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Tazjima - Wave Bye, Bye To The Kali Yuga Choo Cho...

 A Pathway To Understanding - The Council Of Nine 

Channelled By Tazjima On January 26, 2013

We are the Council of Nine. We come here today to bring comfort to those Lightbearers who are still struggling with a need to understand their new world, the one into which they emerged on the morning of December 21, 2012.

The key to understanding your place in the world is to go within. This has been the nexus of understanding the process of ascension since the world began. The process has not changed; you have changed. Humanity is undergoing a transitional period in which it moves as a collective from separation to unity. For the many, this movement will take some time. As always, it is for the standard bearers of the light and love of unity consciousness to lead the way, acting as examples for the rest.

The great In-Breath of Brahma has begun; humanity and the entire Universe has begun the path of Return. This period covers vast periods of time as you understand it; there is no cause for anxiety or thinking that you are not prepared to face the Creator in your present state, whether you are currently feeling discouraged and disheartened or whether you are feeling expanded and enlightened, at the moment.

First, there must be a letting go of those things, memories, emotions and feelings that you are not worthy. There has lingered in even the most ardent of spiritual followers a feeling of unworthiness. Ever were they following the advice or teachings of another, a person, a guru, a teacher, in whom they placed all of their trust and sometimes their very livelihood. And often times that trust was and has been betrayed in some way. The lesson here is that the teacher lives within. It is up to each one of you to discover that teacher and to connect wholly with the Christ within.

“Ascension is a process.” This short phrase has emerged as a mantra of late, when the mostly unwarranted expectations of the great Shift failed to come to past for many. Truth is that many lightworkers have temporarily lost their momentum. If willing – it is always a matter of free will in cases such as this – it is time for the individual lightworker to determine, individually, where they stand. This is a process that will require some inner searching and discarding of all that does not “resonate” with one’s being now.

Many people, including lightworkers, do not relish the idea of cleaning out closets, whether physical ones or emotional ones. Yet it is a task that must be done if one is to discover what, exactly, is holding you back, individually and as a collective.

There has been much talk of a golden age for humanity and for the planet. We must remind you that golden ages occur simultaneously with the decaying process of the previous dark cycle or Kali Yuga, as it is called by the Hindus. There can exist an overlapping period of some hundreds of years in your present system of reckoning. Your ancestors understood these vast cycles, as well as those cycles that impact nation states, companies, tribes, families and individuals.

The purpose of this reminder, if it is such, is to assist you in understanding that some individuals will be experiencing the beginning of a golden age, while others will be entangled in the dying remnants of the Kali Yuga, due entirely to self-determination as to what is real to them, existing soul contracts and the exercise of free-will. Do not judge from outer appearances. Those who presently live a life of great poverty, may actually be happier than those of you who live in so-called developed nations.

One of the hardest initiations in life is the moment when you realize that you, yourself, and only you, are in charge of your life. It is your moment-by-moment decisions and acts that determine where and how you find your life playing out around you.  Some individuals never pass through the gate of adulthood, but remain ever behind it, hoping and wishing for someone to come and take care of them, to solve all their problems and to carry them forth to their dreams. In short, they expect someone else to take on the role of savior or knight in shining armor. Sorry, dear ones, you must be your own savior.

Due to the circumstance of one’s temporary forgetfulness at the time of birth, the ritual of passing through the veil as it has been described by some, most lightworkers have forgotten their divine origins or even the fact that they are still connected and in touch with their soul and soul families, whether of indigenous origin or else of a galactic origin, as in the case of starseeds.  We remind you now, as have other messengers, that these veils of forgetfulness and disconnection from Source have fallen, en toto – there is no longer any impediment preventing any personality from making contact with soul and monad. Yet the first step, the first move must come from the individual personality based on the ground, the so-called ground crew. This is universal law, which all civilizations outside ones such as yours abide.

How is contact made? Contact is made through the act of going within, accessing and riding the river of consciousness that flows through your physical body. The most sensitive focal points for discovering the connection exist within the heart center and the seat of the soul, the pineal gland, buried within the brain. It is through these two places that your soul maintains its connection with your body. It is through this connection that your body is enlivened by the soul.

Another sensitive area for some individuals is the center located just below the navel, also known as the Hara. It is here that those individuals who “listen” to their intuition first feel warnings come through when the body is in danger, sensed as a tightening of the “gut”. This center reacts or registers when thoughts are directed against the individual and can be physically felt as almost a punch in the gut (lower abdomen).

As the individual progresses in self-awareness, they will begin to feel a glow emanating from the heart center, almost like the soft caress of warmth from a small fire. This is a registering of “love” energy upon the heart center. It is here that one begins to sense a growing feeling of community with those individuals who are of a similar vibration or “wavelength”. This feeling of community is the beginning of a moving into a realization of oneness and unity. It is a process that can take years for an individual to come into awareness or it can be speeded up through intent and free will. Those individuals who have experienced temporary death and have returned usually bring back this connection if they have encountered the light during their time of being “dead”.

