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Tazjima - The Journey Ahead

A rock-solid, beautiful and truth-laden channelling if I ever did see one.  This is what it takes to get a 5-Saucer rating from DT the ET

The Journey Ahead – The Great Divine Director—20 January 2013, by Tazjima

I AM the Great Divine Director, a Cosmic Being who serves Father/Mother God on the blue ray of God’s Will and Divine Mind.  [ED - My gut says GDD is probably a very high level Arcturian - my peeps!] I, too, have walked the path of Ascension and have served as a mentor to many of those who came behind me, including the Master Jesus. Together with Lord Sananda, the higher Self of Master Jesus, as well as the Ascended Masters, Angelic hosts and the Galactic Federation, we serve to assist those who are embodied on earth and now in the process of bringing the new world into being.

Nearly a month has gone by since the great Shift and we see the people of Earth breaking into camps. Of those who used to be proud to call themselves Lightworkers, there are some who appear to be at a loss of just how to approach light work or even what it is. Miracles were expected and when they did not occur, disappointment and even anger has emerged, much of it directed to those who do seem to be tuning into the new energies that are available.

We will say this—the new energies are subtle and do demand that one turn their attention from the outer world and into the inner. For those who are impatient and critical of themselves and others, this will prove difficult. One must learn to calm the emotional body in order to benefit from the energies that are still bombarding your planet.

There is a manner of play on your world popular with those who live on coastlines called surfing. In these new energies, it is possible to learn to surf them with your emotional body as your guide. This is not a new concept, but one that needs to be considered in this period of transition. The key here is “play”. Spiritual living is not all work. In fact, you will discover that much of it involves being willing to play and find enjoyment in life, just not at the cost of others as it has often been in the past on your world.

Since you still live in a physical world, the transitional period will continue for some time, although you will discover that “time” has less and less meaning to you. There are still institutions that must fail, warring factions that must drop their weapons and the underlying powers that were who must face that their time is at an end and has been for some time.

These ones are highly resistant to accepting the possibility that their cycle has been completed and that the energies of Heaven are now favoring the creation of a new world, one that does not include themselves as rulers and potentates, or even as those mysterious ones jerking the strings from behind a curtain of unbelievable wealth and power.

During this transitional period there will be a continued exposure of the work of the dark forces, who even now are in the process of breaking up and scattering. Their deeds and misdeeds, their plots and subplots, their plans and plans within plans are all in the process of being exposed and so there is an appearance of even more darkness than before.

Those who still expend their energies in pursuit of this darkness, who are even drawn to it like a ship into a dangerous whirlpool, will find themselves at a loss in the new energies. For their continued hunt of the ones who have done evil deeds will not be supported by the new energies, which are love. The power of the Universe will no longer support hate, anger, greed or competition or any other set of emotions that are intended to put others into a fearful state.

To approach this new world wisely, one must let go of the pursuit of looking better than someone else for cooperation and eventually unity thinking is the new mode of thinking and being that will take command of those who are in pursuit of working together to create their version of the new world.
As the transitional period continues, each one of you might consider learning to calm your expectations about what you think should have happened as compared to what happened or did not happen when the Shift occurred – for occur it did whether or not you are aware of the changes that are affecting your world at this very moment.

Dig in and find that peace of presence that is within your heart center. For those who are skeptical and have never experienced the warmth of the heart, there is an opportunity now to take advantage of the influx of the still very powerful and supportive cosmic energies to discover this unseen and unfelt portion of Self that exists, centered in your chest cavity, yet on a vibrational level such that it cannot be detected by your scientists’ crude machinery.

The heart center is the heart of the emotional body and exists in a finer density, slightly higher vibrational level than your physical body. You could say that it rests in the middle plane of fourth dimension (it is actually multidimensional in its true being) while your physical body hovers between the upper third and lowest plane of the fourth dimensions.

We would direct you – if you are willing – to experiment, by sitting quietly and breathing long breaths, slowly in and out. Visualize a small flame within your breast, just under your sternum, that is glowing like a small campfire in the darkness. Feel into the details. The flame is actually three in one, that curl and wrap around each other in constant motion. Feel the colors – blue, golden yellow and pink – a holy trinity that is present within each human no matter what their allegiance is, whether to dark or light. For without this flame, which is the attachment point in the body along with the pineal gland, for the soul, your body would have no life. It is your connection to Heaven, to your soul body and to your Monad and greater Self, your multidimensional Self that exists in many worlds and planes.

These words of ours bring nothing new to those who have been actively on the spiritual path for years during this lifetime, but there are many who are now beginning to follow the path set that lack the experience and inner awareness that are now opening to the possibility of parts of themselves existing outside and inside the physical body. The borders of consciousness are beginning to blur. It is a transitional state that one must go through as you become acquainted with the unity energies that are even now tugging at your heart and mind.

Moving from a state of separation into one of unity consciousness does take a while for many, for they have to be willing to reform the very foundations of their world, to take that step into seeming air, off the cliff, like the Fool of the Tarot. It is a time to proceed slowly, gently and with great consideration for your own health, by resting more, finding quiet time and sharing with like-minded individuals who are supportive of your efforts. It is not the time to criticize oneself or others or to seek comparison.

It is becoming very apparent that ascension is a very individual process even as your world ascends. Those who focus on working with themselves, by consciously releasing old patterns of being and doing, by continuing their meditations, by discovering what brings joy into their life, by finding little moments to share laughter, these are the ones who will excel in bringing the new energies into their own bodies and harnessing them for the ascension process. They are acting as pioneers for those who will follow in their wake. The difficulties that they are willing to take on will smooth the way for those who choose to follow, although perhaps not directly, in their energetic footsteps.

