Monday, September 23, 2013

A Short Update On The Energies

Channelled By Aisha North On Sept.23, 2013
Dear friends!

Yesterday ended with a massive injection of energy for me. As I have already commented under the previous post, I sat down last night, connected to the Pond and tuned into the Equinox energies. It was SO powerful. I ”saw” us all turning into these individual white flames that formed a blazing circle around the turquoise waters of the Pond. I heard the word ”fusing” as I felt a strong current of particles surging through this whole circle, and the image I got, was that we were something similar to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. I collapsed into my bed after about 40 minutes of this, but the energies kept rushing through me for another two hours or so. This morning, I felt so full of energy, I had to go and literally dig in the dirt on my vegetable plot for several hours before I sat down to channel today’s message. I still feel full of energy and ready to DO things, so I really, really hope this is has come to stay

Here is the message I was given today from the CCs:

”As many of you have already noticed, the huge influx of light coming your way during this last week has already had an impact on your system. This time, we do not refer to the somewhat uncomfortable outcome it has had on your physical body, rather what you can experience in the aftermath of all of this.
For some, it will be almost like they have been given a new lease on life in all sorts of ways, as you will be filled with a seemingly never ending supply of energy that will help to fuel every endeavor you are about to embark upon. For others, it will be as if they finally feel everything settling down, and they will be better able to get a more detailed overview of things.

As you all know well, when you are in the middle of these huge outbursts of energetic emissions, it can be very hard to focus, and as such, you will feel as if lost amongst the incoming waves in such a way, it is as if you have lost your footing altogether. Not so, and now, we venture to guess that many of you feel like you have more than gotten your head above the waters.

Look around and see if you can detect some changes, not just in your up close and personal space, but also further afield. For now, you will be much better able to SEE what is truly going on, and in many ways, it can be like the shades have been taken off once and for all.

With this pause comes much clarity, and you will be able to use it to find your way amongst what many others may refer to as rubble, but to you, it will be like treading a path between so many obstacles that used to stand in your way, but do so no longer. Take a deep breath, and open your heart and your eyes fully, and start to take in everything that is lying ahead for you. We think you will all find something that will more than gladden you if you do.”

Much love from me, Aisha 

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