Thursday, September 19, 2013

Using Imagination To Clear Emotions

  'The Team" Channelled By Peggy Black Sept.18, 2013

We are here embracing you with our love and gratitude. We acknowledge the intensity of energies that you are experiencing. We acknowledge the courage you offer in the face of the incredible changes occurring within your personal life as well as the global unfolding.

We gently remind you once again that you are here on purpose, you are here to anchor these changes, and you are here to transform mis-qualified energies. We are inviting you to acknowledge yourself as an energy being as well as a physical being. You know how to take care of the physical body and we are inviting you begin to take care of your energy body.

You are powerful multidimensional beings of consciousness having a very human experience. You are energy beings of light dwelling in the dense physical form.

As you read our words and experience the energy transmission we are offering, may you step more fully into the realization of your extraordinary potential as a transformer of emotional energy. We continue to encourage you to use your physical body as the powerful chalice of transformation that it is. When you are in willing partnership with your divine awareness and intention, all dense emotional vibrations and experiences can be transmuted, uplifted and healed.

Your physical body is the vehicle in which you feel the vibrations of everything surrounding you. Your body/mind registers these vibrations or feelings and translates them into what you call emotions. In the process of your development and maturing you have labeled these feelings as either good or bad.

Many of the experiences you have labeled bad or unpleasant have been repressed. These repressed emotions or experiences get stored within your circuits, systems, cells and the tissues of your body. You are aware of this.

It is common knowledge as you evolve that there are aspects of your personality, your energy field, your subconscious that you have put aside or chosen to ignore, and pretend not to see. This is a process and teaching that has been offered to you by others who were doing the same as they suppressed what they were unwilling to acknowledge, clear and transform.

We invite you to realize that you have the opportunity and the responsibility to shift this pattern within yourself. The energies that are being offered by your galactic family of light are encouraging you to take this action. The galactic vibrations are stirring these dense vibrations within your body/mind. We know you are feeling these activations and when you clear the denseness of repressed emotions these activations will feel delicious, expanding and wondrous. You will be opening the door allowing more and more light frequency to dwell in your physical vessel.

We have shared with you many tools that enable you to clear old emotional experiences and patterns. We once again remind you of the power of your imagination. We invite you to become the explorer of your inner landscapes. Imagine as an adventurer you could travel time and revisit experiences that were painful, embarrassing, and scary, the times in which you felt lost, abandoned or dis-empowered in some manner.

In your imagination see yourself with supernatural powers of transformation. Imagine that you rescue the aspect of yourself that has been harmed in some way. Use the power of your awareness and the energy tools to clear, to express all that has been suppressed. Allow yourself to bring healing to this experience, to this aspect of yourself that has been hidden, limited and bottled up deep within your subconscious.

In your imagination offer love, understanding as well as empowering gifts to the small child who was frightened, unloved or abused. It is within your personal power to transform and heal any condition of your life. Remember that these aspects of self are still very energized in their time-frame and affecting your current now more than you realize.

Be gentle with yourself as you continue to clear your emotional storage; take your time and consider this as a powerful gift you are giving yourself as well as others. Remember when one is healed, all are healed.

This is the work and service that we are reminding you that you came here to do. Each time you discover and clear an old emotional injury you can welcome more light consciousness within your physical form. Each time some part of your body releases what it has been storing for you, it takes on new, revitalized life-promoting energy. Each time you use your imagination to defuse and dissolve old emotional memories you are allowing more of your true multidimensional gifts to come forward.

We also invite you to find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and again, using your imagination, see or sense or imagine healing energy entering your physical body. Make this experience as real for yourself as possible. Allow the energy vibrations to fill you with life sustaining well-being. Imagine that this strengthens your energy body as well as your physical body. Make an agreement with self that you will offer this kind of conscious energy connection each day.

You can also use the power of color vibrations. Imagine your body filled with the color red; now invite any aspect of your physical body that needs this red vibration to absorb all that it might need and any aspect of your physical body that has too much red vibration to release it. Then allow the color red to dissipate and repeat the process using all the colors of your earthly rainbow. We invite you to incorporate this exercise into your practices of well-being.

You can simply imagine that you are drinking in the energy of the new dawn, allowing your body, your life, to be renewed in ways that are astonishing. Imagine that the vibrations of trees and all green and growing things can be taken in as energy nourishment. Imagine you can breathe in the energy of the night sky, the stars and the galaxies. Imagine allowing energy to flow into your pineal, heart and solar plexus chakras filling you with renewed life and expanded awareness strengthening your energy body as well as your physical body.

Do not underestimate the power of these processes. Remember that energy follows thought so when you focus your imagination on some aspect of your physical body and imagine beautiful energizing vibrations bathing the cells and tissues, it is occurring and is very beneficial. When this is practiced consistently you will begin to experience the results.

The value of your conscious use of your imagination is phenomenal. It offers unlimited potential in creating your health, your prosperity and your total fulfillment. Own your ability to envision a life that is safe, fulfilling and joyful

We invite you to practice these skills of creating with your awesome imagination. There are no limits; when you engage your focus, your passion as well as your imagination, you are tapping into the quantum field of all possibilities.

Visualize a reality that is life sustaining for all. Imprint the quantum field with that possibility. Visualize and imagine a world in which all peoples are honored and respected. Visualize a world in which nature and all living things are honored and respected. Each time you imagine these realities with passion and focus you are imprinting the quantum field.

We are always available to support and assist you in your processes. We acknowledge you for your willingness and service. We acknowledge you for the powerful beings of energy and light that you are.
The 'team'

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