Saturday, September 28, 2013

Freedom and Guardians of the New Light

Channelled By Sandra Walter On Sept. 28, 2013
Last night I stood under the stars and felt completely free from EVERYTHING. Free from the past, the journey of Gaia, HUmanity, the Kingdoms, Elementals, the Galaxy, the Multiverse, all of it. This is unusual because I AM in service – my whole journey has been focused on the Shift, sharing Light Intel and assistance, guidance, more assistance. 

Gatekeeping has been intense through the Equinox, and yesterday I felt cut off from being used as a conduit. Another Shift, another upgrade – but this one is different. I needed to be unplugged from the old way of service, and recalibrated for a new beingness. Something brand new is on the way – and no, I don’t feel it is related to the lightship ISON. Masks off, Kachina.

I have been saying for a while that nothing made sense any more – the way in which we were doing things, the old (last day, last minute, all of it) seemed non-applicable. Now I AM being shown what that was all about; the freedom of a clean slate goes way beyond what we experienced on August 25.

The Equinox energies which shook me (literally) from the core (note: that’s from the inside-out) haven’t settled in at all. I AM still drawn to silence, to integration, to pushing the collective away for a little while so I may become something brand new. Yesterday showed me how deep and profound that will be.

And yet, the challenges come up for Wayshowers during this turning point in the Shift. In the interest of sharing (please, no interpretation or advice is needed; delete that OP duality program), here are a few of my thoughts this morning:

- How do I communicate this and still honor my need for silence? – Should I remain in the role of shift-reporter and guide? How long do we need this? – When do we get the grounded councils together and co-create as a unified effort rather than a bazillion blogs and videos saying similar things? – Will there be support for the Gatekeepers going through this stage, or are we still walking between the extraordinary (mastering the transcendence of parallel realities) and the mundane (can I find a place to keep warm this winter)? – What do we do with the old conversations which haunt the collective, now that we cannot engage with those topics or issues any longer? Are there teachers who will hang back and guide the newly awakened?

Honestly, none of these questions matter in this new light. The key at this moment is surrendering to the new unknown, and letting the transfiguration take place. For my journey, I was taken out of the collective entanglement yesterday – all the way up the realms and back to Source.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience all that you are, and you’ll get a glimpse of pure freedom. The codes and frequencies coming through the Sun support this step right now. REmember what I said about the prism of the Sun changing, so the way we could project into this reality would change? It’s happening Now. We’re becoming the pure intention; the reigniting of true freedom and how it will change everyone. Decisions have been made to ignite the timelines of freedom right now, not in 2015. Expect the unexpected, beloveds.

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