Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Transforming Your Ego A Message From Sananda Kumara through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 31, 2012

    Channelled By Beth Trutwin

Greetings Beings of Light on Earth. This is Lord Sananda. A major shift is happening and those attuned can be uplifted. Be In Joy! The Planets who are current Members of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds are elated at the success of Ascended Earth. There are many trillions of our Galactic Family from Home celebrating New Earth in 2013
You all have been working very hard at cleansing away anything no longer needed for your growth. What happens is often there are events which happened in your past which are hard to let go of. When you get triggered in an emotional situation then you hold onto past traumas like a ragged teddy bear. You cling to illusions which are better left in the past. This causes an accumulation of energy which is better left behind.

Everyday you have a choice. You can decide that this is a new opportunity to enjoy your world on every level. You can turn all of your experiences with work, nature, family and friends into a fun time. Or you can grumble about how bad things are on Earth. Spiritual Maturity is at hand. There are tools you can use to keep everything positive.

Begin by making a decision that you will have a relationship with negativity when negativity arises. Understand that as you are consciously working at transforming your ego you will be given larger and larger challenges. You can expect negativity to crop up.

It will never go away. St. Germain is always available to Guide you with this. He can help you pass all your tests. Call on him as you will. Having a relationship with negativity means you will face it and have a calm discussion as you decide which step is next to alleviate any pain or suffering. You will no longer roll in a ball and cry, escape or act out in fear by screaming or hitting or insulting others who may be involved. It is your responsibility as a mature spiritual Being to calmly approach negativity and find a solution which will remove all pain and suffering from the situation for all involved.

Do not be afraid of what you thought you may have heard. Often things are not as they appear. A large healing may be in place for those you are in touch with and you are growing in the process as you act as a catalyst for healing others.

Whatever you water is what will grow. Actively pursue Purity of Mind. As your spiritual maturity grows then your final step to freedom is Transformation of the Ego. You can expect to make mistakes. When you make a mistake and allow ego mind to talk you into doing something out of line then start over. Continue to vigorously pursue Transformation of Ego again with a fresh start. There are tips that can help with this. You can keep everything that enters your mind positive. If you expose yourself to dark novels, dark movies and the main stream media news night and day then you can expect that you are feeding your ego with all it needs to keep you in fear.

When you get off the sofa and away from the computer and go outside to enjoy the Sun then everything looks new. Sing. Do Mantra. Help Others. When you do a practice and dedicate it to the healing of others then your heart becomes light. Meditate and send love to all the impoverished and peoples suffering under the old regime. Have compassion for those who suffer from a lack of love and thank them for the role they have played in Earthʻs Ascension. In a steadfast effort to Transform your Ego consider not searching the news. If that is not possible you may want to experiment with severely limiting your exposure to the constant stream of lies which hold you to the past.

Clean your house. You may have no control over what happens outside of yourself, but you do have control of your Inner Life. In reality 90% of what you are experiencing you have created yourself for your own experience. Only about 10% is out of your control. With that in mind - continue to remove those things from your Inner Life which no longer serve you. Replace these things with beautiful new finds - new ways to spend your time. Keep changing everything until you find the majority of your day is spent in Bliss. Do not be afraid to tell others around you that you are on a spiritual Path and you are Guided by an Inspired Being and by doing these things you become a better person and you intend on continuing to change, grow and mature in the presence of Love and Truth.

Any time you experience negativity then remember who you are. Remember you are Whole. Although you are Ascending that Personality Self the Spark of Divine within is not changing. It always remains One with Oneness.

Humanity tends to ignore the past. Many times in the past tyrants and dark Ones tried to have power and control. In the end they always fell away without realizing their plans. Where there is Truth there is Love. These two go hand in hand and always have.

Now I have embedded into this message a transmission. If you are reading this you are experiencing a Blessing of Divine Grace. Pause here and bring to mind all the experiences, events, things, programming which you prefer to leave in the past. Allow the feelings to arise. Now make yourself a promise that you will release these things. Vow that when you wake up in 2013 they are no longer a part of your life. All is healed. All is loved. ALL IS WHOLE. Namaste! Happy New Year!

This is Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 31, 2012. © All Rights Reserved.

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