Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Releasing Of ALL Dimensional Timelines-Part 1

Channelled By Karen Doonan On Sept. 25, 2013

My blog post today may resonate with many of you who may be wondering if the world has indeed ended on some level emotionally. Over the previous linear weekend I did much downloading and much anchoring of both codes and other frequencies and I was guided clearly to do further work in Rosslyn Chapel.. Many of my SOUL group have done work in Rosslyn and this has allowed for much to be re-aligned and anchored. Many of you will know that Rosslyn Chapel is a star gate and a portal from this planet out to the rest of the universe. It is a doorway to higher dimensions. Many of you will also be conversant with my constant guidance around contact in physical form that now will unfold upon and within planet earth.

Up until this moment the energetic signature of Mother Earth has been too low to accommodate our brothers and sisters that share this universe with us. They exist in much higher dimensional timelines and the forms they take need a supportive energetic signature in which to exist. Those who sought to control and suppress the human race knew this and kept the frequency of Mother Earth deliberately low to prevent this from occurring.
Now the human race begin their journey to the New Earth in TRUTH, this will see ALL races/realms walk the planet with the human race. The context for this is not as you might imagine, they are not going to just land , hop out the ships a state " we come in peace". There is a process that is now in operation that will see firstly Mother Earth's frequency rise to accommodate their physical presence and also to support the human race in their physical form. The human vehicle is now further upgrading its frequency to allow human consciousness to expand to acceptance of other races physically.

 In order for human consciousness to expand to this level ALL of 3d earth reality and associated paradigms must now dissolve, this is done by RAISING the frequency of the planet and those who are here to help the human race move in vibration. For all of you who are part of this SOUL group and other SOUL groups who's prime directive is the expansion of human consciousness the next linear days will unfold rapidly, the increase in energy may take your breath away at times and I would guide BALANCE at all times. Allow the outpouring of emotions, for you are asked to move into the New Earth as a newborn baby, as a clean page with NO emotional residue from ANY dimensional life times that you have incarnated into in order to experience life as a human or non human.

The "weekend" and "equinox" was the gateway, the human race now approach this gateway and a
they stand at the threshold of this the gateway/portals ARE OPENING. The influx of the LOVE THAT IS is immense, there is nowhere to "hide" from this frequency. As many have channeled and written about the New Earth is held back NO LONGER. There are no more delays, no more holds up, we are no longer "practicing" for some event, the EVENT IS HERE, NOW in this moment. Over the course of the coming linear days you may experience some EXTREME emotions, you may FEEL as if your world is collapsing in on itself and in many contexts it IS, for only in dissolving the old can you reach the new. There is no time frame other than NOW. Many of you may still be using logic that tries to teach you that the world you wake up in "tomorrow" will allow you to slowly adjust to the new frequencies, this may be an option for a very small portion of the population but for those who are here to work with energy and to help the human race it is NO LONGER an option.

ALL support this growth and expansion, in human form you may have allowed your logical mind to create a "scenario" of ascension for you, this will be dissolved by the LIGHT of the LOVE that IS, guidance is clearly that from this moment and from this frequency level onwards there are NO reference points for the human race.

ASCENSION IS NOW and will unfold rapidly across and within planet earth. The ascension process will then continue naturally, as the human race have been kept from ANY ascension this may be a very emotional time for you, the amount of emotion released is dependent upon your incarnations and work done to release the various dimensional timelines. There are no longer from the moment Ascension unfolds in your human life experience dimensional timelines, all collapse to strengthen THIS ONE, this is the one you chose to experience the process from within.

For those of you who have been feeling a "build up" an "urge to move forward" this will "burst" and the outpouring of emotions will allow for a rapid and accelerated increase in frequency. Many of you have been feeling "something" is going to happen, NOW is when it does. Much like the birth of a baby, the head crowns, there is intense pressure within the mother and then the pressure is released and the child births fully into the world. THIS IS THE PLACE THE HUMAN RACE NOW STAND.

Balance is the key and LOVE and compassion for ALL as the new is birthed in TRUTH and the residue of 3d earth is dissolved fully from the human life experience.

Kx (c) Karen Doonan

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