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Answers From the Masters: (Ascended Master) - One Who Serves (As given during an "Ancient Awakenings" group meeting)

One Who Serves:
Ohm Mani Padme Hum. Greetings to you Each one. Good to be here with you as always in this way. We so enjoy the song here, the wonderful OM sound. How do you feel after you do this Om this special way that was given to the James here to work with your Pineal gland and then your heart center and the pillar of light all at once? Did you notice anything here?

“It was easier, I felt more powerful” and I could see the light”

Anyone feel a pressure in their third eye center, their Pineal Gland? Did you feel that?


Wonderful. The James also felt this. This is a grand experience, people as it is an opening to your higher being. Now we have been eaves dropping on your group conversations earlier as we often do and we notice what you are speaking of in terms of higher frequencies or higher dimensions and that connection between who you are now and what is there in those higher frequencies and dimensions.

And we would tell you that there is that multi-dimensional part of you, part of yourself that is waiting for you. It is that part that you call your Higher Self of that which you are going to be reconnecting with. You have never lost the connection, it is only the connection you have lost within your mind. You see? Part of the illusion you have created here. And why has it been created here? It has been created here so you can grow, so that you can learn and experience and not have the expression of the God Source within you that cannot allow you to be in a duality type of situation, and thereafter the learning and the growing would be slower.

But also understand that very soon, and there is that word “soon” again, you will be moving past this expression, this illusion that you have created for yourself. And indeed you have created it for yourself for no one has created this for you. It is only your own creation and of course the creation of all mankind that is a part of this. IT is the collective consciousness that has created the entire illusion that you are in. Just as when you are in the higher frequency, the higher dimension, you will create the new illusion in a sense. Although it would be more real to you, but it is still an illusion. It is still a hologram in some respects, just at a higher level, a less dense level you might say. See? Now what questions would you have here for the One Who Serves?

“Looking at the moon the other night, and James also saw it, there was a giant ring in a perfect circumference around the moon, really big, and we wanted to know if this was anything spiritual in nature?”

Certainly it is spiritual in nature, but it is much more than it has been in the past. You see there is the Earth herself that has moved up in vibration into higher frequencies, but if the Earth has moved herself, don’t you think the other planets of the solar system have also moved. All is progressing. All is moving up in frequency and consciousness. And that ring that you saw is the expression of the moon’s inner being, expressing outward. And the fact that you can see it, those that can see it are in the higher frequencies themselves. Some would look up there and not notice anything and there are others that would. It is not that it is not there, they are just not in the frequency to see it. It is the same thing as you begin to see more and more of the ships. It is not that the ships have changed in any way or de cloaking or anything of this nature. More and more sightings are occurring because more and more people are moving into the higher frequencies. So they can be getting those glimpses, you see? There is more to this but we will save it for another time. It is important but you will come to more understanding of this in the future. Other questions here?

“Do you have any advice of how I can better connect to my Higher Self?”

Yes, stop trying so hard! It is something that just comes when the time is. But in your diligence in doing the meditation and doing the things we are speaking of, you are beginning to remember more and more those times past when you did these things. That is why it comes easy to you. So as you are doing this, do not focus on connecting with your Higher Self, or rather seeing your Higher Self, but just know that you are reconnecting to your Higher Self, that you have never actually been disconnected. It has always been there. You are just remembering the connection now. And if you do this and not try so hard to see what your Higher Self looks like or anything of this nature, you cannot do this. It is a feeling. It is not going to be a “seeing” it is going to be a “feeling”. It is that saying that is called the “Beingness”, coming into the Beingness, knowing the Beingness. This is what you are after. The precursor of this is the bliss. Getting into that sense of bliss, that wonderful harmony within Self. You see? Are there other questions here?

“In one of the last sessions, we heard you tell one of the group members that he would not have to work anymore after the 21st. What did that mean?

OWS: That particular question and that particular answer goes for all across the planet. You see, many were expecting, not all of course, but many were expecting major changes to occur, cataclysmic changes in many respects, cataclysmic in terms of this is the end of the world and also cataclysmic in terms in this is the end of the life as I know it now. So it is a new life, a new age coming upon us and in that respect that is correct. Those things that were a part of the old way are no longer. It is a New Age, it is new life that you are forming now. You are beginning that new life. And if you look at it as if you have to continue going to the same drudgery of a job then that is what you are going to do. But when you come to the understanding and the knowing that that is not necessary anymore, you can transcend that particular drudgery of a job and find what it is that you want to do. What makes you feel good, you see? Many are mired in the muck in terms of various jobs that they do not want to be in, that give them no pleasure or balance in their lives whatsoever. So the New Age is not about that. The New Age is about finding what it is you love and Being in that. We literally mean “Being” in that. You see? So to understand when there was the disappointment and there was in this one again as we say it. This one James also had that disappointment, thinking now what is he going to do and things of this nature. So you see, it was “across the board”, as your saying goes here. But many have gone through this and then realized that life goes on. And you have to move on and continue on but know that as you are continuing on, you are creating a grander experience for yourself in terms of your higher consciousness creating that higher level of Being that you want to be and are Being. You see? Does this answer this question? We do not believe that we came out directly and said as of tomorrow you will not have to work again. Do not think we said this. Are there further questions here?

