway to ascension. We understand that many, even among those who consider themselves as lightworkers, do not really know what ascension entails or what is required for one to step upon the path of initiation. This pathway leads to the self-realization that you are God. You do not have to go anywhere or to be anything other than in full self-acceptance.

Understand that you are not the wholeness of God or Creation, just a portion, but as reflected by holographic image, you are connected to the wholeness. The first step on this journey of self-discovery lies in the total acceptance of self, as you are, perhaps not as you perceive yourself to be. Acceptance of self is also a process of acknowledging that darkness can and does reside within.

By observing the existence of darkness and choosing to do nothing or to let it go, you remove the power of darkness to bind you in its tangled web. It is in the pull of darkness that one loses their way, using violence and control to bind others. Perhaps you disagree with how someone presents their viewpoint, arguing that you know better and therefore, they should follow your way—this is the way of darkness, through control, fear, limitation and intimidation.

On December 21, 2012, the world passed through a vortex into a new phase of existence. The old structures supporting the darkness and its matrix have been permanently withdrawn. All that was built under the direction of those adhering to the old paradigm will pass, will disintegrate and eventually pass from being. The length of this transition will be determined by the collective souls of the lightworkers, those who are now consciously anchoring the light on earth and bringing into manifestation a return to unity consciousness. It is these who are the ones who must take the lead, here and now, for the rest of humanity. Are you up to the task or should another take your place?

The time of feeling intellectually, spiritually or materially superior to another human being has departed. What is material can be taken away. Rest assured if your karma demands a balancing, it will come in the fullness of time. Those who strive to bring to the surface any remaining darkness within their own being, whether conscious or unconscious, will find their efforts bring a certain amount of easing of their circumstances. Suffering cannot be prevented, but your willingness to perform the inner work, can determine the degree of suffering, whether physical, emotional or mental, that must be endured.

Ascension for those starseed who came into this world during this particular cycle entails a reiteration of what has gone before, in many lifetimes and on other planets and in other universes. Ascension is part of the natural cycle of life, but one whose purpose has not be taught to the masses during this present time on your planet. Still, those who are starseed will find themselves naturally directed by intuition and spiritual guidance to discover what it is that is needed to carry themselves along this path of return.

By voluntarily undergoing the strenuous requirements of physical ascension, the starseed have accepted the role of wayshowers for the population of this planet. There was a time on the planet when ascension was known and practiced by groups of initiates under the guidance of their Christed leaders. These teachings have largely been subverted and/or hidden away by the followers of the Dark Brotherhood, for the purpose of binding the general population to their controllers during lifetime after lifetime of endless slavery.

Your spiritual forefathers and mothers foresaw the coming of a cycle of darkness that would temporarily plunge this world into superstition and chaos. The ending of that cycle is now underway. As the lightworkers engage in their work of ascension and self-discovery, by raising up their own vibration and frequency, then there will come a time of synchronicity when the frequency of those surrounding them will also rise up, through the Law of Correspondence.

Dwelling in a miasma of doubt and confusion is not the way to approach your ascension. Letting go of the doubt and dispensing with the confusion by shining the harsh light of honesty into your own subconscious and unconscious minds, will enable you to let go of what does not serve you anymore. Though your acts of contrition and self-forgiveness, you will move forward and upward, drawing those who follow along with you.

As the planet ascends through her own process of cleansing, so should you. Let go of all that you feel is no longer yours, whether that entails a relationship, a job that does not satisfy, outmoded beliefs, old attachments that bind you to old ways of being that no longer serve…anything that stands in the way. Be strong, be severe and yet balance that severity with kindness towards self and others.

Criticism of self and others is not discernment. What works for you, will not necessarily work for others. What others see and experience as being the way that they want to follow, will not necessarily attract your attention. Comparison and judgment is futile and a waste of time and effort. Each of you is a unique being and will need to discover your own pathway to ascension.

