Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jesus: Time Spent in Meditation or Contemplation is All About Ego-Training


 Channelled by John Smallman. Sept. 8, 2013 


Here in the spiritual or non-physical realms we are always happy, content, at peace, and in joy, but now you could describe us as being euphoric as we observe the fantastic progress you are making in releasing the remaining aspects of yourselves that no longer serve you as the moment of your awakening approaches. That moment truly is far closer than most of you imagine, for you are on course and precisely on your Divinely arranged schedule, and joyful euphoria awaits you.

As you take time out for regular and frequent visits to your quiet inner space, continue to focus on intending to be loving in every moment, and to be channels through which the Divine field of Love enveloping you all can spread outwards to embrace all of humanity – remember that even just a few seconds of your time spent setting your intent are inordinately effective.

What you intend occurs, always. However, you do not always see your intentions very clearly, and therefore you are quite often surprised by unexpected events.

Your lifepaths and the events that will meet you on them were very carefully planned and orchestrated before you incarnated, but once you are born into this human life your egos become increasingly influential, and the desires and inclinations that they choose to follow frequently interfere with the intentions of your True Selves.

Your egos are very necessary aspects of your lives as humans, but too often they succeed in distracting you from your spiritual intent, which is why we – your spiritual Guides, Mentors, and Guardian Angels – keep reminding you of the importance of taking time out to go within and reconnect with your spiritual center.

That time spent silently and at peace in your quiet, inner personal space is essential in the training of your ego so that it may align with your higher Mind and become a co-operative flow of energy instead of a distracting one. It is a little like a child that needs constant acknowledgment and confirmation as it grows so that it can develop fully into the wise and loving adult human being that its parents are hoping it will become.

Time spent in meditation, contemplation, or reflection is all about ego-training, and if you enter that quiet inner space with enthusiasm, loving intent, and self-acceptance, as opposed to negative self-judgment that you focus severely on your seeming inadequacies, you will find your ego, like an excitedly expectant child, co-operating very willingly.

A human life in the illusion is a very difficult undertaking. Originally, at the moment of apparent separation from your Divine Source, you were One, seeking a different experience or expression of consciousness, and you did this by the separation, by the splitting-off of Yourself into myriad individual conscious entities, each with free will.

Your true One-Self desires to awaken, but to do so it must bring all the myriad individual entities, each an essential and irreplaceable part of itself, along with it. Your true One-Mind, the only Child of God, has a will that is one with God’s, that is totally in alignment with the Will of God. On Earth, within the illusion, all those individual entities with free will need to bring those individual wills into alignment with each other, with the True Self that you are all a part of.

Love is the Divine, creative field of infinite energy in which all exists; It is all there is; there is nothing outside It because there is no outside, and anything that is not in perfect alignment with It is unreal. However, the illusion that the One Child of God imagined into being seems utterly real to all the entities experiencing it.

Awakening is the release of the imaginary, of the unreal – which is anything, any aspect of an entity that is not completely in alignment with Love. Your egos are a vast, imaginary field of seemingly individual needs, wants, and desires that extremely frequently conflict with each other and display this disunity in arguments, disagreements, and war. You can see this all around you, and it is continuously demonstrated throughout your human history.

To awaken is to acknowledge and to be Love, and only Love. As you observe the world and all the discordances it displays, it can seem that there is absolutely no possibility that they can all be resolved in a manner that will satisfy everyone. But that is because you are attempting to resolve these issues with your egoic reasoning minds. And that is impossible. They, your reasoning minds, demand compromise, judgment, restitution, recognition that some are right and others wrong, with the latter being punished, and those demands can only be self-serving, angry, and divisive. Your human history continuously demonstrates that very clearly.

That is why we are constantly telling you that Love is the answer to every problem. Love is the only means of resolution, and It is completely effective because It embraces all unconditionally without judgment of any kind. The prospect of offering only Love regardless of the situation is very scary for humans because they look all the time – constantly, in fact – at the unreal and believe it to be real. In Love, in Reality, there is no conflict; all is in Divine and perfect harmony, and for you to awaken you need to embrace and share Love inclusively and indiscriminately.

“But,” you ask, “how can that possibly work? I surely must defend myself and my Loved Ones from those who would attack us and destroy us?” Well. . . all are One, and what you do to others you do to yourselves. So stop doing to others what you do not want them to do to you. Stop it now. The longer you continue with attack or defense the longer you will remain unawakened.

You are all now being enormously assisted by the Divine energy field of Love enveloping you and encouraging you to share it, and you know this. When you go within and disconnect even for the briefest moment from the distractions of the illusion – fear, anxiety, worry, anger, judgment – you find peace. Peace is what everyone seeks.

You have all seen the ineffectiveness of angry judgment or punishment on a distraught child: it aggravates the situation or drives it underground. And you have all seen the calming effects of quiet loving acceptance on a distraught child, or on an animal. That is Love in action! Practice it constantly.
. . and bring on your Awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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