Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Loving Heart, Neutral Intention

To the Buddhist list of Right Livelihood, Right View etc. add Brother Beckow's Right ReVal guidelines...DT the ET

Posted On Sept. 17 By Steve Beckow


Passport – check. Earplugs, sandals, airplane ticket – check.

Getting ready for Joshua Tree. For me, only one more day to go.

But before I leave, perhaps I can discuss with you, following on from our reval talk, a loving heart and neutrality of intent in regards to gifting.

According to Archangel Michael, it was the intent of the Company of Heaven that lightworkers become financial wayshowers. If you tried to explain something like the reval to someone who isn’t a lightworker, they probably will think you’re scamming them and most likely will not act on what you’re suggesting.

(I recall a reader saying to me that someone mentioned the reval to her in Walmart and she, being a lightworker, considered that she was being guided. Like that.)

Lightworkers are more likely to understand what the larger context here is and why something like a levelling of the playing field and an opportunity to join the prosperity stream might be occurring.

But as always it isn’t prosperity “just for me.” None of this that is happening is “just for me.” “I” am included – to be sure – but I also include many more people with me. It starts with me but it doesn’t stop with me.So there is a new mindset that’s required, as Archangel Michael said in An Hour with an Angel on Sept. 16, (1) and it’s doubly required if we’re going to be handling and channeling abundance.

For one thing, this is a freewill world and it isn’t wise to think that we’ll be able to use our abundance to “change” people, make people think as we do, pressure them, influence them or anything close. That’s the old Third and won’t work in the new Fifth.

We only have our toes inside the door of the Fifth (some more, some less). We’re still clothed in carbon-based bodies. We still often think in 3D ways. Many of us (I do) still wear the blinkers we agreed to wear. AAM told us that this was a reset of our mindsets as well.

Instead of thinking how we’ll change people’s minds or set them free or whatever our agenda, I think we’d be better served by being grateful that the Divine Mother has selected us to be a channel for her abundance. We need to think in neutral terms, I believe, coming from a universally loving heart. We’re not here to change anyone. We’re definitely here to love everyone and provide them with opportunity.

I have a hunch that those who serve well as a channel for abundance will receive more to distribute. Those who hoard will not. (I think.)

That doesn’t mean that people should not see to themselves, their families and friends. Did not say that. But with their disposable income or earnings, whatever that may be, hoarding may not be the best policy. Not ever but especially not at this time of Ascension.

I recommend neutrality of gifting – gifting without intention, without a secret or even a hidden agenda, etc. That does not apply to people who are funding projects. And it doesn’t mean allowing yourself to be scammed. But beyond special circumstances like these, I suggest not attaching any more strings to anything than is absolutely necessary but to extend our hand as freely as is prudent and in as neutral a manner as possible.

There are always all manner of codicils and provisions that apply where wealth is concerned. There’s a need to see that one doesn’t end up in a worse position than when one began, as many lottery winners have done, for instance. So pay your taxes if due and set aside enough as a contingency fund for the person who’s just learning the ropes.

I hope I’m speaking to an audience that is adult enough to know that I’m not advising throwing all caution to the wind. There’s a space in which gifting is possible and, after observing all due diligence and making all the riders you need to make, then after that, I’m suggesting to gift with a loving heart and a neutral intent.

And it’s guaranteed that this will be a learning experience – when it happens. Everything from here on in will be. But this will be the first circumstance of an ordered nature where we’ve been given direct instructions to serve. (AAM issued those last night.) I remember saying two years ago that our service would soon begin. Well, very soon, it appears that it will.

(1) “Archangel Michael’s Counsel on the Reval,” Sept. 16, 2013, athttp://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/09/archangel-michaels-counsel-on-the-reval/.

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