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AA Michael And One Who Serves On Gaia's Ascension

 Channelled By James McConnell On January 8, 2013

Answers From the Masters: Archangel Michael and (Ascended Master) One Who Serves 

One Who Serves:
Ohm Mani Padme Uhm. Greetings to you each one. Good to be here with you. For the new one here I am the One Who Serves. I am one of several here for that is our title. That is certainly not the name that I have gone by in pastimes for I have been here on your earth and have had your experiences and know what you go through here and I am so glad that I am no longer there. (laughter) you have no idea how much you have gone through and as we watch you, we are amazed at all you have done and become and how you have continued to exist, even in many ways through the dilemmas and heartaches you have had in this and all your lifetimes. We understand you are here for a reason and you have much to do here on your mission you came here for and that mission is about to begin in earnest. We know we have said this before but each time we say it, it is coming closer and closer. You are going to be experiencing what you call a download very soon where you will begin to remember certain things about who you are and where you come from. You will make that connection once again and it is coming to you. You will experience a remembrance not only of who you are but everything that you have been. Can you imagine feeling that intenseness, that sense of oneness and love and yes that bliss? Would that not be glorious and we have been speaking of this for some time and you question, but One Who Serves, when is that going to happen? We are ready for this, please send it to us. And we say to you, patience, go with the flow, be in the energy of the now, the energy of the moment. It is coming, you are on the verge, the edge now of all that you are meant to be. So continue to be ready. Now is the time. You have questions here for One Who Serves?

“Do I have guides”?

Do you have guides. My dear sister you have guides that you have no idea of. As we are looking at you now and yes we can see you, you have several around you right now and yes you are from that Pleiadian system. You have a strong connection with them and you have two with you here now that are about to become more influential in your life, as you are about to move into a new level of your existence, coming into your own you might say. We do not want to say too much here about this but it is all wonderful and beyond your imaginings what is coming and this is for each of you here for what you are about to embark on. You have been on a long journey but that journey, or at least this part, is coming to an end. You are now beginning the next part of your journey and yes it continues on and on, but the next part will be different, beyond what you have known here. It will be back to what you came from, that knowing that connection, the Oneness, knowing that you are One with the God source within you and have always been that and you will remember and know that. Yes my dear sister you have guides. Any further questions here?

“I have a question. Am I crazy or am I going in the right direction”?

My dear sister, only you would know if you are going in the right direction in terms of what resonates for you, what you feel. What do you feel, what do you love? Do you not love what you are doing now? Is it not so much different than what it was previously when you found yourself in the financial world where you felt very little warmth and believed you were not accomplishing anything of value even though you were. But once you believe you are not then it is what you call “all over”. Now you are feeling the love, a sense of fulfillment within yourself, are you not? So you have answered the question yourself here. You already know the answer to that question and are looking for a little bit of self assurance. Are you on the right track? Many people ask those questions. Am I doing what I should be doing? My dear brothers and sisters, you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing at any given moment and that next moment it all changes again. You see you can never go by what anyone tells you, it has to come from within yourself. No one can tell you what is your destiny, promise, or purpose for it must come from within yourself. And when you know that, when you truly know that, then there is nothing that can hold you back from realizing what ever it is you are meant to realize. Is this understood?

“Yes, it is strange how much I am enjoying myself and having a good time”.

You are supposed to enjoy yourself. That is what you all came here for to be in joy in every moment and we understand it is difficult in your current situation. In many ways that is changing. Up until now it has been difficult to find the joy in every moment so you were left searching for moments of joy wherever you could find them, were you not? So believe in yourselves and know that what you’re doing now is what your soul is calling you to do. And one thing that can hold you back is worrying about your finances. Do not worry about money but do what you came here to do, what you feel you are destined to do and then let it go. You see, be in the now that very moment you are in and the next moment will take care of itself. Are there other questions?

“I have a question. I feel like I am at a standstill in moving forward spiritually. Can you give me any ideas at how I can continue moving forward”?

