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Saul: Forcing Change Does Not Work

My Favorite Galacti-Jew Offers Us A Good Overview Of The Fine Mess We've Gotten Us Into - DT the ET

 As Channeled by John Smallman – January 9, 201

Listen to John read this latest message from Saul here:

The New Age, into which humanity has just entered, is shaping up very well because the divine energies supporting it are strengthening and intensifying daily. You have been promised that enormous changes will take place which will dramatically improve the living-conditions of those who are trapped in abject poverty; and that promise will be honored.

New technologies are being rapidly developed that will bring these improvements about.  They will also enable new environmentally friendly sources of electrical energy to be deployed that will bring to an end your constant need to drill and mine for fossil fuels.

The Earth is not an appropriate source of fuel for your energy requirements which can very easily be provided by the use of clean methods that, until now, have been suppressed by vested interests, whose aim was to control you by their stranglehold on all your energy supplies – fuel, electricity, water, food, investment through loans, money, and the land itself.

When energy, in every form you could possible need, becomes readily and abundantly available, as it will, scarcity will be a thing of the past, for you will have no needs.  New, gentle technologies will enable the provision of all that humanity requires to maintain a totally adequate and satisfying living-standard.

People will no longer have to spend inordinate amounts of time in the constant struggle for survival in a world in which they are mostly kept in a state of anxiety while buried under the crushing burden of debt.
This may seem like an unlikely dream – especially after the lifetimes of scarcity, hardship, and disease that you have all undergone – but it is one of the most essential aspects of the New Age.  It is about changing the illusion from a nightmare of hardship and suffering for the vast majority of humans into a delightful dream where all your needs are abundantly provided for, so that your time can be spent productively and enjoyably in creative ventures for the upliftment and benefit of all on Earth, and for your own continuing spiritual evolvement.

You have embraced the divine field of Love enveloping the Earth, and now the results of the acceptance of this marvelous energy field will begin to unfold for you.  The spiritual evolution that you are undergoing has led to an enormous change in attitudes that has made your entry into the New Age not only possible, but a reality.

Your choice to release the negative aspects of yourselves that have been the cause of nearly all your suffering was a momentous decision.  It seemed that you had to undergo unending conflicts and disagreements among yourselves before you finally decided that those methods of interaction just did not work.  A few always ended up controlling the many, but they too lived in constant fear of losing that power and control, and so no one was happy, no one felt safe.

There appeared to be no end in sight to the constant hardship of those ever-present struggles by which you attempted to provide security and comfort for yourselves and for your dependent loved ones, while also trying to ensure that your own needs, after you became too old to continue those struggles, were adequately taken care of.

That release of unworkable energies is continuing apace, and for many of you it is very uncomfortable because they had become so ingrained, so much a part of yourselves.  It seems to you very natural and completely justified to judge as wrong those whom you can see to be causing pain and suffering to those unable to protect themselves, as has been occurring in so many places across the world, and to desire to prevent them from continuing in their unacceptable ways, and even to punish them as a kind of wake-up call.

But Love does not judge or punish; instead, It brings to the attention of those who are misbehaving an intense awareness of the unacceptability of what they are doing and causes them to form a very strong personal rejection of those unloving attitudes and the behaviors to which they have led, and through that awareness release occurs.

People change their ways because they want to change them.  Forcing change does not work and is not in conformity with the free will with which you have been so gloriously endowed.  God created you free, and all of you experiencing life in the illusion chose to do so for the lessons that you could and would learn here.  No one is here against their will, although it often seems to you that vast numbers of humans are suffering unconscionably through no fault of their own.

Their suffering may well be due to no fault that they have committed, but within the illusory environment in which humanity experiences its existence mistakes, errors of judgment, and plain incompetence do bring suffering in their wake.  As you have been told, it is a dream state, and in dreams reason and logic do not prevail.

Instead, there is confusion and chaos most of the time.  The solution is to wake up, and that is what you are in the process of doing by releasing the old ways, attitudes, and behaviors.  Stop judging.  It is difficult, but it is also essential to the awakening process – you know that this is so – and by praying and meditating with a strong intent you will succeed, as you have always planned to do.
With so very much love,

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