Sunday, January 13, 2013

Aisha North - Welcome To The Twilight Zone!

Time is rolling by faster and faster, and for many, this will bring with it some rather interesting events. For we say, have not the hands of time started to act in some rather inaccurate ways recently? Have you seen how the hands of time seem to stand still one moment, while they seem to have skipped a beat or two the next? Do you lose count of the days, and do you have a hard time placing events in a linear sequence? Do you feel like you have been transported back in time, to a time in your life when you were much younger than today? And do you feel like you are growing younger while your body seems to be the same old? Well, all of these and other occurrences like it, are just a sure signal that you have entered what some may call the twilight zone. Things have started to seem less solid than they did only a short time ago, and your mind seems to be a bit more fuddled than usual. In other words, reality keeps warping and twisting, and you feel less sure on your feet as everything around you starts to take on a more unreal feel than what you experienced before.

Again, this is just a sure sign that everything is indeed starting to change at a rapid pace now. And yes, even if things on the outside seem to be more or less ”normal”, that is, unchanged from what it was like before December 2012, all of these strange undulations in perception of time, linearity, and even the sense of equilibrium mean that you are all experiencing the unseen starting to bleed through. So your desire to see some rather concrete proofs of this monumental change is actually being answered already, albeit in a very different form from what you mayhaps envisaged. In other words, the expected outward show of fundamental change predicted to come in the form of cataclysms or some other sort of dramatic global manifestation will come in a much more subtle form, as a gradual but perceptible increase in the awarness that nothing is as it used to be. And this will also manifest in a growing sense of unease, not just amongst you, but also amongst the whole population of this little planet. For even to the less sensitive ones, there will be a growing awareness that something is changing, and even if they will have a hard time putting into words just what they are sensing, it will start to make many of your fellow men start to feel more and more unsettled. This may sound ominous, but it is only a signal that soon, this unease will grow into something even more profound, namely the knowledge that there are indeed forces at work here that they were not even aware existed before.

To many, this will sound like a recipe for disaster, where a huge number of people will start to lose their grounding, and with it their sanity, and total anarchy and chaos will be sure to follow in the footsteps. That is not the case here, as this unease will grow into something very different indeed, as the underlying reason for all of this subtle but inexorable change will soon start to make itself heard through many a channel. In other words, the voice you hear so clearly whenever you manage to connect with your core is the same voice that will start to make itself heard in so many of your fellow men, and this voice will not speak of fear, anger and hatred, it will speak of love and connection to something so vast and magnificent it will start to put more and more of them to a much greater ease than they are currently experiencing. In other words, this godlike spark within you all that have been ignited through these immense injections of light lately will start to make its voice heard in millions of others out there, and soon, you will see how the light starts to shine out from the eyes of strangers you meet wherever you go.

This light will come as a surprise to so many, because they have grown accustomed to be the sole carrier of light in their little corner of the world, and with that, their journey so far has been a very lonesome one. But now, you must all start to lift your eyes and take a good look at people you will encounter on your way, no matter where the road takes you. And we can guarantee you that you will start to meet yourself in the eyes of strangers, as you will see how your light is reflected in those that meet your gaze. And then you will all know that the road to recovery has started in earnest, and that the choir of rejoicing souls has started to grow exponentially. For this will not be a solitary journey much longer, as even the loneliest of you will start to encounter some likeminded souls, no matter where you reside, and no matter how difficult your previous experience in this have been. So take heart, and go out and start to interact with your newly awakened brothers and sister out there. For they are waiting for you to take their hand and greet them and welcome them back home.

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