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Answers From the Masters: Adama and One Who Serves (as received during an Ancient Awakenings group meeting)

Channelled By James McConnell On January 24, 2013

I am Adama. It is a privilege to be here with you at this time, in this place and in this moment that you are experiencing now. For what is about to occur is something we have been waiting for a very long time now and you have been as well.

For all is about to be turned upside down you might say in many ways. Yes we know these things have been said before, again and again and it seems like nothing happens but look around yourselves to feel and know what is happening all around you and certainly within you at this time. For there is nothing that is holding you back now from becoming all that you can be, all that you were meant to be, nothing is holding you, it is only your mind that still resides in the three dimensional realm. That is the only thing now that is holding you.

It is time now, my brothers and my sisters, to let go, let go of all that you have known previously for those things are changing. Much is about to occur and we are not going to give you the soon. We know that word has been used many times over and Lightworkers are tiring of hearing this word.
Understand that it is imminent. There are many things that are going to be happening that will show and prove to you that all of these things that have been said are real. All of it is about to commence and then you will know that you have always been on the right track, for you have always been on the movement of consciousness that you were meant to be.

For understand never have you been alone. Never have you been separated from your Creator God Source within you, never have you been, for only in the mind has it been so. So let it go now, my brothers and my sisters, let it all go as has been said go with the flow, be in the now, let the moments come one after another and let them take care of themselves for as you move to that next moment, the next moment will be right there for you and it will catapult you into the new Golden Age that is upon you and upon us because we are certainly a part of you and you are a part of us.

We have been longing for this time for a very long time to come together once again with our brothers and our sisters from our beloved homeland of Lemuria and Mu and certainly we are longing for that time many of us here in Telos, many of those in Inner Earth, Agartha, are looking for this, longing for this and those of you on the surface are also looking for and longing for this and we also know that many of you do not even know of our existence. Many on the surface of the planet do not even know that there is an Inner Earth. Won’t that be an interesting revelation.

 So be ready my brothers and my sisters, be ready for our reunion, the reunion that is fast approaching and has been talked about and predicted for a long time. That time is very short now and very soon there will be announcements that will catapult you now into the new Golden Age and there will be no doubt of who you are and what this is about and what you are here to do, for your missions that each came here for are about to take off, about to become that which you came here to do. So be ready now my brothers and sisters as we begin soon to make our announcements of our arrival, of our emergence back to the surface to be One with you our brothers and sisters again, as of old. Surely it is Old Souls returning once again to be together, together forever. That is my message. My love and all that I am be with you in these times to come.  I Am Adama.

One Who Serves:

Greetings once again. We know that there are questions here and we are ready to answer those questions, but before we do, we wish to share a little something with you, and that is to understand that just as the Adama said here, there are changes coming. Those announcements are to be soon, very soon. And yes, there is that word again, but what other word do you have in your dictionary that can tell the imminence of what is coming. So understand that certainly when we say soon it is maybe not your soon, but sometimes it is! So, who knows?

 Be ready, be ready for all that has been said in your past year, all of those things that were given and all of that was said were preparing you, each one of you, all that are meeting here and reading these words, all of you have been preparing for these times coming here now. So it is time. Be ready. You have questions here for One Who Serves?

“ Yes, we want to know, as it was spoken of before, if you can explain further of the importance of protecting the bloodline of Jeshua, and what would have happened if it did get into the hands of the Cabal”

OWS: Much would have occurred if that would have happened so there were many safety factors that were put in place to make sure that would not happen. Because if that were to happen, it would have tipped the balance toward the dark side and the light would have even had more trouble penetrating in through the darkness. So it was very important that energetically, that bloodline be maintained and held pure because what would have happened if the two bloodlines would have merged? Do you understand this? They would have taken that bloodline you are speaking of, that holy grail bloodline, and merged it with the Anunaki bloodline. You see?

