Friday, September 27, 2013

White Cloud - "Storm Clouds On The Horizon"

Long ago, when I was embodied as a Native American, I used to love to walk along a cliff, feeling the rising air currents flowing over me. I knew when the weather was about to change; it is changing now for many people. There are storm clouds gathering on the horizon of many people’s lives; whether or not those clouds bring refreshing rains or lashing floods depends on how people can remain in neutrality during the coming months and years. Your world is about to undergo a tremendous period of transition.

The year 2013 has been challenging for many; the next two or three years will be even more so, especially for those individuals, institutions and governments who are unwilling or unable to adapt, to change and to be flexible. Now is the time to be like a willow and bend in the winds of change, not the brittle oak whose great branches fall to the ground with a mighty crash.

We do not convey these words to bring fear or anxiety to your heart. You can chose to go into a quiet place and learn to change how you view your world or you can chose to be stressed by memories of past experiences and worries over the future. We suggest that you try living in the present moment, as it happens and leave your worries behind.

It is a time to lighten your load. When climbing a steep hill, sometimes it is necessary to throw out those things that are not vital to daily existence. This list includes outmoded beliefs and judgments about your life. It also includes how other people think about you and the beliefs that you have taken on as a result of what someone has said to you in the past. It is not necessary to carry these burdens into the future. In fact, you will be unable to do so if you wish to arrive at the threshold of the new world.

As a people living upon the land, in concert with her rhythms and the flow of the seasons, we learned to adapt to change. We could move our camps quickly. We knew how to store foodstuffs for emergencies and for the long winter seasons. We were well acquainted with the environment in which we made our homes. We traveled lightly and worked together for the good of the whole, no one person placing an untoward burden on others. When it was our time to drop the body, we left the tribe and our families behind. We were not afraid of death for we had learned to live side by side with the spirits of our ancestors and of the land. We understood the animals, plants and the stones; we could read the messages carried by the winds. We knew when change was coming.

So it is now that we can speak to you of the coming events that will bring profound changes to your world. The vast rigid structures of the modern world have proved too ungainly to be supported any further by the planet. Imbalance will be replaced by a new alignment and coming into balance, but before that can happen, the old structures must and will collapse… and they will do so very, very soon.

Recently, media sources have mentioned the coming reversal of the poles on your solar body, the Sun. With the magnetic fields of the sun increasing, compounded with the disappearance of the last remaining underlying structures of the third dimension matrix, there is no further barrier to sudden and almost instantaneous transformation in your world. With rapid change comes challenge and chaos.

It is a good time to discover within the capacity to view the world from a neutral calm space, by remaining within your own energy field and allowing the drama to play out around you. It is a good time to own your space, to remove the beliefs, thoughts and energies of others from that space which you call your aura and to take command. It is time to become more acquainted with who and what you are, a magnificent being of light, far grander and more expansive than you can now imagine.

When there were threats to our people, we worked together as a unit. This time, each one of you will be undergoing the challenges alone. You cannot help anyone else to go through what is looming just ahead. You cannot fix another human being, not even your spouse, your son or daughter, your parents or your favorite friend. Each individual is now faced with choices, to go ahead and adapt or to let go and leave the body. Either choice is valid and appropriate for the individual involved; there is no judgment on our part. All are loved as they are in the present moment.

Some of the light workers will choose to leave their bodies. They have done their work well and many will return to their home worlds. Others will remain, as gatekeepers, wayshowers and teachers for the multitudes who are opening up to the new possibilities offered by the transitional period and what lies beyond.

What do you feel in your heart? Are you afraid? Is there a sense of anxiety arising within; is your belly tight with tension?

Let the fear go. You are an eternal being. Death has no power over you. The threat of death has been used as a tool to keep your egoic mind in fear, desiring only to keep the body safe so conforming to whatever structures you were placed into. You are no longer bound by the matrix, but it is up to you to step forth and into freedom, whether or not you are still embodied.

Lessons are learned at a faster rate while embodied, so even those who some worship as ascended masters come to earth, again and again, to undergo the tests and experiences that life here has to offer. Those of you who are reading these words are already masters in the ascended worlds of light.

You came here to make a difference. With the infusion of your light into a darkened world you have made a difference and now the changes, which have been foretold by all the indigenous cultures of your world, are now coming to pass. You are now deep into the time of tribulation, but out of this transitional period will come great possibilities for a world filled with peace, love, light and abundance for all of life upon this lovely water world.

Discover for yourself the doorway you wish to go through. Experience the changes from a place of neutrality and calm. Become aware of what and who you are, a multidimensional being of great power. Open to the new possibilities that exist in the field of creation that is all around you. You are powerful. You are light. You are love. You contain within you the seeds of potential creation for each of you is a creator god. Now go forth and create the world of your best dreams.

For me, I would love to walk alongside you on a grassy knoll and stand feeling the wind brush against my face and feel the warmth of the sun upon my skin. My needs are simple for I have released my need to control and to be controlled. I am free. I exist in the All That Is and am one with the Great Spirit. Walk beside me in the sunlight, brother and sister, and feel the love grow in your heart until you glow like a miniature star. You are an eternal being. Let go your fears and learn to live in the moment. Every moment is the beginning of a new life. Every moment is a new opportunity to grow, to learn and to be.

Know that you are loved by all of us who live on the other side of the veil. Those veils are growing very thin, indeed, and someday we will walk beside those who have chosen to be as the lilies of the field, to grow beneath the sun, free from care or woe, blessed with beauty and grace, abundance and love. We will look for you in those fields of light. Blessed be.

I AM White Cloud, your brother in the light and with great love, I leave you now. Go in peace. Walk in the light that shines from within your heart. Be the love that you are. We are with you always in the ever present Now.

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