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The 2012 Scenario: Connections by Suzy for 1 Jan 2013


Written by Suzanne 1-1-13

SuziI’m reminded of the moment when, after the breakup of a relationship, one realizes that it’s okay to be single. The thoughts come flooding in that it isn’t necessary to be half of a couple, because one is feeling comfortable in one’s own skin, independent and free.

There comes a time when hands are thrown up, and a subtle acceptance slips into awareness that one is complete unto oneself.

This comes to mind because I’ve arrived at that understanding in relationship to ascension.

Coming previously from a place of needing to know why the galactics can’t reveal themselves to those of us who do love them, and who do long for reunion. Coming previously from a place of asking how it could be possible for those of us doing the work for everyone to have to do it for longer because there’s just too many people diligently clinging to 3D.

The thing is, I’m still committed to the very same things that I was committed to before the 21st.
My heart feels the truth that our Star Family longs for reunion with us at least as much as we do, and they’ve been waiting a whole lot longer than we have for it. If they can hold out and keep doing what they’re doing so that more can come along…if Gaia is willing to hold up her own release of the 3D matrix so that more of her children can come along, I surely can remain steadfast and faithful towards the same end.

What else is there to do? I’m not at all interested in tossing in the towel, so here I remain, doing what I do.

My thoughts wander to the Universal Mother, whose plan is unfolding before us. Her love is unconditional for All That Is, and she would and does do all she can to bring every one of us into her loving embrace.

That’s actually where we live, but a great many of us still don’t feel it. Perhaps some of our hearts need a little bit more time steeping in these energies in order to crack open.  Into those cracks will seep the Divine Love that connects us all and sends us flying to higher dimensions together.
So when we feel like griping about having to wait longer, what if we ask ourselves what our Universal Mother would do?

We’ve been told plenty of times that we’re all in this together, and I think we’re really beginning to groove with that realization. Wouldn’t we want to offer a hand to someone who needs it if we could? Wouldn’t we really appreciate someone doing the same for us when we’re in need?

It’s fascinating, the different responses (and reactions) of readers to still being in an apparent 3D reality complete with corruption and bloodshed. I’m reading messages that reflect an attitude of giving up on everything (rare) to a total acceptance of the wonderment and beauty that these sacred days hold.  There’s plenty in between who’ve experienced mild energetic shifts or unmistakable ones.

One common thread that seems to join all of our experiences is the observation of visual anomalies.
Bright flashes of light or colored orbs, all seen with the naked eye and sometimes even with eyes closed…bright and rainbow geometric shapes in the sky or even in a back yard, light patterns inside a building that have no obvious way of being there.

People are writing in how colors seem brighter, kind of like when we’re in love. The sky has a different feel to it, some say. Overall, the most notable thing that many of us have in common is a feeling of peace.

The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism hold the wisdom that attachment is the cause of all human suffering. Perhaps it’s when we throw up our hands in non-attachment to what ascension looks like that we can have some peace about it, and the process will more naturally unfold. Sometimes it’s only when we let go of a thing that it finds it’s way to our hearts, anyway.

For the most part, I feel that I have enough fuel to be going on with. Certainly a series of global announcements regarding the unfurling of a new and equitable financial system would be deeply appreciated. I’m trusting that we’ll have what we need to get through this last bit, with grace and elegance.
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