 Think about this and what that would have done so this needed to remain pure, pure in light, pure in love, you see? That maintained the balance. It has kept the flow from going to the other side, the dark side. It was very important for this to be and many levels of expression here on your planet were a part of keeping this safe. There were various sects, you might say, that were maintaining this safety, maintaining this confidentiality, this holding back from those who would seek to defile what was pure and loving, you see? Do you understand this, or is there further clarification needed?

“You are saying the actual Blood is a code carrier of the light or something?”

OWS: Yes, in some ways, but we are speaking of a particular Being here. A particular female that is this.

“When you refer to the Bloodline, are you speaking of the elements, all that is expressed in the Bloodline, such as the DNA, the spiritual aspects, the Chakras?”


“ Could you tell us who was the main one that was in control of the Cabal, if it was aliens or humans, and how did they control, like mind control, time travel, etc.”

OWS: All that has occurred over long periods of time has been working at the levels of darkness for a very long time. There has been those who have been experiencing in past times that have come to this planet and have infiltrated in many ways into this planet, this civilization here, into humanity, have been a precursor of all that is a part of your existence now, all that is a part of your governance, your education system, all of these things have been because of the interference that has come from outside of here.

 But now, understand that this interference was purposeful. In many ways it was to be a part of this expression, but this interference and this expression was not supposed to have lasted this long, it was supposed to have changed. Those that were a part of this made agreements to revert back to the Light, to give up the darkness you might say, to turn back to the Light. But the illusion that they created, they fell into there own illusion and they were a part of it so much that they thought they could be immortal and they could take it with them wherever they went, the power, the wealth and all of this.

And that was certainly never to be, but they thought they could put it off but they are mistaken certainly. So, now at this time here now you have the expression of those that came here that were a part of this that are not here anymore. Many have turned to the Light. Those that came here, what you would call the Annunaki, are now the Annanuki. They are new, they are the new ones that have moved and found their Being in the Light once again and they have abandoned those of there minions here, those that you call the Cabal. And those here are very much left alone. They do not have the power behind them anymore. So you see there is not much of a bite on their part anymore. They can do very little.

But what they can do is still somewhat disconcerting in many ways and has been and they have been prolonging the changes that were coming as much as they could, but those times are at an end. They cannot do it much longer now and very soon they will be no more. They will not be able to do anything anymore because their power will be completely gone, and they will be just like everyone else here and they will decide if they are going to return to the Light or they will not. That will be their choice.

 But understand that almost all of the planet now, all of mankind are going to ascend. It is not just a few anymore, it is all that are going to go. They are all going to have the decision to make. And they are going to be able to make that decision based on an understanding, based on a knowing that they do not have now. You see there was going to be that ascension process earlier on in your end of 2012 but it did not happen that way because enough were not ready for it and did not even know about it.

So the call went out to Gaia herself to hold off, to pause a little bit, and she has decided to do that along with all of the heavenly hosts you might say, all of those who are part of this that make these decisions have held it off. But they have held it off for the betterment of humanity, for mankind. Now we understand that those here may not think it was so much to hold off that it was not such a great thing, but you will. You will look back at it and someday you will say it was glorious that we could all go. That all of mankind could ascend at the same time or at least very close to the same time. Does this answer your question?


OWS: Probably much more than you had planned on, no?

“did you answer the part where it was asked if they were humans or aliens or both?”

OWS: There are those who are human now. There are those that are the hybrids, they are human and in your understanding, meaning that you know who they are in many cases, not you specifically in this room maybe, but world wide they are known. And they are a part of that expression, a part of that what you call reptilian or draconian, you see?

“Who is the head of it”

OWS: There was certainly that one who was the guiding one within the Annunaki, the guiding force that was in control but that one has turned to the light and now there is still those who are here on planet that are the human but are the hybrid, you might say and there is one or two that are specifically in control or think they are in control. Have been in control previously but are losing it very fast and there are those that are a part of this that have also turned and have realized that there is no hope for them to continue the way they were so they have decided to turn the other cheek, you might say, turn to the Light.

“We have a question about the mind-control and time travel. We wanted to know a little more about who was in control of that?”

