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Quick Review of Ascension and Sahaja Samadhi

          Posted By Steve Beckow On Sept.10, 2013

I’ve just had a very interesting conversation with a reader about Ascension and enlightenment and our journey to God. I’m sure the reader won’t mind if I repost some of the points we discussed there.

Ascension constitutes a full-heart opening and equates with a level of enlightenment known as sahaja samadhi. Most sages achieve Brahmajnana, which is a temporary heart-opening and are said to be halfway up the mountain. Sahaja is the mountain top.

That is not the same as saying “full enlightenment.” In my view there’s no “full” enlightenment until we reunite with God. (1)

The heart that opens is neither the physical heart nor the heart chakra. It is thehridayam or spiritual heart, “located” (it’s not physical) two digits right of the breastbone. The hridayam is a closed hole smaller than a pinhead, which remains shut until sahaja. (2)

On the other side of the heart pinhole resides the Soul, the Self, the Child of God, the Christ, Atman, prince of peace and pearl of great price which makes its influence felt but completes its connection with sahaja.

Sahaja and Ascension (they are the same) results in an end to the need to be reborn into the realm of physical matter. It’s what Jesus was speaking of when he said they shall be made a pillar in the temple and go no more out. He meant go no more out into the material world by being physically born.

Of course, all dimensions are physical, until we reach the Transcendent One. Only the One is not physical. It’s just that the substance of the higher dimensions becomes more and more rarified or refined. But it’s still matter.

The Face of the One in the material domain is the Divine Mother (who will be our guest next week on An Hour with an Angel). The Mother and the Father are one. But the Father in his native state does not move and makes no sound. The Mother is the Voice in the Silence, the Voice of One crying in the wilderness.

When silent we call God, the Father; when sonic, we call God, the Mother. When still, we call him/her (God has no gender) the Father; when active, we call him/her the Mother.

It’s the Mother whose creative sound (Aum/Amen) calls all matter into being, holds it for a while, and then transforms it.

It’s said that a being can learn ten times more in a physical body than, say, in an astral body. But what they are learning about is how to end the cycle of birth and rebirth and not need to enter matter again. 

So once anchored in the Fifth Dimension and having attained sahaja samadhi, we’ve achieved what all the learning is about – liberation from birth and death. We need never be born again into matter and we need never die again.

Of course, all of us are immortal from the get-go. When we die, we don’t die. We simply shed this encumbrance we call a body.

But past the Fifth Dimension, we no longer have to be born into a physical body. If we tire of this one, we create a new look for ourselves – extreme makeover! So Jesus, by saying we’d become immortal upon the resurrection, is really meaning not needing to be born and die in the world of matter.

It’s the resistance presented by the body that allows us to learn lessons because we’re brought face to face with hard and sometimes painful circumstances and these precipitate mistakes and we learn from those mistakes. It’s said that we can learn in ten years in a physical body what it would take us 100 years to learn in an astral body.

Life on the other side, whether in 4D (the astral plane) or 5D (the mental plane) presents us with no such resistance and so we sail through life and learn less. But all learning is simply geared to win us release from the wheel of birth and rebirth anyways. All learning is designed to bring us out of duality consciousness and into unitive consciousness, which Ascension will do. After that, learning is easier and our consciousness unfolds without the drag or inhibition that materiality places upon it.

Sahaja samadhi is a higher state than 99.99999999999% of all humans alive today enjoy. Only Ramana that I know of achieved sahaja samadhi among terrestrials, excepting of course the avatars like Gautama Buddha, Sri Ramakrishna and Mata Amritanandamayi. But they are not ascenders, but descenders.

Self-Realization is a relative term. Every enlightenment experience can be said to be Self-Realization, just at greater and greater depths. Awakening is an unfoldment. Enlightenment itself in some ways is the same but the intensity of the experience and the depth of the reception determines the extent of the opening. Sahaja completes the opening of the heart and the heart stays open, uniting the person and its Soul (the Christ, the Self).

Personally, if I were fully in Fifth Dimensionality and enjoyed sahaja samadhi, I would probably not give a further thought to enlightenment for, oh, perhaps a few hundred years because Ascension in itself is an exalted state. Compared to Third Dimensionality.

I’d probably be more interested in service and would gradually unfold from there on in. The really tough lessons would have been behind me by that stage.


(1) In the Sixties and Seventies we used to call Brahmajnana “full” or “complete enlightenment.” But of course it was not.

Conceiving it as full enlightenment led to confusion because allegedly fully-enlightened sages were still carrying on in ways that one would not expect from an enlightened being – having sex with their students, driving dozens of cars, and carrying on in other ways.

We now know that the vasanas are not completed until Sahaja so Brahmajnanis were still in the grip of their vasanas. Only after sahaja are the vasanas or seeds of action and reaction fried to a crisp. A sahaji like Ramana would never carry on with his students like a Brahmajnani might.

(2) That is, except for a brief or temporary opening in Brahmajnana. Brahmajnana occurs when the kundalini reaches the seventh or crown chakra. Sahaja occurs when the kundalini doubles back on the spiritual heart.

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