Tuesday, January 1, 2013

GaiaPortal: Seminal Frequencies Have Been Activated and Empowered

Channelled By ÉirePort – January 01, 2012


Gaia PortalSeminal frequencies planted last year have been activated and empowered. These Higher frequencies could only be activated post 12-12-12 to 12-21-12 period, and post 12-31-12. Today’s 1-1-13 at 11:13 provided ideal gateway for activation, Gaia planet-wide.

Those experiencing pulsations in body and heart chakra resonate with identical pulsations occurring Gaia planet-wide.
There is no precedent for this, and many will depart 3D as a result.

Alignment/harmonization with the Higher Frequency Gaia Pulsations brings expansion in awareness of Higher Purpose, and the Power to carry that out.

Drumming aligns the Body-Mind-Spirit with the New Gaia Pulsations.
Galactic Ground Crew:
Next missions have been formulated and delivered. Each has received instructions for next steps and has been contacted or will be, shortly. Attention to body sleep dream messages is encouraged. But instructions will be delivered… one way or another.
Be present… Be aware. That is all.

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