OWS: You want to know about the time travel and things of this nature we understand as we are searching through this one James, that there is a conference coming up that would give you much on that. As far as mind control and these types of things, there certainly has been that and they have been clandestine in activities, very covert in many ways and many of these experiences have been kept under cover in many different various ways but they have been controlling many across the planet in this way but that time is also at an end, very shortly to be done.

“When is Jesus birthday?”

OWS: As we are finding there is no reason necessarily to know an exact date. It is that it is an energetic time to come together in peace and love. For what is Christmas, you see, what is Christmas, yes it has been a celebration of the birth of Christ, but it is not the birth of Jeshua, it the birth of the Christ within each one of the planet. That is what it is about. And it is not even that one has to celebrate it as that. It is still that regardless, so when one births the Christ within them, all birth the Christ within them, you see? This is how it spreads.

 So to pick a particular time and date which was important to do because it focused all on this time and this time of love of time and peace and wonderment. When you see the children waking up in the morning and the glee, the glee in their eyes, but you see it in their faces, their joy. That is what Christmas is, that is what the birth of Christ is. The Christ within each individual person on the planet. Now the birth of the Christ is the birth of the new Golden Age, that is what this is about, the second coming.

There is not going to be an individual coming for the second coming, it is a consciousness. It is a consciousness that is being revived within mankind once again just as of old, just as back in time of Lemurian times when all were One. All knew the Oneness around them, they felt it, they knew it. It was moving through their very bodies, you see? That is what it is. And the day itself is really not important. But we can tell you it was in the Spring. The Spring, the new coming out, the birth of all around, the birth of the trees again, you see coming back from the Wintertime. All symbolic.

“I wanted to know if I am a Code Carrier and if all Lightworkers are Code Carriers”

OWS: What we can tell you about this from our understanding is that the Code Carrier is carrying the light, but it is carrying a light understanding in terms of having the code, having the knowing the intricate knowing, to perhaps open up a portal or gateway of some type, different things of this nature. This is part of the gatekeepers, you see, that have gone on before and are coming back now. They would be considered the Code Keepers and the Gate Keepers.

“I did a healing on a friend of mine and during the healing I felt a sense of Pleiadians and some interaction, I just wonder if I was right on target with this feeling or was this my imagination?”

OWS: First of all we would help you to understand that what is your imagination. Your imagination is as real as your fingers in front of you, you see? As you look out and put your hand in front of you, you see your hand, you can see your fingers, you can snap your fingers you see? And how is that any different than seeing within your mind, a picture, a knowing within you. It is one in the same. So when you have an imaging in of anything it is real. In many ways it is beyond the illusion. It is more real than the illusion itself, you see?

“Even if you create it yourself?”

OWS: Yes. For what are you really creating yourself? How do you know that when you say you are creating something with your mind, how do you know that it was not already there? How do you know that it is not there, and you are seeing it? This is what we have been trying to get across to you for many years now. Trust. Does this answer questions here?

“When you are a healer and you want to be the vessel and channel for healing, because I have had this experience many times with the James when he has called on Hilarion, when I have had back pain, and he called on Hilarion and he will do things that he does not know how to do as James, to create that healing in myself. And the results are astounding. And he won’t remember exactly what he did because he was the instrument. So when Jeshua said “I of myself can do nothing, it is the Father within that doeth the works”, would we not strengthen our ability to assist in healing others by calling on great healers to work through us?

OWS: Yes, Certainly.

“wouldn’t that magnify our abilities?”

OWS: Yes, understand here that when this one, James was calling on Hilarion and allowed for that process to fully take hold here and did not doubt, when that happened then the healing would take place. Now understand that when Jeshua did this, was there any doubt? Did he wonder, Oh, am I doing this right? Is this really the Father working through me? You see, there was none of that. He totally knew and understood that it was real and it was already happening as he was doing it. This is how he was able to heal and when he said all of these things I do, so can ye do also, he knew what he was referring to. He knew that each one of you have this ability to channel, not channel like this all the time, but channel energies, all kind of energies. And to channel these energies through you and to be the instrument for the healing to come through, this is what was occurring, this is what was happening. And yes, when this one James does this or anyone else, when you let the process come through let it be through you and you know you are only the instrument of it, miraculous things occur in that time. Although, they are really not miracles. They are just a part of just what is real and not the illusion anymore. You see?

