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Jesus: Release Everything Within Yourselves That is — in Even the Smallest Way — Unloving

  As Channelled by John Smallman – January 18, 2013

Message from John Smallman: Hello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Friday January 18th 2013. First, I would like to draw your attention to: The InLight Radio Special: 2013 – Hope for Our New World – THIS Sunday Evening January 20, 2013 5pm (Pacific Time)/8pm (East Coast, USA). Here is the link: [—hope-for-our-new-world ]. You will probably have to copy and paste it into your browsers. I hope you will be able to join in and listen. Now sit back and receive the abundance of loving energy that Jesus’ message extends to every one of you.
John’s reading of today’s message:

jesus-4-258x3001-150x150You are all most firmly established on your personal paths to awakening, each of which are part of the Superhighway leading humanity out of the illusion and home to Reality.

You have all chosen to travel at a speed that suits you best in the moment, and at any time you can change that speed by choosing to increase or decrease it. The influx of new, loving energies, which have started flowing powerfully and insistently throughout the planet, are encouraging you all to increase the speed with which you are engaging your homeward journey, and that makes perfect sense.

Why would you want to spend more time in the illusion where you experience so much confusion, uncertainty, and indeed chaos, when you could be rapidly returning home to the everlasting joy of your Father’s divine Realm?

As you know deep within yourselves you are divine, spiritual beings having a physical experience. However, part of that experience has been the forgetting who you really are. It was a choice that you made to ensure that your physical experience would seem totally real to you in order for to you to undergo lessons that you wanted to learn from scratch. If you were able to remember who you truly are, the lessons would be of little practical use to you because you would already know the subject-matter at the highest possible level of understanding – and there would effectively be nothing for you to learn. And of course that sounds like nonsense, for why would you hide knowledge from yourselves so that you could become embodied as humans to relearn it? It is indeed a paradox that leads to much confusion.

The Love from which our Father created all sentient beings is an energy that is infinitely abundant, wise, knowledgeable, creative, and powerful. It can be accessed and used in myriad ways — ways that, in your limited embodied form, you cannot possibly conceive of. It is possible for spiritual beings to choose to work with just one aspect of that energy or an infinite number of them. For instance, working only with power can lead to immense imbalances in understanding and perception if the ends for which it is used and developed are not aligned with the need for wisdom, harmony, cooperation, and mutual concern when operating only through that one aspect.

By becoming embodied and having a physical experience on Earth, sentient beings can use the different aspects of the divine energy field individually to learn and understand the responsibilities that go with them and that have to be accepted and incorporated during that usage, while at the same time ensuring that no major damage can be caused by errors or omissions should responsibilities be forgotten or neglected. Basically, games are invented and played, and the consequences that arise then present lessons that, when learnt, lead to much greater understanding and wisdom than could occur without the presence of the limitations that human embodiment entails.

By becoming humans you have chosen to experience a severely limited state of consciousness for the challenges and lessons it enables you to undertake. It is part of the unreal state of separation that started when you invented and built the illusion, and you have, as it were, to rebuild the divine aspects of yourselves that are not immediately obvious to you as humans, but which are accessible to you though prayer and meditation when you make the intent to be spiritually guided, in order to return home. Rebuild is not really the right word, because no part of you has been destroyed or demolished – every aspect of you was created immortal, eternal, and divine – and never could be, but it is useful as an analogy.

The experience of being human is so far removed from your true nature that to return to that state without adequate preparation would be shockingly disturbing because you would still hold memories of attitudes and behaviors you had espoused that are utterly estranged from the loving state in which you were created. It would not be apparent initially that what you were remembering was but an unreal state that had never happened, and to see such unloving aspects of yourselves appearing real would be horribly alarming and disturbing.

You are divine beings, beings of Love, and it would be totally incomprehensible and reprehensible to see yourselves as far less than that, as beings who could willingly and apparently happily cause suffering to other sentient beings. And in Reality that is indeed impossible, but to have apparent memories, recollections of things, events, behaviors, actions that are not utterly loving, in which it seemed that you had taken part, would be devastating for you — even though they had ‘never happened.’ To imagine situations like that are beyond the realms of possibility for divine beings, which is what you are. So to find yourselves holding such memories, even though they are unreal, would indeed be shocking.

Returning to your fully conscious and natural state — awakening into Reality — is what you are doing as you struggle with the confusion and suffering of the illusion. The way to follow this path is by releasing everything within yourselves that is — in even the smallest way — unloving, or not in complete alignment with Love. And as you release those unreal aspects of yourselves, which have never been a part of the divine being that your Father created, the memories attached to them will all dissolve so that you can fully awaken into the brilliance, beauty, peace, harmony, and Love that is your natural and eternal state.

The way home, guaranteed and divinely assure by your ever-loving Father, is through release, complete release of all that is not of God. That is the task in which you are presently fully engaged, and failure is neither an option nor a possibility. You are beings of Love returning to awareness of that divine and wondrous state.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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