“Have we already ascended and do we just need to remember who we are? Is that what you are talking about?”

Yes, and when we heard this earlier in your group discussion, we were clapping. We were clapping for glee and for joy, because that is a transcendent knowing, my dear sister. To come to that understanding, to know that you have already been all that you are trying to become, you see? You have already been there and done that. You are only trying to find your way back again but you are already back. You have never actually been lost. So that is a grand understanding and remembrance.

“And would you say that a while back, I believe it was Sanada that told me to look for the clues, or something like that. And it came to me that our imagination, our movie making industry, our Hollywood has been saying for our lifetimes ever since they could project a movie that it is all illusion. Like the Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan and movies like that were all saying that we have to click our heals or believe, and I want to know if that is the case?”

Certainly yes, the movies are depicting this in many respects. It is all part of the collective consciousness coming to understand once again who they are. And various means have been used to do this and whatever can be used has been used. And certainly your media, you media and things of this nature that draw a great many people to them is a wonderful way of getting the truth to people. But now understand that the other forces here that have been known as the dark forces of the Cabal have also done the same thing. They know of this. And they have utilized these types of avenues as well to create fear and very negative things into the collective consciousness to lower the frequency of mankind.

“But they couldn’t do that unless we already had that in us, right?”

Yes, they feed on your fear and then create more fear to feed upon.

“So you just have to not be afraid.”

Yes, it is as we are finding it here within the James, that there was a Star Trek sometime ago, the original Star Trek, where there was a warring between the humans, the ones on the Enterprise and also the Klingons. They were warring together and there was this energy force that was creating the warring happening on the ship. And they were fighting and killing, and fighting and killing and as this was happening, this energy force was feeding upon there fear and their hate. When they noticed this, when those that were fighting noticed this, they were able to turn around and begin to laugh and love each other and hug each other and laugh some more and more and the energy force could no longer feed upon this, so it left. This is what exactly is happening here on this planet at this time. Everyone now is beginning to laugh at those forces. They do not have the bite they use to have and they are realizing this. They are leaving en mass. They will be leaving or turning to the light. Does this answer your question? Any further question?

“Why didn’t the 21st have such strong energy and why didn’t many people feel that they had been ascending. It looks like there was no impact.”

Yes, that is what it seems like to those because many were looking for a greater impact, looking for a cataclysm as we said earlier. Something major occurring that says, oh, now the world is ending or the world is moving ahead and we are ascending. You see? Many were looking for this, but they did not understand that it is not even such that it is a gradual change, it can be sudden at times, but it is a movement of consciousness that you are already going through, you are already ascending. Each one of you here are already in your ascension process. You just do not know it yet because look at when you are out in your public, when you are with people. Notice what is occurring. Notice that as you are meeting people, more people are smiling. More people are finding and feeling love. You are noticing this more and more and if you will begin to notice, that is what you are looking for. You are looking to find those that are like you and those others that are like you are looking for you. You see? All are coming together, those that are “birds of a feather flock together”. That is your saying. And it is so true here, so even though those things did not happen as many expected, look at all the energy that was focused on that day from all parts of the planet, many different levels , many different expressions, then ask yourself did anything happen? And you would find within yourself that major changes happened to not only external of yourself, but certainly within yourself. The explosions have happened, the fireworks have happened. We from our point of view, have seen the earth, Gaia herself ascend. Do you not think that there were explosions and fireworks for this? You see? This is a great experience that all of the Universe has come to observe. And many are out there in their ships waiting and watching for the time that comes when Man are also going to be in this ascension. And you are already ascending, that is what we are saying here. The gates have been opened. They cannot be closed. You see?

“But I didn’t feel any sense of dizziness”.

You didn’t feel so much my dear sister, because you are already there. You see, you are already raising up so you would not notice this. Now, if this had been 100 years or so ago, there would have been major catastrophes. Many would have noticed that there were changes. But you did not want those changes, did you? You wanted it to be loving and an explosion of light. But the explosion of light is within your self. You see? There were those that were expecting and this one we are speaking through was also one who was expecting to rise up in many ways, for some sources said this would happen. They would rise up and find themselves in a new world. This was never to be in that respect, but yet you have risen up and you are in a new world already. It is the new world of your making that is your higher dimensional frequency, it is moving toward your connection with your Higher God-Self. As we said when we began this evening, it is waiting there for you now. All you need to do is reconnect or remember to reconnect. How to reconnect and this is where the how comes in that we have been working with you for and on in the respect of reconnection with your DNA and your Pineal gland and your heart center, raising your heart center from the lower chakra frequencies, you see? Any thing further here?

“I want to make a comment. I am experiencing a lot of that kindness and compassion and love, seeing people helping each other more and more”.

Do not think it was happenstance that the 21st was close to your Christmas as well. For what is the season of Christmas? This season of loving, so all of this came together at the same time within these same days, focused on the collective consciousness and raised the entire collective consciousness upward, maybe not to the heights of the heavens you were wanting but raised nevertheless.

Be at peace my brothers and my sisters. All is well and you are going to find yourselves exactly where you are wanting to be. Shante, Peace be with you. Be the ONE.

Channeled by James McConnell
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