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Taryn Crimi and The Angelic Guides: "No Illness Is Contagious"

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? These Guides have just the Rx you need. 
Ziet Gesundh! DT the ET

 Channelled By Taryn Crimi On January 24, 2013 

Today we would like to focus your attention on the health of your human body and the purpose which illnesses serve. There are very many on your world that are experiencing some form of “virus” which is causing discomfort within their physical vessel. There are very many widespread beliefs about how these “viruses” are spread as well as what purpose they serve. It is our intention today to share with you our perspective on how this can be of service to you.

A very common belief amongst the human collective is that you can “catch” a virus from someone else; that it is easily spread from one person to the next. The media is broadcasting many warnings about the various strains of this “flu virus” and the measures you can take to protect your selves.

However from our perspective, this does not protect the public from experiencing this virus, but rather it helps to continue to spread its reaches much further. The reason being, it is continually being brought to the attention of the collective consciousness and therefore many are now focused on just how contagious the virus is. Remember that what you expect is what you will manifest in your physical reality.

We will tell you what the true purpose which a “virus” serves and that is simply to purge that which is no longer needed. It is the bodies way of removing toxic waste, and releasing that which no longer serves you. The most common symptoms of the “common cold”, the flu, or a respiratory infection all eliminate waste, however each “virus” eliminates the waste through different orifices. No matter, it all is used to serve the same purpose.

Contrary to many beliefs, there is no virus that is actually contagious. You cannot “catch” an illness from anyone else. So you may wonder, how then do so many get sick at one time? We will say it is for two very simple reasons; one is the belief which says that if you are around another sick person, that you too are likely to get sick because of the spreading of another’s “germs”. And the second reason is the need for your body to eliminate cells, which no longer have use in your body.

Although, we wish to inform you that feeling ill is not necessary for your body to excrete waste and remove that which is no longer of any use. Illness is simply a form of resistance which has been created by you, due to your being resistant to releasing and letting go of what you no longer need. Therefore the body has no other choice than to expel these toxins through more extreme measures, which leaves the body feeling ill, drained, and exhausted.

In a world where so many are focused on what needs to get done; on a world which views rest as laziness, your body is forced to make you listen to its needs through more extreme measures. When you feel ill, drained and exhausted you are then forced to finally listen to your body and rest. The rest is what your body so desperately craves, and it will find any means necessary to ensure that it gets what it needs. As we have previously expressed, we do not view rest as being unproductive, not by any means. It is while you are still and at rest that you are able to achieve the most. There are those of you who know this to be true, and therefore welcome the quiet time to allow for synchronicity to flow into their lives.

You see, your body is always processing waste and removing that which is no longer needed. So you can say, so why then is there ever a need to experience being sick? There isn’t. It is the only the resistance that you have created which does not allow for the proper elimination of this waste, and your body has no other choice but to “fight” the waste which has been allowed to build up. You may then wonder why would you resist removing what you do not need? Remember that what happens on a physical level, first is manifested on an emotional and spiritual level. The resistance is not originating from the physical, but from the emotional and spiritual body. There are many fears, beliefs, and thoughts which are limiting to your being, and yet many are afraid to let them go because of the fear of change.

There are certain times, when the collective as a whole is ready to purge that which is no longer needed. These instances are referred to by your media and medical profession as epidemics; meaning that the majority of the population in particular areas are experiencing similar symptoms of an illness. However we view this situation differently. It is because there are so very many of you who are ready to remove yet another layer which has been allowed to lay dormant with in your physical vessels. The collective as a whole is ready to release more limiting beliefs. This new year has brought with it powerful energies of purging and many of you are experiencing this on a physical level as well as an emotional one. Much has now surfaced that now needs to be released.

Many of you are experiencing a great purging of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and fear which no longer resonate with your higher vibration which you have recently elevated to. You have just come through a tremendous vortex of energy which helped to strip away a great deal of density which has previously been allowed to hold you back from regaining your true power. What happens on an emotional and spiritual level will always manifest on a physical level as well. And this is the reason why so many of you are affected by these so called “viruses”. It is a collective physical manifestation of purging. Not all will be affected by it effects, some will be able to successfully remove and clear these emotions with no adverse physical side effects. There are others who simply have not chosen to participate in the mass clearing at this time.

There is always at least one or two people in any given area that are “sick” at any given time. So why then does the “virus” not spread at that time? You will only experience what you resonate with. As a collective, many are resonating with the energy of purging, of eliminating and removing that which is no longer needed. These viruses are in the air at all times, so why then are you only affected by them every once in a while? Again, it is because you will only experience what you resonate with. First you manifest on a spiritual level, then on an emotional level, then you see it reflected on a physical level.

So some would ask is it then a good thing to experience an illness? You are the only one who can determine if something is seen as a “good” experience or a “bad” experience. Certainly, we do wish to emphasize that although experiencing the purging of an illness can serve a great purpose, you do not ever have to experience the discomfort of being ill. Your body has the ability to purge even a great amount of waste at any given time with no adverse side effects to you. It is only when you have resisted the release of this waste does it usually manifest as an illness. The more you continue to resist the flow and release of that which does not serve you, the longer your “illness” will seem to last. There are some who have experienced a “24 hour” virus while others are left feeling very sick for several weeks. Again the experience is yours to create.

So although we do see a great benefit and purpose which these perceived “viruses” fulfill, you do not ever have to experience illness in order for your body to remove the density which you are ready to shed. We want to make that point very clear. As always you are the maker and creator of your reality. We simply wanted to share with you our perspective to help you to better understand this widespread physical manifestation and to help diminish the fear being held in regards to “catching” these viruses.
We hope that we have in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

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