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The Galactic Federation of Light: September 29, 2013

Channeled by Blossom Goodchild On September 29, 2013

Blossom Goodchild newBlossom: Greetings Lighted ones! I am FEELING upbeat and ready to rock and roll. I know you are about … I can just tell. So … following on from last week if I may? Someone asked if you could explain to us how you cleanse the vast crystals that ‘propel’ your vessels. Your time starts …. Now!

Galactic Federation of Light: Greetings to you also our Earthling torch!

Oh good. We are both in fine fettle!

These crystals of which we speak are refined to the nth degree. There is not one atom that taints them … for if this were so it could easily cause havoc. A little like a mishap on a computer can send the whole system into a spin.

They are to us as Living entities in which we revere them greatly. For they are not merely suppliers of energy travel … yet of a great deal more.

First let us answer your inquiry. The ‘cleansing process’ is via thought. All that we accomplish on our level is through thought … And if you were to discuss this with your own thoughts … you would accept that you of Earth do the same. The difference being that ‘your’ thoughts often need physical action to manifest the movement of the thought. Whereas we can move anything required with our mind. It is more so … that we are aware of the vibrational energy of any one thing and we allow our energy to concur with that of the ‘thing’ … in a sense … becoming it … and therefor taking control of it … for we are it .

Yet in all Truth … where we reside … ‘no place’ … we have little need for ‘things’. For WE in particular … this energy that YOU Blossom communicate with … do not have need in any shape or form for material matter.

Should there … for a particular reason … be a necessity for something regarding making ‘a visitor’ FEEL more at home then it would be manifested instantly.

Yet … am I correct in thinking that the said ‘visitor’ would not be able to BE in your vibrational space for too long?

They would not be able to BE in it at all. We would naturally come down many notches should a meeting be necessary.

And do you have many of these meetings with US humans?

Not in the physical sense. We find it is unnecessarily complicated and could be quite detrimental to one’s well Being.

So … back to the cleansing of crystals.

As we say … it is through thought. Through sending ‘colour thought’ and PUREST ENERGY to and through that crystal. Indeed there is very little that could taint … yet it is for purposes also of boosting the energy of the crystal … for as we explained in the last communication … we can also become ONE with it.

So would you suggest that we cleanse our crystals in the same way?

It would not be harmful … and yet … due to the ‘negativity’ upon and around much of your planet … there needs to be a deeper system in order to keep crystals of their energetic value.

You are aware of the sea water … burying them in the Earth … putting them under the full moon etc. Yet may we add … that as with anything … it is not so much about ‘the doing of’. There is much more significance in the ‘intention of’. For the intention inevitably comes from the thought … and it is the thought that is so very powerful.

Ok. Thank you. A topic that seems to be ‘full on’ at the moment with many around me … is the fact that we are being RIPPED OFF! Over and over we seem powerless over these big companies or ‘government laws’ to pay ‘this and that’ … otherwise ‘this and that’ will happen. It really is getting to me quite a bit … even though I am trying not to focus on it. Any thoughts on that?

This of course is part of the plan to dismantle all that is of power. All that is Light. It is for those who have the need to control to suck you dry … so to speak.

And are we powerless to fight back?

You do not need to fight back … for this is to end. At this time … as all this discomfort is dissipating … simply accept and put a smile on your face in LOVE … KNOWING that this world that has fallen upon stony ground is coming in to a time when all that does not serve MUST discontinue.

Is it really happening though … behind the scenes? For many, it seems to be reaching its peak.

It only seems this way because the obviousness of what is going on is now so very obvious.

English lessons anyone?

You have mentioned Blossom of ‘things being IN YOUR FACE’. This is because of the recognition of what is NOT serving has/is becoming so present. One cannot rid oneself of it … if one is not aware of it. It is for the soulself to KNOW with all that does not serve NOW … to simply recognise … smile … and place ones KNOWING in the presence of how it shall be … very soon. And it is by you all doing so … that the ‘SOON’ shall come about.

The very reason everything is frustrating the ‘core’ is because of the ‘turnaround’. We give to you the term ‘The rise and fall’. As we are speaking with you now Blossom you can feel an energy inside of you that is unfamiliar?

