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Brenda Hoffman - You're Not Responsible for Everyone and Everything

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Dear Ones,

What will 2013 bring? What traumas, shifts and changes will you endure? When does world joy begin? Who are you? All logical questions given what you have experienced in the past few months.

We are not your crystal ball. We cannot tell you how your individual lives will shift. But we can and will provide a global perspective.

You are part of the new earth. You will continue to transition and shift until you are done doing so – which is never. Prior to this New Age/new earth, you did not stop shifting. You changed physically, emotionally and spiritually until your earth death. There was not a day on earth in which some part of you, including your cellular structure, did not change.

The difference between then and now is that everyone shifted in similar ways. You knew what to expect when you reached the ages of 30, 50 or 90. Not everyone aged the same, but there were enough indicators so you knew your shifts were within the “normal” range. Such is no longer the case and that is your trauma.

What should you expect if this or that happens? No one knows or sometimes can even guess for not enough Lightworkers have transitioned while on earth to create patterns. Will your skin turn blue? Will all known animals disappear? Will your loved ones become so boring or so enmeshed in the Old Age patterns that you will not wish to be around them? You want us to provide concrete answers in a shifting world.

Think in terms within your current understanding. College graduates expect to receive job offers in their field. But not all will as those job offers incorporate many variables such as the job market, field of study, interviewing skills, community in which the applicant graduates and on and on. All acceptable variables in your Old Age thinking.

Something similar is now happening. All of you reading these materials are interested in and perhaps studying New Age philosophies and techniques. But that does not necessarily mean you will earn financial or even emotional reward in that particular area of study.

The philosophies you are so excited about today may be boring or even outdated tomorrow. You and your world are indeed shifting. Perhaps you remember typewriters. An exciting invention in the early 1900′s, but out-dated by the year 2000. And so it is for your new interests in your new life.

Do not be fearful about not understanding the “right” information for your life, world or transition. Now that you have moved into the New Age, pieces will be presented to you as you are ready. And so will it happen for all beings, structures and entities now on earth.

There is no need for you to spend hours contemplating governmental changes – unless you find it joyful to do so. It is a waste of your time to create new academic systems unless doing so gives you great joy and on and on.

Was there ever a time in the Old Age when you felt responsible for all parts of the world? Did you not live your life to the best of your ability and attach your thoughts and concerns to those areas important to you?

You are now in a similar place – only you do not yet know what is “normal” or expected. Many of you are worrying about this or that – not because it gives you joy to do so, but because you feel you – as a Lightworker – are responsible for all aspects of this New Age transition.

Logic would tell you that such is not the case, nor could it be. But because you do not yet have a pattern of expectations, you fear that you are not doing enough to change the world.

Your role – and only role – is to do what gives you joy. Similar to deciding which high school classes were your favorites. The difference is you no longer need to take courses you do not like or find boring. Other Lightworkers interested in that area will be only too joyful to step in.

You may be Lightworkers but that title does not carry the responsibility of shifting/saving all Old Age parts of earth.

You are not responsible for everyone and everything. Your only role is to move in the direction of and finally claim your joy. You are not beholden to the Universes, earth, family or anyone else to live, move or shift in any direction because of a need no one is filling or someone tells you that you should.

Your slate was wiped clean on December 22. Allow that thought to move about your being. You truly have the freedom to be you. If you find joy planting flowers in your garden, that is the important role you have in this New Age. If you are fascinated by teleportation, that is your area of study and joy.

Listen to yourself. Where does your physical, spiritual and emotional being lead you?

Listen to your inner-voice and you will the perfect Lightworker for this age and every age thereafter.
Your only responsibility is to listen to your inner-voice and allow it to lead you to joy. A joy that may seem trivial to you, but so important to this transition.

You completed the first phase on December 21. Allow your gentle inner-voice to lead you to the next. And please do not fret if you feel the need to rest, move or do what is right for you.

This New Age is freedom and joy – neither of which can be achieved if you feel the need to “plow” through a political system when you would rather be on a beach; or if you follow the lead of your significant other to be on a beach when you would rather be creating an Internet show.

Listen to yourself and you will create your New Age patterns in joy. Listen to others or shoulds – no matter who generates those shoulds – and you will move away from joy and the completion of your next New Age role.

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