Sunday, September 8, 2013

Merging Dimensions

Just as we and every other creature on Earth breathes in and out so too does our Universe. Though our breaths and many others have different cadences and depths, the Universe breathes far slower, far deeper and has many ramifications. The expansion of the Universe on an in-breath allows separation of dimensions and the independent activity within each. As the Universe contracts, the dimensions begin to overlap and interact with other. We are in such a contraction at this time which will last for thousands of years with each successive year being more critical with greater intensity. The last contraction occurred midway through the Egyptian Dynasty era and the expansion started 100 years
after the birth of Jesus.

Perhaps the most immediate impact begins with the inner dimension of Earth and the inner dimensions of our light body. We have a vague sensitivity to the 7th dimension which is becoming more relevant, but we have far less sensitivity to the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th dimensions. This is not our fault; the Elohiem within the 7th dimension tend to function in an anonymous manner as well as the Silent Watchers in the 8th dimension and the Creator Gods in the 9th dimension. However, the Elohiem have had higher interaction with the more sophisticated psychics in our realm and this contraction will make many more entities available for psychic interpretation. The outer dimensions will condense but the only evidence of this will be available during the Aurora Borealis phenomenon. The northern latitudes and those living above 9,000 feet will be able to witness both the Photon Belt and starships from the Ashtar Command.

The critical phasing of the inner dimensions is already in progress. The main emphasis of this piece is the discussion of what is taking place within this phasing. The 1st dimension is our internal magma field whose electromagnetic field is strengthening in intensity. This results in more earthquake activity as the magma field draws into the 2nd dimension of sub terrestrial environments such as Shambala. The 3rd dimension draws closer to its immediate environment with the emphasis of self and existentialism. Hand-held devices and social media have allowed this intricate weaving of souls for the emphasis of this contraction. However, a separation exists here as older souls seek to gain access to higher dimensions instead of concentrating on the physical plane.

The 4th dimension, which has been identified as the Astral Plane, is a very intricate matrix of 12 different harmonics, many of which are dedicated to processes within the dream state. The first three harmonics are dedicated to the intuitive sensitivity of guides and angels. The next six harmonics serve the dream state and the vibrational level of thousands of soul groups. The upper three harmonics serve as the vortex areas extending downward from the 5th-dimensional earth grids. Also present are the portals to the 5th dimension serving the expansion of spiritual vibrations within many diverse souls groups. What is most important at this point is the merging of the lower three harmonics of the 5th dimension with the upper three harmonics of the 4th dimension.

The enlightened vortex points that illuminate the upper three harmonics of the 4th dimension now extend into the dream-state harmonics creating a far more vivid array of dreams. Souls at this point have the choice of entertaining this new phenomenon or drawing closer to the lower astral harmonics, keeping their 3rd- dimensional ideologies in place. Guides and Angels become more involved in the intuitive sensitivity of all souls where manifestation plays the most crucial role. What you harvest and where you dedicate this new energy is either more physical or more spiritual and this division has become quite obvious in our current culture. Existentialism and communalism are at the center of this phasing where he who dies with the most toys wins versus he or she who serves the needs of others

The 5th dimension integrates the lower three harmonics, bringing the middle six harmonics more into play. Here we have global access for Archangels and Ascended Masters who can bi-locate freely to all parts of the Earth for aid in various crises. Also, in these harmonics are a variety of holographic stages and suites that function as symposium stages for many light beings who wish to share thoughts with those who manage to advance to this vibrational level. They also function as safe havens for the Crystal Tribes and Indigo Tribes from ancient soul groups who have to function in our physical plane but need solace in the effort. The upper three harmonics now integrate with the time-plane emphasis of the 6th dimension. Older souls have the ability now to travel in time - both into past-life scenarios and future hypothetical time planes.

The most interesting phenomenon occurs when the 7th dimension enters the 6th and this strong vibration permeates through the 5th dimension. What was once a privilege among a very few souls now becomes widely available. The Elohiem channels at one time were one-in-a-million but this is no longer the case. My most recent (and upcoming)channeled messages create The Elohiem Vessel and The Elohiem Domain, which are two circle meditations that heal the entire DNA culture in our bodies. The expansion of Elohiem channels will rapidly evolve the conscious spiritual community.

The existing experienced channels now have access to the Creator Gods who actually planned this free-will experiment. There are environmental Creator Gods who have created most of the futuristic time planes in the 6th dimension and who understand Earth changes on a very sophisticated level.

My final segment deals with the effects on the light body. The emotional and mental templates become far more sensitive and the astral template obtains 5th-dimensional energy. The upper Etheric Template takes on 6th-dimensional energy and both the Celestial Template and Ketheric Template entertains 7th-dimensional energy.

What this means is that you will be repelled from dense 3rd-dimensional aspects and your emotional and mental sensitivity to the physical plane will go through a finite catharsis. This gradually alienates you from the vast majority of the third dimension and brings you closer to your true spiritual self. The integration of the light body and Merkabah becomes far simpler and our ability for greater dimensional versatility takes place. Our service ethic now becomes more global as we follow Archangels and Ascended Master in greater numbers toward chaotic areas.

Understand this simple universal law: when we allow 3rd-dimensional emotions and mental attitudes, prejudices and anxiety to enter our energy fields, the octahedrons centered above the kundalini pool and thymus area stop spinning; the Merkabah disengages and we have no dimensional access beyond the astral plane.

During the full moon and new moon we are allowed periods of release but if you are engaging in negativity outside of these boundaries, you lose access to your Merkabah. So view this life as more of an illusion than real and understand that fear and guilt are the main illusions you deal with.


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