Friday, January 25, 2013

Connections by Suzi

sandy and my face 029It feels as though an entire world has passed through me since last year. The changes are coming fast and they’re powerful and subtle at the same time.

What we’re transforming into is our original Divine blueprint, so it makes sense that returning to our natural state might not feel so radical.

Aside, of course, from the clearing work we’re all doing so brilliantly.

So much has been written since the 21st of December about why things are as they are and why we may feel the way we do that I don’t feel much more can be said. We did what we needed to in order for humanity to be able to get through that particular portal, from which there’s no turning

All that remains of the old 3D matrix is the ever-diminishing shadow of it. The only power it then has is what we give to it ourselves with thoughts perpetuated out of habit and beliefs conditioned into our bones.

As a dear friend pointed out to me, in December we destroyed the ring of power.
My daughter and I are big fans of The Lord of the Rings and we listen to it in the car even now. It’s remarkable how fitting the story is to what’s been happening on Earth currently. Tolkien wrote of Middle Earth, and here we are in the middle of the Shift of the Ages.

The one ring to rule them all is now no longer in existence, just as 3D Earth and the foundations of duality no longer are.

I think the remainder of what may still need to come to be before mass ascension occurs has to do with human development. In the interest of getting on with that, my personal intention is to be fully in service to the Light.

If moving on to Fifth Dimension is what we want, we may as well put ourselves wholly into it, no?
Resistance to being who I am is of the old, fear-based paradigm. Love is a much better choice, and I’m starting to really understand that the highest and best I can do for anyone is to step into my Divine shoes and live my life as though I’m already in a higher dimension.

That’s sourcing from the heart at every opportunity and embracing my own, and everyone else’s, Divinity. I think that’s the way we build Nova Earth.

This afternoon I was stuck in commuter traffic (which gratefully isn’t a daily part of my life at this time). While inching along in my car on the highway, I had an inspiration.

What I know already is that each of us is living in whatever situation we can best serve, whether we realize it or not. We may wonder why it is that we’re among people who don’t get it, and seem to be in a fog at best.

We’ve been told that we penetrate everyone around us with our light without even trying. So in my car today it occurred to me to use the time as an opportunity to flex my expanded-human muscles rather than get uptight about traffic. What happens if we actually do it on purpose?

As I drove along, I focused on radiating my field out to include all 8 lanes of traffic in a circle of golden light. What the light did for each individual passing through it was not up to me, just like the energy I channel to the heart of Gaia. She has it to do with as she needs.

I read recently somewhere that certain music has a frequency that’s necessary for creation to happen. While driving I was listening to an album that I loved dearly and knew by heart in high-school. It occurred to me that it isn’t just the music alone, it’s the human response to music that makes the perfect petri dish for the creation process.

Why not? We can send our Light to one person easily, groups even, whole countries and to the entire planet. I’m not sure why this seemed novel to me today but perhaps it was a reminder of what humans are capable of.

If all that binds us to the limitations of 3D dwells inside of us in the form of our beliefs, I’m all for hunting those things down. Once again I will say that imagination is a vastly powerful manifesting tool that we all posses, and the manifesting energies are at an all-time high here.

So, I track the little gremlin that tells me that I need to keep myself small in order to survive. I find him and offer him a gift, and that gift appeases him so that he releases his hold on that particular belief and I can then let it go too. I don’t need to pretend that I’m anything other than myself.

To me it’s been surprising as well as a relief to start to really get who I am, what’s coming up for us and even what’s happening now. Truly so, if I wasn’t paying attention I think that the subtle and not-so-subtle additions to my bag of mystical tricks would go by unnoticed. Some “new” skill shows up one day and just feels rather unremarkable and as natural as can be.

I’ve been waking up each morning for days now and getting into meditation straight away. The vision that comes first is a golden glowing Earth with a light blue glowing core. There’s no doubt in my vision that we’re well on course, and every action we take and every thought we have is creating our world. Let’s make it an exquisite one.

Love and Light…

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