“I wanted to hope that the vibration of doubt is so real that we can go past that?

OWS: That is your New Age moving from 3rd dimension to 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness, letting go of those doubts, letting go of those fears. Moving away from and letting all of that go. And then when you let all of that go, what is left? Love, higher frequency vibrations and low and behold, where are you then? 4th and 5th Dimension! You see?

“What about the physical body? Do we have to work on the Physical body to increase the vibration and the consciousness, to expand our consciousness. I think we have to work on the vibration of the physical body, right?”

OWS: Are you asking do you need to work to bring about the higher vibration within your body itself?

“The physical body holds a lot of fear, it is not from you, but from your bloodline, your grandparents, your parents, and this body holds a lot of information, maybe even from past lives, so the physical body has a lot of low vibrations. Can you speak on that?”

OWS: Now understand you are talking of two different things here. Your physical body is not the one that is holding those things. It is the etheric body within you, the chakra centers and beyond this that are holding those memories, those experiences, those fears, all of these things. Your physical body is but a shell, you see, it is the one that holds all of this together in terms of being here in the now in this three dimensional understanding called earth here in your experience. But is not so much that you are holding those things within your physical body, it is vibration, vibration is experiencing and moving you into higher frequencies and your physical body is normally not going to go along with you.

 Now we say normally, because that is the way it was in the past but now your physical body is changing, is conforming into a new understanding of physical here. It is not the physical that you know of now, you see, it will hold more light, it will hold the higher expression of yourself. It will hold the higher God self Source within you, more fully you see? So, yes you can work with your physical body in ways of exercise and eating right and drinking lots of water and all of these things are important but it is the heart center within you that is creating all of the change. It is taking you from that which has been the old ways into the new understanding , the new paradigm, you see? Do you understand this?

“Aren’t there some memory, like in the DNA information?”

OWS: Yes, but all of that is held within your chakra centers, your etheric understanding. It is not in your physical body. Your physical body, normally when you are done with it here, you lay it down and you move on. Normally it does not go with you, you move on. What we are saying here is that it is changing, that it will be adapting, and able to move into the higher frequencies. In the past it could not do that. That is why it was laid down before in the death process. And those that go through or have gone through the ascension process in the past have not taken their physical body with them as they do it now, that has stayed here. It was the ascended body that went, it was the body that became light, what has been called the rainbow light body, you see?

“So this time it will be different. We are going to bring our physical bodies with us to the higher dimension, so you mean we don’t have to work on our physical bodies because it will naturally change to the rainbow light body. It doesn’t matter how toxic body is?”

OWS: No, we are not saying that. The toxic physical body will not be able to go through the changes, but you see the changes are changing the toxic physical body. You see?

“So eventually the physical body will shift into the light body, it is a process?”

OWS: Yes. Not so much that the person does not have to do anything. They still have to BE, they have to BE in the now, BE in the moment, ready for this. This is why we have been saying for a long time here, be ready, are you ready for this? We have known for some time now that all of this was coming. We have been preparing those that have been a part of this expression here through this one James, we have been preparing those here, just as we are doing now as much as we can to bring you to the point where you are ready for this you see?

“I want to get your clarification here on something. It is my understanding, and I have felt this way my entire life, no matter what I read and study, that intention is everything and this woman that had a near death experience and came back, her name is Anita Moorjani, she had cancer throughout her entire body and she died and went to the Light and then came back to earth and she was healed. What she learned in her NDE was that whatever she did in the physical, because she used to try to eat right and she became a vegetarian and she did all these things to keep her physical body up but she did it out of fear, instead of joy.

So it is my understanding, that the motive in which you do things, it is the intention by which we do those things will create a toxin or lack of toxin in the body because of the intention behind it. You could eat as cleanly as you can or you could smoke your whole life, and if you do it out of love and service to others, and purity of spirit and the highest intention it does not affect you. Right?”

