Monday, September 30, 2013

Heavenletter #4693: To Each His Own

By:, 09/30/2013

God said:

Never mind half the matters that you do mind! Take all of the annoyances in your stride. All of them!

Another way to say this is: “Let it go!”

Another way to say this is: “It doesn’t matter.”

Another way to say this is: “Don’t take whatever it is as an affront.”

Another way to say this is: “Don’t take it personally.”

Absolve yourself from reproaching any others for their misdemeanors. Even if someone invades your privacy, let it roll off your back. What is sufficient reason for you to let an annoyance fester in you and spoil your morning or afternoon or day? Even if someone scolds you as if you were a child, what do you care? What’s done is done.

Turn on another station of the radio of your mind and heart.

Listen, dear Children, even if someone disrespects you, that’s their business, not yours. You are not accountable to anyone but yourself -- and Me. Everyone else is also not accountable to anyone but himself and to Me. Another person is not to try to mend your ways any more than you are to try to mend others’ ways.

Yes, certainly, every other person on Earth would do well to refrain from what is really not his business, and, yet, dear one, that is true for you as well. Think twice about what is your business to take care of and what is not. Another’s lack of consideration or manners or awareness is theirs to deal with, not yours.  Even when their lack has encroached on you, it is not your business to reform others. It is not your business to teach another the error of his ways. Not at all. You are not the overseer of the world any more than anyone else is.

Is this new thinking for you? Perhaps you have thought that everything in the world is your business to set straight. Be glad that you are off the hook. Because another intrudes upon your peace and quiet is not cause for you to intrude upon theirs. There is no tit for tat, beloveds. You have enough to take care of with yourself. Unless you are the cook, don’t open the lid. Unless you are the cook, don’t stir the soup. Unless you are the cook, don’t add salt.

You say there are exceptions? Yes, of course. When We are talking about your dependent children, they are an exception. When you are a teacher, you do have some say over another’s behavior. When you are a traffic cop, intruding is an option. At the same time, take caution that you do not go beyond what is yours to do. As much as possible, rather than impose, wait until someone asks you for your advice.

No matter how much you think you know how another is supposed to be in the world, the truth is that you have enough to do to take care of yourself. No one is really an authority on someone else’s ways of living in the world. Do you want to be a free spirit? Then make sure you allow this freedom to everyone else as well. 

You have matters that are most important to you, and others have their own priorities. You are not going to make anyone think exactly like you anyway, and why should you? Who are you to tell others what they should do or should have done or must do from now on? They have their reasons for doing as they do, and you have yours.

This may come as a shock to you, or to some of you, that you yourself, in terms of the world, are not perfect either.

Yes, dear ones, to each his own.

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