Thursday, September 19, 2013

AAM: We continue to be but a breath away, a thought away, a prayer away.

Channelled By Ron Head On Sept.17, 2013

At this wonderful time on your earth, just before your full moon and also before your equinox, we come to speak with you. In your northern lands, it is your time of harvest. And it is indeed that for all of you now. It is time for you to begin reaping the benefit of all that you have patiently sown and tended.

There is still much growing and a reaching of crescendo in what is being sent to you in terms of support and energy. There is still much change occurring in and around you. But you will now begin to notice more and more the beginning of all the obvious changes for which you have been waiting.

Focus now on what you wish for your world, for the poorest, for those in extreme circumstance. For the weak and the injured and the tired send your love. Your own time will come sooner than you think. For yourselves, unless you truly feel you are in the direst of straits, perhaps you can find just a bit more patience and continue to do the inner work you have been doing so well.

That inner work will now begin to bear more obvious fruit as well, dear ones. For our part, we continue to send our loving support. We continue to guide and protect you. And we continue to be but a breath away, a thought away, a prayer away. I, Michael, am here with the precious ones who spoke through me just days ago.

There will be times when they will speak directly. And there are, about your earth now, myriad others who have been the guides and guardians of this world for all of its history. All those you name in your prayers are here and they hear and support you just as we do. They are speaking to and through those who feel close to them, just as we speak through this one. You are never alone. You are never without us. You, most of all, are never unloved or abandoned, even though you may feel so at times.

Maintain your steadfast intent and purpose now and watch closely for the emergence of your new world. Feel our closeness. Celebrate your achievement.

Be in peace. Be in joy. Be in love. We will speak with you again very soon.

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