Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Years Message From The Angelic Realm

Channelled via Susan Holland 1-1-14

Greetings to you all on this auspicious day of the first day of January in the auspicious year of 2014. 

We celebrate with you for there is much to celebrate. We witness your struggles to free yourself to walk in the new energy fields of the promised new earth. Which, as you've probably gathered by now, need your footsteps on them to bring them to life. But we have news of our own from our own realm of Light. During 2014 we will be able to contribute to your changing earth by bringing new patterns of overlighting activity into your world. For that is one of our functions as angels, to shine light on your homes, your schools, your buildings, your countryside, your institutions.

Not light you can see unless you have attuned your vision to the appropriate energy fields but we always hope you can feel something of our warmth and love for you all in places which you would describe as having 'good energy'. So your efforts as Lightworkers have not been in vain for all the work you have undertaken has opened the doors to much other activity to begin on your planet.

In years to come there will be a great need for assistance in the task of clearing up the energy fields of the planet so the new patterning can settle and some of you will feel drawn to this work. Those of you with rich heritage as healers are particularly welcome to join with us in this activity for your skills are much valued.

Our love and blessings are always available to you all. You only need to ask, we love to serve you as best we can,

Blessed be, The Angels of Light

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