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Sandra Walter -2013: Stepping Through The Gateway Of Light

A Little Nerdy But Oh So Nice! - DT the ET

Guidance and Inspiration for the Shift in Consciousness

by Sandra Walter

The Shift just gets more and more brilliant, doesn’t it?

The brilliance of Mastering one reality while another dies off – I absolutely love it. Think of our experience here, Masters. Why in this realm would we create something as dull as make it clear to everyone on the planet that something huge has occurred to begin this fantastical journey of merging with all that we are? It is brilliant to have no drama during the initial week of 2013, because it challenges our Mastery of choices, wisdom, beliefs and fortitude.

With the veils gone, we now have the opportunity to fine-tune our perception and capabilities to abolish all illusionary nonsense. January may get intense energetically, and it certainly proposes some thrills and chills to those walking between worlds, but we are receiving many days to adjust, rest, integrate and decide what our experience will encompass. Brilliant, and I appreciate the self-imposed downtime while so many are clutching at what to do next.


5D Ascension began on the 121212 when Gaia fully ascended and created the platform for us to experience her as a 5D planet. Choices currently available include:

- 4D self gets to experience transcendence to 5D if you choose this process; a full merge with your higher expression where you dwell upon 5D Gaia. The Ascension gateway is open for easy access until the March equinox, then ongoing for as long as the 4D New Paradigm is operating. Look into the physics behind what is occurring here if you think a 5D ascension is a metaphysical cult delusion.

- Currently the Ascended ones get to walk between (ask anyone experiencing eyes open 4D/eyes closed 5D) and embody the 5D Christed Self/Mastery level right here in 4D. You can embody this state of consciousness and create miracles, healing and truly empower others. It also makes for a logical progression to 5D ascension, and is much easier on the body vehicle.

- Star folks and other consciousness who are playing different roles for HUmanity get to step out of the body whenever their work is done. Some appear and disappear at will, some die in a body as voluntary victims, some don’t realize who they are and unconsciously kill the body with beliefs, some get crushed by the illusion. No judgment on failed missions, all is successful engagement, all is well.

- Unifying all of one’s expressions with open communication and clarity through your 4D expression (open conduit) is available depending on your journey, capabilities and choices.


4D is wild, isn’t it?

We have been training ourselves (literally in most cases) to perceive the highest truth we were prepared to experience. No judgment on where you are on your path; your choices are your choices and they can be changed at any point you desire. Open up, the unknown is way more interesting than the familiar in my perspective.

4D is what we used to call dreamstate, and we’re beginning to experience that mid 4D blend of waking and dreaming. Eventually dreams and hours of sleep will not be needed. The life review in dreamstate we had during Dec 21- 25 sent Ascending ones onto the next level, and oh how bizarre and fascinating it is! Dreams become an interactive training ground for multi-dimensionality. Star family and new-to-me hybrid races are showing up in dreams, and we’re having the conversations I had hoped for last Summer. Getting reacquainted with everyone during these visits feels warm and loving, and a bit like catching up with family during the holidays. The parallels between worlds are clear – and now we know why.

Realize there is little difference between dream and awake states for Ascending folks. Create more of what you desire in your awakened state, and watch your dreams change. You are communicating directly as one consciousness; unified with all of yourself. As your perception changes to interpret reality properly, the focus of your consciousness can be attuned quickly with minimal effort. Try it, use the Zero Point dynamics to your advantage, Masters. The collective dream has seemed like a movie for Ascending ones for a while; now we learn how to change it. The more conscious dreamers we have creating the new in the awake state, the faster the collective dream will Shift.

The illusion is running on an iron lung at the moment. It can survive for only so long; appreciate that the collective is giving us this challenge. People who are numb to their own consciousness will not sense the Shift. The question is, when will your judgment of them change? Judgment includes frustration with others, the need to save people or to suffer on their behalf.

Detached compassion is the New Paradigm; be sure to apply this to your SELF as the old self dissolves. Judgment, righteousness and vengeful payback scenarios are part of the old paradigm, and it is gone. Unplug the life support on the departed; the new arrival needs your attention.

As I said last year, I love that it is up to HUmanity now to break through the illusions and empower ourselves to ascend our consciousness or step out of the game. Masters, angelics, and channel entities are stepping back to let HUmanity do our thing. We all agreed: I AM an Ascended Master, a Divine HUman – don’t steal my end game from me! I want to break through all that stands between me and my multidimensional divine self. Note that Mastery empowerment comes from within FIRST, then you join the higher realms in co-creating.

Creator-In-Carnate side note: An Ascended HUman has way more creative capabilities than an Archangel, Elohim or Yahyel; why do you think we were the obsession of the galaxy for so long? It ain’t over til it’s over, beloveds. There are miracles beyond any expectation awaiting Fully Ascended HUmans.


The merging of lower dimensions provides Gatekeepers with the ability to walk-between-worlds and engage in hyperspace travel. Be open to receive pre-arranged symbols, codes and metaphors (language of light) encodements which open the combination lock of your sacred stargates within. I see the portal I have been building through 2012 as a big stargate around my sacred heart center. The solar gateway within me, encircled by symbols in gold-crystalline-diamond light, are clicking into place and opening more of the gateways to higher dimensions as I merge with all that I AM.

My Divine Entourage is mySELF. Through the prism of Solaris (the Sun), my divine guides appeared as higher realms, higher entities and energetics labeled as *Archangels* or *Masters* or *Guides* – now I see them as aspects of mySELF, interconnected creations to serve the divine experiment of life in a body on an ascending planet. I know it had to be that way, and the collective agreed to that perception, but Unity consciousness reveals all of this as one big integrated conglomerate. The true nature of Source-in-carnate trumps any kind of deluded hierarchical systems.