Yes. There is something called an energy and a rest. All of the universe works this way. An energy and a rest, a breathing in and breathing out and each one has those periods in their lives where you are very energetic and have things going, you’re feeling great and then the next thing you know you feel down in the dumps. You feel like your world is crashing in upon you. Well that is the resting period. First there is the energy, the breathing in the light and then the exhaling of all tension. Now to answer your question directly, you are in the rest period but soon to begin to soar once again up into the heavens of your being and feel that energy moving within you again, but it will be a new energy my dear sister, a new energy that is calling to you now, cascading within you as we speak and as it becomes more a part of you, then you will feel the movement and be back in the energy stage once again. Is this understood? Are there further questions?

“Has mother earth completely ascended to the fifth dimension”?

Yes, mother Earth, Gaia Herself is ascended into fifth dimensional frequency but there is a portion of her still holding on to third dimension so all of humanity can move with her into the higher frequencies. In other words, She is waiting for you. Do you understand this or is there further clarification needed?

“I Heard mother Earth had a glitch and did not completely align due to not being able to handle the galactic energy and when December 21 came, it did not completely align and that is why mother Earth did not completely ascend. Is that right”?

That is not quite correct for the full alignment has Occurred and Earth Herself has ascended and moved up in frequency but again a portion of her is still in lower frequency in fourth dimension and still somewhat in third dimension, although most have moved into lower frequency fourth dimension. But the Earth is what you might say, locked into 5th dimension and touching into higher frequencies even to the 7th to make way for others who are ready to move on there as well. You see?

“So a question I have then is, are we still on the Earth”?

We think if you go outside you will know the answer to that, would you not? (laughter)

“What I mean by that is, if she has ascended to the 5th dimension, how are we still here”?

Because you are part of the Earth. You are with her.

“Well then, how come we are not in the 5th dimension”?

Because there is a portion that is still here. That is what we were trying to convey here. That some have ascended, have gone on and come back and are still part of this expression still but touching into the higher frequencies at the same time. And others have not begun to move upward yet. But all have received an energy influx of the light and certainly those who were of the darker nature also received the light, but as they received the light many of them pushed it away as they were not comfortable with the light, you see.

“So when you say the portion of the earth is still here, you’re talking about consciousness right”?

Yes and that vibration.

“Wasn’t it said that we are a part in the 3rd and also at the third level of the 4th dimension”?

Yes it was said that your higher God self is waiting for you at the higher frequencies and a portion of you is beginning to connect with your higher God self. You understand this?

We’re going to attempt to have one come through that has not come through this one before.

Archangel Michael:
I am the one you know of as Michael, yes the Archangel Michael. I have not spoken through this one before but it is time. There is a need to understand and know my frequency, to be with you now and in the times to come. Yes you have been aware of my energy and my frequency vibration in past times. But that time now is needed that you once again get acclimated to the energies that we all bring, those of us that are the Archangels.

We are a group of beings that have been with you from the beginning. And we are with you all the way until the end but of course you know there is no end. There will never be an end. You will continue on forever just as we are continuing forever. But understand, that all forever brings you back to is your God Source, the connection of the God within you. That you came from you will return to. It has been said that you come from the stars and you will return to the stars, but you come from much more than that, beyond your imaginings at this time.

But understand that your three dimensional consciousness is adapting, is changing and soon you will be able to understand and feel the frequency, the vibration that we know and understand. Soon that will come back to you. But you must wait a little bit longer.

Each one of you here in this room and to each one that may be listening or reading, know that you are the Ones that are here for a reason. You are those that have been called the Lightworkers, The GateKeepers., The Pillars of Light. You are those and as you are those you will continue to be all that you came here to be.

There is no separation except for that separation that you have made for yourselves. So believe in yourselves my brothers and my sisters. And know yourselves as we know you. We know you as beyond the GodSource of this Center of this galaxy, even of this Universe. So trust, trust in all that is coming to you in the next days and weeks ahead. For as it comes to you, it will resonate within you. And you will feel it and know it as coming from the Source.

That is my message. I am Michael of the Sun and will be with you in other times to come. All Peace and Love be with each and every one of you as you continue on your journey back to the stars.
Channeled by James McConnell
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