Thursday, May 1, 2014

On-Aira: Relentless Pressure On That Which Is Mis-Aligned With Divine Principles

Please welcome Andrea Scully to the roster of wonderful channellers we post on this blog. With thanks to the gang at goldenageofgaia for the posting...DT the ET

As Received By Andrea Scully 4-28-14

StephenCook: Andrea began automatic writing recently and has been daily channeling an Air Elemental spirit group soul who has identified itself as On-aira. This is the first On-aira message she has posted here.

Andrea: Please allow me to share some personal guidance I’ve received. It’s extremely valid on a personal level, and yet, I believe it has to do with more than just me. I believe it’s speaking to the nature of the energies going on right now as well. This message is one I’ve received from On-aira, who’s identified as an air elemental coming to help me unpack packets of information received in some of the huge downloads I’ve received in the past year. This is message on day twelve in a forty-day meeting pact between us…
Andrea: Wow! What a difference the time of day for coming here seems to make! The levels of energy in this meeting is amazing and the connection is much stronger. I come to attend you, as you’ve been telling me.

On-aira:  We are here attending you as well. We note that your sense of humor and general sense of well-being is enhanced today and we would consider this a good thing. It’s telling, in that this is a sign of having a higher level of vibration in general.

The theme of the last few days has been your service to others and this has been stressful on a physical and emotional level. There’s also the need to pay attention to the body and how much energy she has to perform on any given day, or for any given task.

The need to pay attention to this isn’t going to reduce, it’s going to continue to be an issue of great importance to you going forward. There will need to be a balancing act in how you serve others and how you honor the needs of the body to measure out energies available.

Stress is playing a part here and we would wish to draw your attention to this. Where the stress is seated is inside you and isn’t coming from circumstance or the situation of the moment. There is a need to look deeper at this and to see how this is a resistance to your functioning in the moment.

There is a deep-seated fear here about how you will or will not be able to perform what you see as the fulfillment of your desires to be in service. This underlying anxiety is not in alignment with who you are or what your intent is.

You have skills and well-developed intuitive abilities. Coupled with this, there is clear intent to be in alignment with Divine guidance and principles. More than this is not required or asked for. Let loose this anxiety and the guidance will be clearer and stronger.

Understand also that what is seen as misaligned or ‘failed’ attempts are not necessarily so. You aren’t in the position or the expanded awareness to know what serves the Divine Plan. You’re an agent of it when you have the intent and the willingness to do so, but you haven’t the capacity or scope to judge the bits of outcome you see in the moment.

Allow for these bits to play out and observe them. Observe them dispassionately and without judgment. If you will practice this and refrain from attaching to them by placing judgments based on an incomplete and limited view, this will greatly enhance your ability to be a clear channel for the Divine to work through and this will reduce the levels of stress in your being. This is necessary, as your body is taking the brunt of the dissonance from this misalignment at this time.

Sigh! I’m looking now and seeing what you mean about the stress I’m holding in my body over this. Like you said, there is stress deep inside over whether or not I’m making ‘right’ choices, or whether or not my intent to serve as a conduit of Divine energy is enough. How can I release this?

On-aira:  Release it, for it isn’t true! It’s not true that more is required than simply being willing and being open in the moment to serve. The misalignment comes from the anxiety over somehow thinking that there’s a need to figure it all out. This isn’t so, and this also isn’t possible.

Which is why there’s the recommendation to allow for what intuition calls for, and trusting that on some level, there’s a way to navigate through what is being experienced as working with blinders on.

That’s an apt description here. I do feel like there’s blinders on, and I guess I fear making a wrong move. It’s subtle, but it’s still there, even after all this practice and all the proofs along the way of what you’re telling me and how this works. Please tell me that this will ease and I’m getting better at this. At least that the resistance I’m feeling is going to ease.  I feel like I’m standing in a mighty river and the pressure is intense.

On-aira:  You’re feeling correctly what is happening in this now. There’s a mighty flow of energy and you’re trying to hold your integrity as a being in the face of it. The nature of this flow or wave is that it’s finding that which doesn’t serve and it’s pushing against it. That which is in you which is out of alignment with Divine principles is what is feeling this pressure. It isn’t going to stop. The pressure will build until you release all that you need to release to be free of the stress and pressure.

Nothing will be lost and all will be gained. This is the great cleansing that proceeds the re-birth and re-creation in this now. Take heart, these are happy times!

at the end of the ropeYou have a saying, ‘at the end of your rope’. We would say release the rope, and we know you know this, as you’ve said it many times to yourself and to others. The releasing is happening on ever subtler levels now. Allow for the pressure and discomfort to guide you to these misalignments for release.

We attend you and support you throughout this process. Nothing will be lost! All of value will be gained. What is released isn’t lost either. It’s transmuted and used for cycling back into the Whole in ways in closer alignment with the birth of the new.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to hear this. I feel like I’ve been carrying a heavy load and I haven’t even been aware of what the load contains!

On-aira:  A significant level of what it contains isn’t your burden to begin with. Also, carrying it weakens your ability to move forward.

Indeed, most of this load you are talking about is what will have to be released and transmuted to move into the new Creation zone. No misaligned creations will survive this passage, and to attach to them will keep you from moving. These attachments will become more and more burdensome and uncomfortable until they’re released, or until they’re so unbearable they destroy your ability to function.

We’ve given much to think about this day. We thank you for coming and we love you.

Thank you, dear On-aira. Farewell for now.

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