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Bella Capozzi: 2013 – The Year Of The Heart

By Bella Capozzi On January 24, 2013

Welcome to my new blog!

imageAnd yes, as you will soon see, this one is going to be a quite a bit different than my last one – The Angel Diaries. My old blog was very well suited to the place we were at in 2012. But 2013 is a whole new ballgame. It’s unique and unlike any other year we’ve experienced so far. It’s shaping up to be a year of action, of taking charge of our own destinies and co-creating with Spirit the best possible world for ourselves, our families and for Humanity as a whole.

It’s all about world peace. Self-expression. The emergence and empowerment, at long last, of the Divine Feminine. It’s about equality and abundance for all. It’s about the cultivation of our dreams. Simply put, 2013 is the Year of the Heart.

Right now we are in the very first days of a brand new paradigm. How incredible is that, really? Just think about it…it took us over 26,000 years to make our way through the last one! Therefore, it only stands to reason that we aren’t going to be seeing any overwhelming changes just yet. (After all, as I write this, we are only 34 days in!) During meditation and in many of my readings, I’m being shown an image of a map, and there is a long line of people standing hand-in-hand just over the border of two distinctly different places. I was told that this represents the dividing line between the new and the old consciousness.

And while the two places have clearly separated, we’re still in close enough proximity to be experiencing a bleed-through from the old. This in the form of social mores, ideals, outmoded systems, etc.. My Guides explained to me that the gap between the two is steadily growing wider, but the pace at which it widens is determined entirely by us. It’s going to take some time to initiate all the necessary changes and to fully transition out of our old way of life and into a healthier new one. Baby steps, they say. They show us taking those steps together, still holding hands, all the while rooting ourselves more firmly onto the New Earth landscape of unity and abundance.

Archangel Indriel comes to us and explains that we, as Human Beings, tend to be very, very hard on ourselves. It’s our nature to be impatient, and we’re such perfectionists! All of that has it’s up and down sides; basically, it’s part of what makes us who we are. She says that deep down we remember our true nature as Creator Beings, and that we become frustrated when we cannot manifest what we want, precisely when we want it! It’s to be a “re-learned” skill, she says, and she advises us:

“Be gentle with yourselves. For it’s a learning process, still. These are but the initial stages. So, enjoy these early days, and focus not on that which has yet to come your way. Revel instead in the Now Moment. Use the power of the Now, and become accustomed to dwelling and creating from this standpoint. The Now is all there is and therefore, all that truly matters.

While being in the now you must create, create, create. Take logical, tangible steps to implement the changes you wish to see made manifest. It may not appear to you so, but you honestly have transitioned out of that darker space. Your new space is merely a blank canvas. Only you have the power and the right to wield the brush and choose that which you wish to paint upon it.

Go far within, within your Sacred Heart. Ask yourself, ‘What is there about my life which requires change? How might I make the world around me better? What steps are needed to create it thus?’ Make no mistake, it shall not be handed to you on a platter of gold. Oh, no. You must keep in mind that we are your partners in co-creation, and not by any means your saviors. You must take responsibility for your creations. Alas, the real work now begins!”

Wise advice from Indriel.

If you enjoy hearing from her, then expect to see a lot more of her in this blog. It’s actually a co-creation between the two of us and I will be sharing messages and advice exclusively from her. And not in the old “channelling” format, but interactively and conversationally. This is more of a “lifestyle” blog. I’ll be featuring articles about topics such as cooking, crafting, health and beauty (sorry Guys, you can skip over those!), parenting, sports, social-issues, activism and more. All the things I absolutely love about life. Happy things. Heart-based things. And hopefully, empowering things.

Since 2013 is very much about breaking free and exercising our powers of self-expression, I want my new blog to honestly reflect me. For those of you who resonate, I’m really happy to be connecting (or re-connecting) and having the opportunity to share it with you.

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