Monday, January 21, 2013

Congratulations, Mr. President!

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Barack Obama was sworn in today for his second term as President of the United States.

In the heightened vibrations of the post-2012 era, what we consider a New and Golden Age, President Obama is now clear to bring in an agenda that reflects the aspirations of the people for world peace, global abundance, and human unity. We here at the Golden Age of Gaia welcome his inauguration and look forward to the new era under his leadership.

Of the President’s election Matthew Ward said on Nov. 20, 2012:

“The prevailing vibratory levels contributed substantially to quite a different kind of matter, too. The Illuminati, who thought that not only could they cling to their remnants of control, but rebuild their former worldwide power base, now know that their situation is hopeless. They had pinned their hopes and put their money on Mr Romney winning the US presidency.

“That country’s people and the rest of the world see President Obama’s re-election as the voters’ choice. It was that indeed, but his victory is more than the vote count – it is a manifestation of science, a reflection of the energetic flow of the universe. The president’s vision of a peaceful world restored to its former health and beauty and his goals to achieve this are aligned with Earth’s vibratory field. The goals of Mr Romney are to keep the world’s resources and vast fortunes in the same few hands, and this is not in alignment with Earth’s vibratory field.

“Like all other sources of negativity, the low vibrations of greed and control are incompatible with the high vibrations of love that are flowing ever more abundantly throughout the world and bringing Earth back into a healthful state of balance. The energy within balance is love-light, and nothing with low vibrations can co-exist with this most powerful of all energies in the Universe.” (1)

SaLuSa, spokesperson for the Galactic Federation of Light, said on Nov. 14, 2012:

“We know how patient you have been as the saga of defeating the dark Ones has dragged on. We are satisfied that they have little power left and we are in the throes of curtailing it now. With Obama at the helm once more matters can be speeded up and he will become a very busy person in short time. We have planned this time with him and nothing or no one will be able to stop progress.

“It is, as you might say, written in the stars and he has received our protection at all times. Indeed every Light worker is protected, although we are bound by their life plan if they are intending to sacrifice their life for the greater good of all.

“You have many great Beings in your history who have done just that, and the manner of their going is no accident. It is planned. Perhaps your most loved President John F Kennedy is a typical example of one in your recent times.” (2)

Barack Obama is not intended to follow the soul contract of a “sacrifice soul” such as John F. Kennedy, beloved as the latter was.  Archangel Michael described President Obama’s destiny when he said: “This will be an election that clears the way for Obama to embrace and to step into the truth of his being and of his leadership role in co-creating the new Earth, Nova Earth, and creating Nova Beings, which is your sweet selves, my friends.” (3)

The Golden Age of Gaia (formerly the 2012 Scenario) joins all well-wishers in welcoming President Obama to his second term, a term hopefully cleared of the blockage and resistance he met in his first and one that will see the disclosure of the presence of our star brothers and sisters around the Earth, the arrival of the global abundance which we know President Obama supports, and the full restoration of Earth to its ascendent splendor.


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