To clarify: this doesn’t mean I AM all of the beings I have channeled or encountered in the past, but there is a good deal of multidimensional spread through many of these realms. Honestly, it doesn’t matter any more – nor does the idea of labeling dimensions or densities – but these will probably be used until folks transition to the new perception. From the center of Source consciousness, I AM.

Seeing other realms is frequent now, and sensing subtler energies is a key to more acute awareness of portals, vortexes and collapse cone energetics; the effects of magnetic balancing and REstructuring. Often the collapse of magnetic fields sounds like a rumble; similar to subtle thunder without the flash. Sometimes you will hear them, other times you might feel these areas like a small vortex or whirl of frequency shifts. I walked into one on a stroll to the lake a few days ago, and my friend felt it too.

Like walking into a whirlwind, only it is energy rather than wind. Use the inner meters to sense whether these moments of vertigo, spin or shifts are there for your attention or balancing the elementals. Here in Shasta I AM experiencing a lot of interaction between dimensions, but sometimes the whirl is just magnetics.

My Ascended (5D) self is experiencing consistent zero-point-divinity and a lot of deep healing (hence my sleepiness since the 121212). It is also beautiful to share this new world at last; I was unable to interact with other HUmans in the past on the 5D expression of Gaia.

Building bridges: Gatekeepers are creating portals and stargates for others to access. It begins within and is then manifest in both worlds, bridging them for access. While the veils are at their thinnest, we may show those who are choosing ascension these gateways, but no gatekeeper is allowed to grant or deny access. It is a wildly creative process utilizing deep metaphors, symbols and unique connections (light language codes). We hold these gates open for as long as our journey supports this activity. Martyrs and saviors are an old frequency of judgment, as is any kind of hierarchy. Our roles are our roles, and all is well.

Unification for support is helpful, and I invite those who are aware of their Ascended Mastery, Gatekeeper role, or Planetary Council participation (new one for me) to contact me if you wish to co-create sharing of Light Intel to benefit the collective. Please, no egoic constructs or guessing games (either you know what is up or you take my eCourse, okay?) The veils are gone; naked Emperors need not apply.


The physics of a dimensional shift depended on many factors which came into play last month. The Mastery journey includes transformation of the physical – a Creative Evolution of form and consciousness. The beautiful part of Ascending one’s frequency is embracing the truth of love. The truth of the hows and whys are changing, but the frequency of light intelligence known as unconditional love will not diminish until Source has completely exhausted the possibilities for this Universe.

We are at the beginning of a great Creator exhale (Inhale receives information and recalibrates for what has been learned; exhale creates with a new intention to explore more of all that is.) The new intention of creation birthing throughout the Universe, which will affect the multiverse, is based on a purer intention. This aligns all that is capable of interpreting pure Source consciousness with that new creation, new truth. And many HUmans carry the encodements to fully experience a higher level of light, expansion and ascension which is beyond any Atlantean technology or ancient off-world archetype. If you’ve got the goods and are willing to make the leap into ascension, the possibilities are limitless.


* pure intention to serve all that is,

* surrender to the multidimensional self rather than the illusion of identity,

* commitment to merge with the highest aspects of Source that you are.

As we said years ago, the entire Universe is being rewritten, galaxy by galaxy. (All hail science for catching the burst of the bubbles at the galactic center last week, and Suspicious Observers for backing up the absolute diminishment of our magnetosphere and changing solar interaction. Always good to witness science waking up to light intel bit by bit ~ don’t expect any nod in our direction, wayshowers. Just keep moving ahead, that’s what we are here for.)

No one with a connection to their Ascended 5D and beyond expression has any fear regarding the dissolvement of the old paradigm. It may get challenging to witness the old collapse, and it is fine to feel it as long as it doesn’t suck you into the quicksand. Detached compassion is so present in my lifestream that it even applies to me witnessing myself; I watch my own journey from my collective consciousness, making choices based on the highest good of all. My lower levels have been trained well, and I AM grateful to experience this bizarre – yet normal – state of transcendence. All is well, even when people, places, situations, things are falling apart.

I wish everyone a good shattering of what was this month. The Sirians said it would be a rough initiation into 2013, but I feel prepared with neutrality, love and enthusiasm for any challenge. Flow and presence are normal states of beingness which allow new ideas, lessons and connections to be integrated at light speed. Fly when you can, ground when you need to. Your progress to being a pure conduit is unique.

eCourse folks: CHOOSE THE MERGE

If you choose to utilize the Ascension gateway and merge with your Ascended 5D/6D self (first wave since the 121212), be sure to consciously purify the body vehicle and expand as often as possible.

You should be seeing very bright light during meditation or even a casual closing of the eyes. The Sacred Heart center activated on the 121212 may feel warm or like an intense light source (because it is.) Golden light may be more common, be sure to command it forth. Solar key codes may present in meditation; symbols of the Solar cross and solar vortexes have been very present for me this week.

* Pineal activations of the 4th eye/Gods eye/All seeing eye are stepping up this month. Spots of light may emerge in your field of vision, both eyes open or closed, like a sunspot.

* Program crystals and water to support these amplifications.

* Continue the epsom baths to balance and clear excess energies.

Play with your intuitive healing abilities and higher senses as they intensify. When you begin to perceive portals and gateways in the physical (eyes open), breathe and relax into what they have to show you. Note any trepidation or thoughts that present, and clear what doesn’t fit your journey. A Mastery level video will be added to the eCourse next week, and I will share an excerpt on youtube.

Thank you for BEing here, beloveds, and Happy NOW Year!

I AM in love with everyone and this remarkably creative Shift we are experiencing.
Blessings to all of us, no matter what part of the path you are on.

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