Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Heavenletter #4785

God said:

What is love but inspiration? What is inspiration but that which lifts you higher? When you feel inspired, you love yourself more. Loving yourself more is acceding to all possibilities. Inspired, you aspire to greater heights, and you have only just begun. Once the world was a little place to you, and now the world extends and extends, and there is more to Creation than you had ever dreamed of. Although dreams are great, Vastness is greater than a dream. Have in mind that a dream you aspire to is also real. Dreams are real, and you have a real one.

Consider a dream a seed you plant, and now you wait, and now you watch the seed sprout, and then your dream is right before you. Dreams come true. Just be sure you dream big enough. Then you may just have an inkling of all the power you do fuel with your dreams.

Where do dreams come from, beloveds? I am speaking of ideas you have and not the dreams that come with sleep, not that sleep dreams are limited either.

Your waking dreams are not to be bounded. Dream your dreams, and dream some more. You have to see an apple tree before you can pick apples from it. Dreams are your visions, beloveds. Be sure you dream big enough in My eyes. My children often dream of great monetary fortunes. Understandable, yet, even dreams of great fortunes are limited dreams.

Beloveds, life is your Great Fortune. I am your Great Fortune. Love is your Great Fortune. The love in your heart is your Great Fortune. And you, yes, you, you may be the world’s Great Fortune.

What did the Great Spiritual Ones dream of? What were their dreams? They made their dreams a Reality. Or, were their dreams theirs, or were their dreams Mine? Who is the Dreamer, and what is the difference between the Dreamer and the Dream, if any?

Aspire to have big dreams. It is as easy for a big dream to manifest as it is to find an apple in your refrigerator. Propel your dreams forward. Hail to dreams. How fortunate when you hold a dream in your heart. A dream you dream of, by your very dreaming of it, is planted. That which is planted grows. May your dreams grow to encompass all of humanity and, yea, the galaxies beyond. May you dream big dreams, for dreams are a blessing. Any way you slice it, dreams are a reality. They don’t have to come true, and, still, they are a reality.

Your thoughts are real, beloveds. What you think exists. It exists somewhere and, not necessarily, over the rainbow. Thoughts are real, and thoughts are powerful. You don’t begin to know the power of your thoughts. Well, you are beginning to know. Catch up to your dreams, beloveds, for your dreams may very well be Mine, just as you are Mine. I don’t own you, yet, still you are Mine. You are My dream bearing fruit. I sent My dream to Earth, and I blessed it, and told it to multiply. Multiply My dream. Multiply My dream of you. My dreams are big. I never thought small. Of course, in My mansion, there is only Greatness. Small does not exist. Of course not. I am a God of Greatness, and you are a ramification of Greatness.

At the same time, even a blade of grass is great. Even one pebble is great. One grain of sand. One smile. One tear. One grace. One blessing. One of Us. One is Greatness. All is Greatness. Nothing but Greatness exists.

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