Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jesus: The Stage of the Illusion in Which You Seem to be Presently Contained is Coming to an End

As Channelled by John Smallman – January 16, 2013

Message from John Smallman: Hello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Wednesday January 16th 2013. First I would like to thank you all most sincerely for your uplifting comments, the healing energies that you sent me, and for the love that you shared with me while I was off sick. It is very inspiring and encouraging for me to hear from you, so, once again, a heartfelt thanks to you all – readers, rebloggers, translators, and those who have felt angered or offended. I post these messages publicly in love, so please accept that that is my intent. Now sit back and receive the abundance of loving energy that Jesus’ message extends to everyone of you.

You truly are on the verge of enormous changes in the ways you experience life, and those changes will be well worth the long wait that you have been undergoing.

The energy field that envelops the planet and all the sentient life forms that she supports — the field of divine Love — has greatly intensified and strengthened over the last few weeks of Earth time, and every day the numbers of you opening your hearts to accept its embrace increases exponentially.

Tremendous progress has been made in bringing humanity closer to wakefulness due to your determination and your intent to do your Father’s Will by offering only love in all your human interactions. You do not always succeed, but you always intend to succeed, and it is your intent that changes the world.

Do not judge yourselves when it seems to you that your intent has failed, that you have dropped your focus and become distracted, or been overwhelmed by anger brought on by in-your-face issues and emotions, or by the actions or inactions of others. That is all part of the ego’s plan to entangle you in the illusion so that you forget that you are spiritual beings of immense power, and consequently it seems that you have lost the ability to make contact with your divine aspect.

Instead, all these unpleasant beguilements have become very important to you and appear to demand your undivided attention because – your ego would have you believe – you yourselves are personally responsible for changing people who are behaving insanely, or indeed for changing the world, by drawing people’s attention to their faults and inadequacies which are obviously the underlying cause of so many terrestrial problems.

Just be aware of what has happened: you have become entangled (temporarily!) in the snares and confusions with which the illusion attempts to divert you from your spiritual path. Do not judge yourselves or others, and instead release the hoards of “shoulds” and “musts” that are so successfully holding your attention, and relax back into your natural non-egoic state of peace at the true center of your being whence you can send love and compassion to all, including yourselves.

You are all divine beings having an illusory experience — and remember that illusions do not last. They are ephemeral happenings or events, even though they feel intensely real while you are undergoing them. The stage of the illusion in which you seem to be presently contained is coming to an end. There will be continuing disturbances as it disintegrates, and some of them will be painful for some of you, but when compared to the wars and plagues, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions of earlier times their consequences will be far more short-lived.

Change is messy, and it is often difficult and unsettling, but out of its apparent chaos wonders will be created that will astound and delight you. You have been bringing it about so that the planet and all her myriad life forms can be renewed and reinvigorated by the healing, compassionate, and loving energies that you are engaging with daily. They have reached out to you from the encircling, divine energy field which offers succor to all who ask for it and who allow themselves to open their hearts to receive it.

The task of holding the Light or showing the way has become more intense recently so that it seems even tougher and more demanding than ever. That is because you are all allowing the far more powerful energies, which arrived with the great energy shift that embraced the planet, to pour through you to assist all the sentient life forms whose survival and renewal, like hers, is an enormous but inspiring responsibility that you have so willingly agreed to be a part of. It is a vast responsibility and you are strong enough and capable enough to do your bit. And you cannot fail because you are constantly, divinely supported in your intent.

Do not forget that you are divinely assisted in every moment even if you cannot feel it or sense it. You are never left alone to fend for yourselves, but are always lovingly watched over and given the help and guidance that you need and will accept. Open your hearts to receive the divine inundation of Love that is your heritage and your birthright, and complete your journey home.

Your loving brother, Jesus

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