OWS: If it is at the higher level frequency vibration within you, the higher consciousness, yes that is correct. For you can take those who are considered the Yogis and such and they could have a rattlesnake or any kind of poisonous snake bite them and they would be able to transmute the toxin within them so it would have no effect. So certainly that is correct.

The one who is experiencing the various experiences is the one that can take charge of their understanding, their lives, their physical bodies, they can experience whatever it is they wish. It is certainly that of intention that is what propels or catapults them into the higher frequency vibration of consciousness. So certainly that is correct, yes. Now understand that this one you are speaking of and all of these that have done these types of things, they have their soul contracts.

 They came in knowing what they were going to do. They knew that they were going to go through this process. Because it is important for many to have gone to the other side and come back and say what is there. It was time for this you see? It is time for mankind to awaken, to not be clouded in doubt, in darkness and disbelief and unknowing, you see?

“What I understand about our creative power is that I can make myself sick and then I can make myself well within hours because I know it is my emotion and my fear or worry that starts manifesting physically. So what I am saying is that, is that true for all beings?”

OWS: Whatever one’s belief is, they create. So if you believe one thing, then you will create that. And the more that you believe it and the more you know it even, the more it will create. So it is that if you have the complete total knowing, not even just belief now, but knowing that you could have something appear in your hand and it would be there immediately. But this is what is lacking you see, it is that part of self that is saying, Oh, sure you can make something appear in your hand, in your dreams. It is not going to happen. Then that part of you says, no it is not possible, then therefore it is not possible. And many of the things in your society have pushed this, have created this experience within each one to believe or disbelieve rather than that they have these abilities and powers to be able to control whatever it is in their lives that they wish to control, you see?

“So it does not have anything to do with the vibrational frequency or the emotion that you are experiencing that heals or makes one sick?”

OWS: It has a lot to do with it, yes. Certainly.

“If you are fearful, without a doubt, you will manifest it”

OWS: That is correct.

“So that is a Universal truth?”

OWS: Yes, that is why you cannot move into higher frequency vibration, 4th and 5th dimension and take fear with you. What if you would bring that fear into that dimension with you, now it is there. You see?

“So, when the mass ascension was supposed to have occurred, and now it has been delayed, there is so much fear and doubt and negativity, just by walking out the door and seeing people what they go through, how could they possibly get to the 4th and 5th dimension?”

OWS: But there is also pure love and joy and oneness as you walk out the door as well. It is what you are looking for. That state of mind (fearfulness) is going to be changing in ways of understanding, in ways of knowing because many things are going to occur. And just as you have woken up, it is going to help them awaken as well and now they will also be seeing through the illusion. They will know that there is even an illusion here now. They will begin to see through it and understand things like movies of the Matrix and things of this nature, deeper levels of understanding.

  Also, all of your various media, movies and things of this nature that they look at in times past just as entertainment, as shooting and fighting and things like this but you, those here, look past these things, you see the inner meanings, the inner knowings, the higher vibrational frequencies that are part of this and when you see this and when you know this, you know you are ready now to move up, you see, in vibration.

“So you said most people will go to the 5th dimension at the same time. That sounds like a very long time. How long does it take?

OWS: In many ways we are no longer able to give time frames here for various reasons but understand that those things which are coming are going to catapult many into an awakening process themselves and where you have now millions that are awakened in many respects, soon you will have billions, you see? It will be an event that in many ways will be catastrophic within you to the awakening process.

Some will look at what is occurring and hear what is occurring and at first there will be disbelief, they will not understand it, they will deny it, but it will become so prominent that they will no longer be able to deny it. They will know it now, just as the UFO’s phenomenon here. In the very beginning how many believed it? Very few. People that came out, they called them crackpots. You see? They were ridiculed. But now if you ask people around the planet, do you believe that we are alone in the universe, they would say, are you crazy? Of course we are not alone here.

