Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gaia - "I SEE YOU." Through Suzanne Lie

A tip of the thank-you hat to DAR for this - DT the ET in the Rainbow Luminosity

 Channelled Through Suzanne Lie


Beloved People of my Body,
I, Gaia, AM joyous to be your guide. Now that you have integrated your Soul/SELF into your earth vessel, you are able to share your expanded consciousness with me, Gaia, the consciousness of planet Earth. With the integration of your Multidimensional SELF, your personal consciousness has extended to include the Collective Consciousness.

You are no longer a separated individual, as your consciousness is connected to all the other humans on the planet. Have you noticed how you KNOW things when you close your senses to the outer world and listen inside your SELF? Because you are now connected to the Collective Consciousness, you are ready to make the leap to Planetary Consciousness, in which you are connected with ALL the elements of my planet. Once you have stabilized your Planetary Consciousness, you will no longer feel that you are “the most evolved being” on my planet.

Instead, you will KNOW that you are partners with all the planetary life forms, from the first dimensional Mineral Kingdom to the fourth dimensional Elemental Kingdom. From Planetary Consciousness, your shift into the fifth dimension and beyond will be as easy as opening your eyes to a beautiful spring morning after a long winter’s sleep.
To initiate your Planetary Consciousness, you will calibrate your personal chakras with my planetary chakras. Both personal and planetary chakras are polarized to provide a balance of outflow/male energy and inflow/female energy. Do not think of these energy flows as a gender, but instead as external light directed in (inflow/female) and internal light directed out (outflow/male).

(The process is found at:
Becoming ONE download meditations for this process are at: )

My people, we are not that dissimilar, person and planet. We are both multifaceted, with many personalities and traits within our total being. Most important of all, both person and planet are returning to the glorious Beings that we have always been in the higher dimensions. The concept of merging person with planet may be new to some of you, but it is a normal concept to me. You see, dear ones, I have ALWAYS been merged with you.

We, the collective Beings of Earth, are currently joining into the Oneness of the higher dimensions. With our unification, you, my people, shall more easily and quickly return to your fifth dimensional SELF. Also, I, Gaia, shall initiate my return to being a fifth dimensional planet.

Some of you who are assisting me in this process will “stay on” to BE Earth. Others of you will return to your home worlds on different planets, galaxies, and dimensions. Finally, some of you will continue the 3D game elsewhere, as the Universe has found another third dimensional planet upon which you may continue your Game.

Those of you who unconsciously make that choice will not even know that your life has changed. However, the experiment of life separate from SELF is ending in this quadrant of space, and any third dimensional realities are being “recalled” to their higher dimensional origins.

For those of you who choose to merge, person and planet, I wish to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate you. You have shared your light to me, just as I have shared my light to you. In return, I pledge to be available to all of you. I see you, my people, as a portion of my greater SELF. You are like my fingers and toes. You are my windows into the experience of individuality.

Through what you touch, where you walk, what you do, and who you love, or hate, I am with you and feeling it all. Is there any wonder why my weather is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings? Now I ask you to be as conscious of me as I am of you. We are a team, you know. Without my life forms I would be barren planet, and without my earth body you would not have a planet upon which to experience third dimensional form.

Yes, being just third dimensional has been quite an experiment. We, the Beings of Earth, wanted to know absolute separation from other life forms and the limitations created by that loss of unity. It has been difficult, but it has also been splendid, spiritually inspiring and expanding. I thank all of my humans for the wondrous show of life that you have given me.

However, we are awakening now. I am remembering that I AM a Star, a Galaxy, and a Universe. In the same moment, you are remembering your true SELF, as well. You no longer need to believe that you are alone—the only humanoids in the Universe. You are expanding your minds to embrace your Galactic Consciousness, and you are remembering your friends, loved ones, and other aspects of your SELF on other planets, galaxies, and dimensions. What a wonderful experience we shall all have when we rejoin the other members of our Multidimensional SELF.

Gaia, consciousness of planet Earth

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