Each one who is willing to undertake the journey will have to discover their way. It can no longer be defined directly through a course or a book or by reading the messages of others. Each individual will find a portion of a book, a bit of a sentence or a word from a friend or a spark of inner intuition -- an “ah, ha” moment--as the needed catalyst to make that next step. The path taken will be individual and tailored to each one as their soul dictates, according to their future roles and the lessons needed to complete the journey.

How you approach this is your concern for each person’s path is extremely individualistic. Therefore, it is a waste of time to criticize and compare for those modes of thinking were built from separatist thinking, from division and power over competition, which automatically sets up some to win and others to fail.

We feel that those who continue to engage in separatist thinking are afraid of stepping from the known and into the unknown, the unseen sea of possibilities that now exists. For them, it is more comfortable to remain separate, where they can distinguish their boundaries by comparing themselves with another person or group. This is their choice, if they wish to remain so, but they will find themselves falling behind as the planet continues its journey into the fifth dimension. We will honor their free will.

The old energies cannot exist in the new world – there will no place for them there and no place for those individuals or groups who chose to hang on to the old manner of thinking and being. There are other places where they will be welcomed; it just will not be on the new earth.

So, a time of choosing your direction has come again. Realize, dear ones, that you make this choice in every moment that you exist within the frequency of Earth, for she is a testing ground for all souls, no matter what their origin. When you take physical embodiment, your soul is gambling that its extension will be able to overcome the veil of separation and make the connection, to phone home as it were and come into an awareness of its true being, that of being one part of a vast Being, extending from earth to the highest heaven.

The testing ground of Earth has been and still is a severe one for souls and not all are given a passing grade, but must find they must continue to recycle through lifetime after lifetime filled with imaginary suffering in an effort to instill a need to seek within on a journey of self-discovery and find that hidden garden in which the eternal flame burns, within each person who walks this earth.

The time allotted for this particular planet to remain a severe school house is coming to an end. The end is gradual, allowing a diminishment of the energies of separation and a growth of the energies of unity – an uncomfortable period of adjustment for many as they must let go of what is known and step into what is unknown and unchartered for the most part. It is this very uncertainty over the future that drives the anger, disappointment and criticism, the continued retention or hanging onto fear, as being an energy that is known, over the energies of love and openness.

To open oneself up to your own awareness and scrutiny is to invite the possibility of self-criticism for there will always be those things in your past, those decisions or deeds of which you are not proud. Yet we tell you now, dear ones, no matter what you have done or not done, you are forgiven by Heaven. The hardest thing to do, the first thing you must do in order to proceed upon your journey of discovery is to forgive yourself. Until you do this, you will make no headway – your sails will be set contrary to the flow of the winds and you will remain stagnant, not making progress.

It has been suggested that to ascend one only needed to cruise or flow with the energies. In doing so, there must still be a willingness to look at what comes up for inspection and then to let it go. You may find yourself in a process of letting go of material objects, changing the way you eat, exercising more or even less, reading new books, finding new friends, moving to another state or even country, in short doing things that you would not have even considered in the old energies.

To those who are still holding onto their favorite fears, let go. Let go and sink into the warm currents that surround and bathe your body every minute, day and night. As you let go of the carping intellect and learn to tune into your feelings and intuition, you will discover that lifeline that will direct you towards a new way of being. It will be different for each one of you; yet will work in synergistic ways to bring you, ultimately, into a new way of life, one that is healthy and life-affirming for each individual and all of life at the same time.

Feeling and using the emotional body as your guide, discovering your intuition – which is the manner in which your soul communicates to you in the earlier periods – is a way to start the journey if you have not done so already, a journey that each one of you will make in the coming days, months and years as your planet continues on hers.

As you connect and use the intuition, you will eventually become aware of a tiny, small voice within. Do not be afraid of this voice – it is the voice of your greater Being. The science of psychology and psychiatry has given those who experience “voices” the fear that they might be going crazy and need to be put on drugs to deaden the voices.

There is a difference between the voices of the negative entities that do continue to afflict troubled individuals and that of the voice of the soul and the ascended portions of your own greater Being. The difference can be ascertained in the “feeling” of the energy—one is negative and destructive of self and others, while the voice of the soul is quiet as to be almost non-existent, patient and yes, sometimes even funny. The lesson here is to be able to distinguish what voice is what.
When you have connected with the higher mode of communication, others will appear. Also, learn the means of basic self-protection by working with Archangel Michael and the White Crystalline Energies to create a mantle of protection as you work. Many books and experienced light workers have suggestions for such meditations. Take one of them and adopt it to your own use in a way that works for you.

Channeling is a natural means of communication between the greater Being and the human on earth. There are many means of channeling and one does not need to sit at a computer or speak to others in order to be channeling. Writers, musicians, artists, dancers, inventors, creative cooks, gardeners, architects and many others are channeling higher energies when their works bring the participant and those who witness the works a sense of beauty, wonder, delight and comfort.

Each of you must discover your own way to ascension, your own gifts to present to the world and what your own mission entails. The key to discovery, self-discovery is through the heart, the place where the programming exists that will open the new world, your new world, to you. It is up to you to take that first step, by letting go of fear and stepping out into the open, as shaky as a newborn fawn, into a bright new world, filled with endless wonders to be discovered by all who are willing to go forward into the new dawn.

We wish you well on your journey. We are ever there beside you. Call upon us for guidance and comfort if you will, but the greatest portion of the work ahead, initially, will be yours, as we must let you proceed to master co-creation in the healing of your planet, yourselves and each other. Discover the joy of living in the moment as you follow the inner urgings and markers on your new journey to self-discovery in the creation of a new world. A new journey and a new world beckon you forward, but you must take the first steps. Namaste, dear ones; I walk ever beside you.

Thank you, beloved Great Divine Director.

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