It is like the butterflies … like expectancy.

And we allow you to FEEL this so that you can ‘pick up’ on the FEELING of the ‘words’ that we now choose to say.

You have come so far. You have also heard all this before have you not?

Yep! To a degree. As I have spoken of before … many are now tuning out from presented words … it is all so similar and familiar. And for me personally … there is much out there that I am unsure of the ‘source’. Sometimes I am very sure that the source is not the source! I FEEL many have climbed on the band wagon which has led to many ‘sucking up’ the information that isn’t necessarily coming from ‘The Highest Good’. Yet not always that easy to be discerning.

Then we would suggest for each individual to decipher for the self that which resonates and that
which does not. Take on board … in/with anything … that which serves … that which FEELS comfortable … and disregard that which does not … and that may mean ‘bits and bobs’ of one channelling if you understand us.

With anything … YOU decide what feels right for YOUR SOUL.

If it FEELS right go with it … for you cannot go wrong if it FEELS right. Yet you cannot go right if it feels wrong!

So … back to this ‘expectancy’. Yes … I can FEEL it … as we speak now … but not necessarily otherwise.

Because one gets so bogged down with the energies that are deliberately put in one’s way. Energies that deter from Truth. Yet dearest souls of Earth … plough through them … sift through them … move through them … and out the other side into the sunshine.

There you shall find this FEELING of expectancy … This FEELING of pure joy and excitement.

You are putting a smile on my face and in my heart with the energy of these words.

For this is our intent … We repeat that which we have prophesied …



If you breathe in deeply you can FEEL it in the very air of that breath.

So you see … I would just like to check this out. In OUR world … when one says ‘on the brink of’ … it can be interpreted as ‘any minute now’. In the same way … when we say ‘soon’ … and we have been down this path many times … we mean ‘any day’. Not ‘any day’ within the next 400 years … we mean ‘any day’ within the next month or two.

And we can only assist by answering that the ‘time frame’ then of which we speak must be ‘taken on board’ by that which one FEELS in one’s heart.

These butterflies are telling you ‘something is near’. One gets them as a reaction to excitement of a ‘happening’.


What?? You said that long, long ago, just BEFORE Oct 14th 2008! We never found out THEN what it meant. Why would you bring it up now and any hint of what it may mean?

We would give to you this expression as one ‘gets ready’ for a particular event. To get one ‘spruced up’ and looking ones best for the occasion.

Oooh … do you know I COULD get so excited. Yet ones doubts inevitably come in due to disappointments in the past.

Yet you continue to speak with us and connect with us because your heart tells you to do so … and as we have said before …

It seems to be that kind of day!







Yep … something inside me KNOWS something BIG is going to happen ‘One day’. I have travelled too many a long mile to ‘expect that something’ to happen ‘soon’ anymore. When it does it does. Yet may I be as bold to say that this particular communication has got the adrenalin pumping … which it hasn’t done in this way for a long time.

You shall see Blossom. You shall see.

Believe me … there is nothing I would like more. To be able to ‘live as designed’ is a longing deep within me. We have had enough down here guys … Enough of this nonsense. It’s definitely TIME TO LIFT THE VEIL and BE allowed to BE who we are meant to be. That is what we struggle with. 

KNOWING WE ARE MORE THAN THIS … yet being supressed and ‘muted’ and sometimes FEELING SO TRAPPED IN THE SYSTEM.

Yet we whisper in your ear … IT IS DONE. IT IS FINISHED. IT IS OVER.

And with all respect … I would whisper back … ‘It doesn’t FEEL like it’.

FEEL it from a deeper place within. KNOW it from a deeper place within. From the place where these outer energies cannot touch. From YOU. From the Higher KNOWING FEELING of YOU.

That place of Peace within your BEING that KNOWS IT WILL HAPPEN.



That’s funny … indeed interesting. I KNOW you wanted me to enlarge the font of the words ‘very soon’. So I did … and then you wanted me to go back and make them even bigger … so I did. Happy to oblige. It’s time to go isn’t it?

Indeed …

Thank you. I FEEL greatly uplifted from the energy within your words.

For this is our intent!

In Love and thanks.

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