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David Wilcock: December 21, 2012 – Romance and Reality

I strongly recommend reading the full length article on David's Blog in small chunks to avoid Exploding Cranium Syndrome.  Nerd Alert!  DT the ET

DavidWilcockSearchStephenCook, editor Golden Age of Gaia:  David Wilcock has written a lengthy new update. As you probably know, David prefers that we point readers to his site to read the full article, and while I don’t necessarily agree with some of the theories David is espousing in this article, I’ve pulled out a couple of sections from the end of the piece that particularly resonated with my own gut intuition right now.

Since December 21, and over the past few days especially, I’ve had very strong messages coming through that the end of the world’s current financial set up, which David aptly calls “Financial Tyranny”, will precede any other major ‘event’. I was even talking about this today with some of the other editors here.

Why? Because once the day-to-day fears and pressures money holds over us as a planet are released – and we move into pure joy because we are free from slavery’ – we will be far more open to other ‘revelations’: including  the disclosure of our Galactic brothers and sisters. In fact, if everyone around us is living in pure joy, anything is infinitely possible.

Towards the end of this latest article, which includes many references to The Law of One – the books channeled by L/L Research (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty) between 1981 and 1984 – and David’s own works, David reaches this same conclusion: that our current monetary system must collapse before these other ‘events’ – or ‘The Event’ – take place. I’m sure I can now hear you all saying out loud: “bring it on!”.

December 21, 2012 – Romance and Reality

By David Wilcock, Divine Cosmos – January 13, 2013

Extract only. As you’ll find if you read the entire article on David’s site, the cycles David is referring to here are the 25, 920 ‘master cycle’ and the 5, 125 year ‘Mayan calendar’ cycle…


DW DCIf these cycles could have such a profound effect on our free will — causing historical events to repeat — it was very interesting for me to speculate on what might happen as we moved through the end of the entire 25,920-year “master cycle.”

The cycle research suggests this “master cycle,” or Great Year, is intimately involved in what events happen in our history — and when.

I do believe that very significant historical events are rapidly approaching. The precursors for these events are already quite visible, as I have been documenting.

I am continuing to be bombarded with incredible dreams suggesting the downfall of the Illuminati / New World Order / global elite banking cartels is far more imminent than most people believe.

Other tested and proven Divine Cosmos associates, whose dreams have also proven accurate on many occasions, are getting equally stunning dreams like this — and have for well over a year now.
This is part of why I was so surprised that no massive, public “outing” of the corruption — such as in the form of mass arrests that have apparently been planned for many years now — occurred in the year 2012.


The “romance” of the Mayan Calendar end-date was that “everything” would happen on that one day. The 2012 crop circle certainly helped give me that impression.

I made a joke in the 2012 Enigma video — “see you at the I-told-ya-so party in 2013″ — and a lot of people are all upset about that now.

I did, honestly, think that we might see this happen right around that very day — like “the striking of the clock upon the hour.”

However, as we got closer and closer to that all-important date last year, I grew increasingly concerned about it.

I have had hundreds of dreams now predicting a massive, worldwide exposure of Financial Tyranny and the negative things that have happened on Earth.

I have also said, all along, that until this happens, we will never get Disclosure — and find out that not only do UFOs exist, but that there are humans all over the galaxy.

The reality, as we moved through 2012, was that as much as I had hoped to see these things last year, they didn’t happen.

Nonetheless, I had many dreams indicating that they would — and these dreams are still happening.

To read David’s full article head here:

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