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Message From The Arcturian Group, Jan. 13, 2013

Through Marilyn Raffaele, Jan. 13, 2013

Dear ones, we come today to talk to you about hope. That is, hope that is based not in the belief that I don’t have and I hope I will get, but hope born of the realization that I already have because I already am. I am then able to move deeply into the trust and hope that this awareness will manifest outwardly as I begin to live, move, and have my being in it.

Hope can be and often is, an expression of despair, a tool used to keep one from floundering in a belief system that is based on false concepts. Hope is a word often misused by religious teachers who teach that hope in some unknown God concept is all an individual needs while in actuality they the teachers, do not have the needed answers.

Hope is a resting back into the awareness that there is a plan and because I am one with Source, I can trust that all is proceeding according to that plan. I have created this plan for myself in order to learn, and in the experiences of the spiritual seeker nothing is chaos simply for chaos sake. This understanding serves to connect an individual with their center, and allows each truth as realized, to then manifest.

Be aware dear ones that all is quickly moving in new directions. It may not of happened exactly as you thought it would or when you thought it would, but that does not mean it is not happening. Each day more are awakening and becoming a part of the massive surge of Light now building upon the earth. Many of the changes you had expected to see on a certain date, are going to be, only not as quickly as you had hoped. Change is taking place with each passing moment; with each soul that awakens and sees through the false, and with each dear one crying out for spiritual help.

As the surge of awakening Light energy continues to build, you will see it dissolving much that you took for granted as normal living–lack, limitation, disease, war, and the dominance of the masculine and powerful. Do not be afraid and do not panic as your news sources would have you do. When you see change taking place, or become aware of shocking exposures regarding people, places, or ideas that you may have fully believed in, know that it is Light flooding the shadow for all there is to the dark is lack of light.

Once the light is turned on, a shadow simply disappears. Where does it go, ask yourselves that dear ones, where does the dark go when the light is turned on? You already know that shadow never exists as a reality, it simply appears to be that way.

This is the secret of the third dimension; much of which you have been experiencing and taking for granted as normal life on earth, is simply a lack of awareness and a misinterpretation of reality. All that you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell is a facet of Divine reality being interpreted though a third dimensional state of consciousness. Let us give you an example– a car is a three dimensional mind formed interpretation of omnipresence — a form that you can comprehend and utilize in the material world you live in at this time.

As you begin to see through appearances to the Divine reality behind all things, you are getting closer and closer to realizing that all there is, is Source and its manifestations. How you interpret these manifestations is determined by your state of consciousness–illumined or un-illumined. When you see a tree, you are seeing the material sense of the tree not the light, beauty, and perfection of its true essence-the divine idea of tree.

When you see evil in others this indicates that your consciousness is still entertaining a belief in duality and separation–that some are good and some are evil. Yes, there are many through their ignorance of truth, still choosing to manifest evil actions. We are not saying you are to ignore this or to ever become doormats for another, but we say that before you blame the world, the government, or some other person for your problems, recognize that whatever you hold within your consciousness as being truth will manifest in your experience.  Because of your true essence, you are creators–do not forget this. Take whatever steps are needed for a better world, but do it in an awareness of truth.

All there is is Divine consciousness and within this Divine consciousness is embodied every spiritual idea, each one governed by Divine law. If there were disease in Divine consciousness it could never be healed for it would have a law sustaining and maintaining it. This is how the master Jesus healed; his illumined consciousness entertained no beliefs of disease, and those coming to him entered into this consciousness and were “healed” of the appearances.

Examine your belief systems dear ones, for you are responsible for your own evolution, your own awakening process. There is available all the help you may need, for every individual has Guides and Teachers on this side ready to assist but the choice must be yours to take advantage of this.

Let go of any concepts you may still be holding of how the spiritual journey must appear or unfold and do not expect what may be right for you, to be right for someone else. There are many books and classes regarding spiritual evolution, how it looks and feels, but do not compare yourselves to others and their experiences or feel a failure if your path is not the same, for each of you has lived many personal journeys through lifetimes of different experiences and thus each needs individual lessons and experiences reflecting that.

There are no lesser or better spiritual experiences for each will experience what is perfect at that point in his evolution.

Every new awareness of truth adds another spark of light to the energy of a changing, evolving world and this is your hope.

We are the Arcturian Group 1/13/13

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