Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Archangel Michael via Ron Head: You Created the World You are Living in and You Will Create the Next One as Well

As Channeled by Ron Head – January 14, 2013

We think it is time to point out to you the remarkable increase in your understanding of the information in your possession.  Things which you have had in your intellect for many years are beginning to make sense.  Things which seemed to be at best mythical are beginning to fit into your world of possibilities.  Your understanding, and we say ‘your’ as in humanity’s, is beginning to broaden immensely.  Information previously hidden is beginning to come into the consciousness of the populations.

From your individual perspective, this may appear as a trickle or a surge.  From the larger view, this is nothing less than a tsunami.  It took over one hundred years for the great discoveries of the early twentieth century to mold the world you now live in.   That was a massive change.  There are people alive today whose grandparents saw the first motion picture, airplane, automobile, television, and telephones.  They never lived to see a personal computer, much less the internet.  Some of them saw the first moon landing.  All of this happened in one hundred years.

We tell you now that the amount of change you will see now and in the next handful of years will far surpass that.  It is beginning where it must begin, in you.  You created the world you are living in and you will create the next one as well.  So mark well the changes that are taking place within yourselves.  That is where you will begin to see the kind of world you will be living in.

If nothing had changed, you would have seen this world destroy itself.  Well, you would have destroyed her.  You will now be able to see how much you have changed by first noticing that you have not done that, and then by watching yourselves turn this back into the unbelievably beautiful garden that she was created to be.  And when you begin to see that happen, remember this, it will be a reflection of who you are.

Look around you now and begin the process by imagining that you see nothing that does not contain a part of the consciousness of the Creator, that there is nothing you see which is not deserving of love, respect, and appreciation.  And, dear ones, it can respond to that as well as you, yourselves, do.  You may have to begin by imagining that, but you will discover soon enough that it is in fact the truth.  Play with that thought in your meditations and in your lives and see where it takes you.

Here is a hint.  We are one.  We are the One.  We tell you nothing at all new.  You will only find that head slapping eureka moment.  And you will have those moments very often now.  And that is all because of the ‘nothing’ that happened at the end of your last year.  Welcome to your new world, dearest friends.  As your songwriter said, “The times, they are a-changin’.”  We love you dearly.  Good day.

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