There are many lightworkers who are feeling at a loss, who feel that they personally do not have an awareness of any connection. They are not yet sensitive to feeling the energetic connections, whether through the heart or any other portion of their physical or etheric body, so as a result, they tend to seek others out who do have this connection functioning or appear to have one. This is the case with many who read the works of others, whether spiritual writings or channeled messages. While this activity can bring one a sense of temporary connection, it is one that is short-lived. The understanding and awareness of connection must take place within the individual, not by going outside one’s own consciousness. This is a step that all must take, the act of accepting responsibility for one’s own spiritual development, rather than relying on someone else “making it happen” for you.

One of the first ways to make connection is to consider what works for you and what does not. That process can start with selecting those “things” that you enjoy or that give you a sense of wholeness. What those things are is entirely up to you to discover. Through this self-discovery, you will begin to get to know yourself. And this process will undergo several stages. There will be times when you wish to be in company and other times when you need to be alone. It is okay for you to do what is necessary for your own development. Do not attempt to judge yourself by comparing your progress (or not) with that of another individual or group. You are a unique being, a unique facet or focus of Divine Mind.

One of the most important things to realize, now, is that the rules created on your planet that used to define spirituality and right living no longer applies. The rule or practice that a spiritual seeker had to follow a teacher or guru no longer applies. If you wish to follow a teacher for a time, do it; there are many worthwhile programs and teachings from which anyone with a modicum of dedication and intent could benefit from for a time.

Other persons will find, however, that they must forge their own path. They will seem to dabble, reading the books of one author, then moving to another; sitting at the feet of a teacher and then moving on. While to someone else looking on, this might appear to be unsettled, the individual involved is actually in the processing of absorbing all and then dismissing what does not currently resonate, then moving on. All the “must do’s” and “should do’s” no longer apply. You need to determine what works and does not work for you. And that will take a willingness to go deeply within, feeling out your own set of “likes” and “dislikes”.

This new way of being might seem selfish at first, but it is known by wise teachers that the student must learn who they are before they can embrace the greater whole -- “Know thyself and you will know the world”. Your world is a reflection of your thought. What you think about yourself is what will play out in your world. What you project on others is a reflection of how you think about yourself, unconsciously, and will play out in your own world.

 Those matters, largely suppressed, which you have not dealt with on your own, whether emanating from experiences in childhood or later through trauma experienced as an adult, are stamped upon the cells of your body. Until you undergo your own self-examination, sometimes aided by an experienced guide or shaman, you will not be able to step beyond these events. Do not make the mistake of projecting self-hatred upon another. It will only return to you in the shape of events or circumstances that will compel you to introspection. Those who resist, will go down before the specters created within their own unconscious mind.

Each individual is a co-creator with God, as a unique focus of consciousness. By bringing your self-awareness completely into your outer consciousness, by “knowing” yourself inside and out, you will be in a position to completely alter your world. You will begin to experience yourself as being a focus of intention, creativity, and ultimately experience a reunion with the greater part of your being, your true multi-dimensionality. It is a process that starts with one being, you.

We encourage those who wish to read the works of others, whether books or messages such as this one presented through this scribe, that one seeks to “feel” the why one has experienced a connection or not to the material. If the reader does not feel a connection, then it is their responsibility to leave the material, without criticizing the message for not meeting a set of expectations. That sense of discontent emanates from the reader not from any lack existing within the message itself. Understand, dear ones, which the process of reading a simple message of some two or three thousand words cannot and will not bring you spiritual enlightenment. It might bring you some momentary comfort by the realization of shared ideas or understandings, but if you do not share this understanding, it is not possible for a message to give it to you. You must discover the understanding, as such, on your own through your own explorations, inner and outer.

Rather than criticizing others for perceived lack of understanding, learn to be aware of what you understand or what you wish to explore further within your own world. It is time that each individual determine their own path and it will take a great deal of inner focus to forge that path to the discovery of your own inner truth. What is right for one person will not be right for another. It will soon become apparent that you have stepped through a doorway where the pathways have seemed to split out and become unlimited in scope. Perhaps this is why many lightworkers are scratching their collective heads and muttering to themselves, “What the f**k!” The old rules of engagement no longer apply. Each one of you must discover your own unique path to God.

In this explanation we do not wish to make this journey of self-discovery as necessarily being an arduous one. Indeed, for many, once they realize that they can go their own way with the blessings of Heaven, will inwardly cheer and go forth to discover an inner world of delight and joy. Others, especially those who have to overcome heavy amounts of early conditioning and/or trauma, will discover that initially their own journey will seem more difficult. The journey is what the individual makes of it.

And know this--all journeys will end up at the same place, in an ingathering of souls with their monads and sacred families of origin. This spiritual journey is the journey that each individualized focus of consciousness must take in order to come into spiritual maturity. No one can walk the walk for you, you must do it yourself. And yet, many individuals will discover that they walk in concert with a group of like-minded individuals. They will discover themselves within the group and will progress on their path as a group. Others will find the way of the solitary works for them. Either path will take one forward, if you can develop and apply the necessary self-love and self-forgiveness to your own process.