Ascension is a process. It can and will occur on a daily basis if and when you commit yourself fully to the journey. It is not an easy one, but will give you great personal reward as life will eventually become easier as the various energetic levels are passed.

There will be tests along the way to ensure that you have, indeed, incorporated the lessons presented during the journey. Your mastery of your physical, mental and emotional bodies will be tested. Can you withstand hardship and illness without complaint? Can you withstand the criticism of others who will be encountered on the path? Will you demand perfection from others when you have not managed to master perfection within yourself? Save judgment for your soul and Monad. These inner teachers will lovingly point out your short-comings, not to judge or condemn, but to encourage improvement and growth.

As you move through periods of growth, you will also find that you experience periods of quiet. These occur so that you can incorporate fully what it is that you have learned. The process of learning is actually a process of remembering or coming into an outer awareness of all that already exists within. The trick is to go forth with the open eyes of a child, an open heart and a clear, unbiased mind so that you might find delight in what you discover rather than confusion and dismay. The latter is an indication that what you discover has not met with your previously formed ideas of reality and that you are, at least temporarily, in a state of resistance to change. It up to you and you alone to be willing to open to change, for that is the only way you will be able to grow.

As you climb the path, you will find that reality is not always what you have been taught by your parents and other authority figures within this or any other physical lifetime. The world of spirit and the higher dimensions do not work on the same physical laws that you live under upon the surface. As you ascend in your consciousness, these inner worlds will begin to reveal themselves to you, as has been discovered by those dedicated to meditation. At first these experiences will be very personal and then, eventually, you will begin to discover correlations between inner and outer, upper and lower worlds. The signposts are there, but do not make themselves apparent until the one ascending is ready to see, hear or feel their presence.

As you gain in spiritual awareness, you will begin to open up to a sense of the greater community that exists all around you. The natural world has never left this awareness of unity. You will rediscover it yourself, in your own way. And as your spiritual senses begin to awaken, you will be able to discern more of what there is to be seen and experienced in this world, without leaving it for another.

Your world is in need of healing. Each one of you is in need of healing. You have voluntarily undergone this process as a way of healing the world and anchoring the light of heaven upon the sacred earth of your planet. Through your physical bodies will be anchored the light and love of heaven. You are the transformers, who step down this tremendous light through your own bodies. In order to perform this sacred task, it has taken much preparation so your bodies would not be destroyed by the incoming energies. Do not be surprised if you are still experiencing physical challenges as the energies are still increasing, within cycles. There will be a time ahead when the energies diminish, but that time has not yet arrived. So be kind to body and self. Change is demanding and can be stressful.

Do not make the mistake of judging those individuals who leave the planet during these days of transition. Each one has their own soul journey to make. Some will return almost immediately in a new body, as a young crystal child. Others will go to the Summerlands to undergo more training and perhaps a time of rest before undergoing another lifetime. Some souls will choose to work from the spirit planes. Others will return to their homes, having completed the work that their soul contracts delineated. Others will move to other planets and solar systems that more closely match their vibration in preparation for other lifetimes and other lessons, until they are also ready to undergo the path of return. The timing and the pathway is very individual to each and every soul, even those who are currently considered the darkest of the dark. All are one in God. All exist in God. The yin and yang, dark and light, male and female, all exist within the One.

We stand as the brotherhood of light with you to assist as needed by any and all who call out to us. We hear every word, every thought and feeling. We do not judge. We will not chide, but seek to encourage and aid you in coming to an acceptance of your own power and beauty. We cannot make the journey for you; it is up to you and you alone to do the work, but we will aid and assist in any way allowable by cosmic law.

Our blessings go forth to all. Know us as your brothers and sisters who stand beside you always. You are known and loved as the strongest and bravest of souls, in undertaking this grand journey from separation and into unity consciousness.

We leave you with one more thought on which to ponder: It is not necessary to be perfect in order to ascend. Even the mightiest of initiates face their own inner battles and victories.
We will come again. Until then, Namaste: We bow to the god and goddess within each of you.
Thank you, beloved Great Divine Director.

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