“It is just the USA I think. When I go back to Japan most people don’t believe it. I talk to many people, but only my Father, a little bit believes it.”

OWS: Yes, but you are looking at it from only a small point of view here. Look at it from their point of view, entire country. The entire country of Japan, China, India, all these places, many have seen their own experiences and when they see an experience, when anyone sees an experience, it goes into the collective consciousness grid, and then all can pick from this you see? It comes into everyone’s consciousness then. Even if there is just a little bit of an opening, that opening widens and widens as more and more experiences come for this.

“Can you tell me is it one year, ten years or 100 years?”

OWS: We can tell you it is very soon.

“I watched a video that showed a woman from China who teleported to an area where a man was about to get hit by a car and she saved his life. Her body just appeared in the middle of the street. Do you think teleportation is real?”

OWS: Certainly we can tell you that regardless of the video itself, we tell you teleportation is not only real it is going to be your experience in many ways. Yes in this lifetime that you are in now there is no question about that. We have been doing this for a long time ourselves, we call it bilocating. It is fun, it is enjoyable to us and we believe it will be to you as well. So certainly that is not only possible but very probable in a very short time here ahead. That is one thing.

 Also, this particular one you are speaking of and many have had these experiences before. The James here has had this experience before or knows someone that had this experience, where a woman was coming to a traffic light and just before this, a car was coming the other direction and she was going to be hit and have a collision and her wish just before this occurred was please do not let me hurt anyone here. And the next thing she knew, her car was sitting on the other side of the intersection and unharmed and no one even knew anything. But she was there across the intersection. Now, is this teleportation? Who knows? But, was it real, yes. You see?

“Isn’t that an aspect of our DNA?”

OWS: Yes. It is also going to be an aspect of higher frequency vibrations. Teleportation is not taught, it is remembered, it is known. There is even technology that can do this, as your Star Trek type of thing. Beam me up Scottie, you see? So, it is not so much the DNA but it is consciousness you might say is advanced. It is moving into higher frequency vibrations, it is all about vibration. All of this shift in consciousness is vibration. That is what you are going through.

You are all receiving the new higher vibrations within you and at times you can accept them and they are a part of you and at other times they do not resonate within you and you slip back, back into your three dimensional understanding and ways. And the next moment you feel a sense of bliss come over you again, some joy, and you are right back into higher levels. And something occurs and you are back down again. You see, it is like a see-saw.

“It is like what Abraham calls the Vortex. As soon as you feel really good and joyful your life is sailing along, and then something happens to you and you plunk right back down into third dimension. But is it common for everyone? So our vibrations are our emotions.”

OWS: Yes. So, we will take it one step further. As you are experiencing your emotions now, it is going out into the collective consciousness grid and then it goes to another and they pick it up and now they are feeling a sense of joy or higher frequency vibration themselves and as they are feeling it, it is going to another across the grid and to another and to another and the next thing you know, all are ascending. You see, this is how it is going to go. To know as you lift your vibration, you lift the planet’s vibration. All are one.

“Is the IRS going to go away?”

OWS: Understand that particular service, if you wish to call it this, is a part of the old paradigm. It is a part of the three dimensional understanding and therefore anything that is part of that understanding will not continue. Does this answer your questions?

“Is it going to be soon?”

OWS: Yes. Soon. (Laughing) We have to chuckle at this. We would say to you that you are asking this question, and we understand the reason why you are asking it, so understand that, BE in the moment, at any given time, BE in the moment. For in the next moment, everything changes. So whatever you are doing now enjoy it, be there in that time frame, that love and in the next moment all might change. It will be an experience now with in your memory.

OWS: Yes, it is called transmutation.

“Thank you, we don’t have any more questions. But when we do ask so many questions, it helps us to clarify things”

OWS: When we can help you clarify things, then you help others clarify things. (Someone in the Background: “There goes that Grid!) Yes, the Grid again. Very important and you will understand it in the near future here just how important that consciousness grid is.” We must release the channel now.

Shante, Peace Be With You. Be The ONE.
Channeled by James McConnell
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