Before one can love the whole of humanity and life, one needs to learn to love self. Forgiveness of self for all acts of commission and omission comes first on this journey of self-discovery. Through the act of forgiveness one can move into self-love, which is an appreciation of the gifts that you, as a unique focus of God, bring to yourself and the world.

What form these gifts take is up to you to discover. They can take many forms and sometimes no form at all, but a way you carry yourself and live in the world. An ability to give simple smiles, live with a cheerful nature and warm heart can be your gift. For many lightworkers, the discovery that being here, willing to anchor the light, is the first gift that they discover. As they open up into self-awareness, other gifts will present themselves, to be opened up and explored.

The journey never ends. You may go through many doorways on the way, such as the doorway of ascension from the physical world into the higher dimensions, but there are always more doorways to go through on the path of return. And you might find that you wish to linger in places along the way, especially when you discover those things that give you joy in your world. Eventually, though, the sense of inner longing and yearning to move on will overtake you and then you will be off, again, following the golden road of return to source.

We wish to emphasize that if you did not experience any changes during the shift, it does not mean that you failed in any way or that you are not a lightworker. If you are seeking you are a lightworker, whether or not you consider yourself a starseed or a being of indigenous descent. In truth, all humanity is starseed, brought here by intergalactic races and seeded into being. There have existed many colonies and civilizations that have been forgotten or purposefully removed from the awareness of the populace. This unknown, suppressed history will be revisited by you when the appropriate time arrives.

Those who awaken to their connection with their soul and monad will discover within themselves a growing awareness that the world is not as it appears to be. And there will be those who connect to the planetary Akasha, the etheric library containing a recording of all that has ever occurred, whether through thought and act, of what has taken place upon this tiny orb. Each of you has their own “book” in the Akasha, which is viewed upon the passage called death, through the act of self-review. It is here that the individual soul judges self, determining what lessons have been learned and what still needs to be accomplished. Self-review is not done to punish, just to bring into perspective what still needs to be completed before taking the next step upward on the path of return.

Those individuals who actively participate now in the process of self-discovery are actually performing an ongoing life-review. And can move upward in vibration and frequency by learning self-acceptance, self-love and self-forgiveness. All lessons must be completed, but with self-awareness, you will begin to discern what you need to do in order to accomplish the task set out by your soul that lies before you. It is a process that can be done by learning to live in joy or one that can be undergone through much suffering and toil. It is up to you to determine the outcome and no other.

Before you leap into self-condemnation, dear ones, because you perceive yourselves as failures if you are not wealthy and powerful, the greatest progress often comes when one must overcome obstacle after obstacle until the light comes on inside and you begin to realize that the so-called obstacles are there to give you the needed strength, determination and will to overcome. If the path was easy, everyone would have ascended yesterday. That is not the point to this little outing. Your soul chose to extend a portion of itself into physical being for the purpose of growth.

Soul growth cannot occur without there being something to challenge. Those living in higher dimensions do not encounter such obstacles or at least not to the degree as experienced in a physical world such as yours. It is in places such as the school room of Earth that the greatest soul growth can and does occur. It is a place to which many souls compete for the opportunity to come. You are here now. You were one of the chosen ones given one of the limited tickets for participation in this arena of soul development. So do your best. There are many who are watching you and cheering you on. There are many who love you and will assist you if you give your permission.

Dear ones, do not interpret this message as to be one of chiding. We are not disappointed in you, even if you may be disappointed in us for perceived inaction. We are not the leaders here in the ascension, you are. You are the only one who can determine whether or not you will succeed in raising up your vibration and frequency to match or exceed that of your ascending planet. If you fall behind, you will leave the planet and follow when you are ready from a different place for in the fullness of spirit, there is no time or space. It is simply an illusion into which you have emerged for a specific purpose: to overcome those obstacles which have been set before you for the purpose of inner growth of your soul and monad and no other.

Your soul contracts, made by your soul before birth, determine whether or not you are even meant to ascend in this lifetime. Soul contracts can be changed, but you need to determine whether or not you are willing to accept the terms. And even if you do ascend, it is likely that you will continue to go through the passage called death, in order to renew your body and get on with the agenda that has been laid before you, the unique path that you must discover for yourself. Until you undergo the finality of the seventh initiation, you will continue to live in a physical (albeit a lighter one) until reaching the initiation that carries you permanently into the spirit world, in complete reunion with the I AM Presence and monad. And even there, in the world of spirit, there exist many, many initiations, paths and planes for exploration before the “end” of the journey.

There is much that cannot be explained in a short message. It is for each one of you to discover for yourself the truth of what ascension is and how it actually occurs on a daily basis, depending on how much control you exert over your four bodies. Ascension is mastery, self-mastery. The rate of your ascension (which is actually the descension of soul and monad into the physical vessel) is determined only by you. Go forth and conquer, dear ones, with love—first self-love and then with a growing sense of universal love. Growth comes from the root and extends upward. Be fully grounded in your own life and reach for the sky, from within your own heart and being.

We are there beside you, both within and without. The company of Heaven and your brothers and sisters of the Universe, await your coming on clouds of glory. Be well and know that you are truly loved.

Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.

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