Monday, September 16, 2013

The Lightbringers On "The Great Purification"

 Channelled Message Via Nancy Van Domelen

Posted On September 16, 2013

Due to the disastrous flooding and destruction in Nancy's home town, she was unable to receive a transmission this month. She is sending you the transmission of August 2010. She thinks it has a direct relationship to what is transpiring now in many different locales.

We welcome you, our dear friends. We are fast approaching a time of major significance for the inhabitants of Earth. Prophecies for centuries have told about the next great leap in consciousness the human race would take when your planet’s solar system came into alignment with the central core of its galaxy. Enlightened beings in the past knew that powerful energy emanations would provide the stimulus needed to lift Earth’s inhabitants onto a higher plane of development.

In order for this step upward to occur, it is necessary for incarnating souls on Earth to go through an intense period of renewal. All indigenous tribes throughout the globe know this and are celebrating the fact that we have entered the period they call the Great Purification, which began in the latter years of the 20th century. This purification is occurring on all levels of life with the elements of fire and water being the forces bringing the cleansing and healing so sorely needed.

Many are asking what this purification means and how it will manifest as they become aware of the events unfolding in their lives. We would like to address this question in some depth this month. New awareness generally causes a shift in perception, which then results in spiritual growth, the primary purpose for our involvement with incarnating souls on Earth.

In order for an evolutionary step forward to occur, the accumulation of negative thoughts and deeds must be erased from the soul memory of the planet, societal groups and people in general. Long established destructive patterns of behavior must be eliminated so that they are not carried forward into the times of more advanced consciousness slowly coming into being.

Therefore, higher spiritual forces are using the elements of fire and water to purify Earth and its inhabitants. Water has always been used to clean and restore. Massive flooding occurring in the United States, Europe, the Near East and China is clearing these areas of longstanding negative energies that have existed for eons, both in the land and those living there.

The people in these regions may nor be aware that they themselves are also going through a purifying process, but they are. Whatever happens on a physical level has a personal human impact on those that reside in that environment. Since humanity is one interconnected organism, the flooding occurring outside of the region in which you live activates the process of purification in you as well at a subtle level.

The element of fire also is being used to cleanse and purify. Fire has long been associated with spirit since, like spirit, it transforms everything it touches. The extensive fires in Australia and Russia are just two examples of how the transformative aspect of fire will accelerate the evolutionary growth of these lands and the people living there.

Most individuals regard these destructive events with extreme concern and fear, but we ask that you take a spiritual view of them and accept that a higher purpose is unfolding wherever they occur. We ask also that you recognize the purifying process at work and see its significance for yourself personally. It is an essential step in your spiritual growth and development.

Now is the time for you to initiate your own purification by identifying any negative aspects in your personal behavior patterns and eliminating them. As you do so, you will be cleansing your energy field and bringing more light onto the planet, which will uplift you and humanity as a whole. One of our primary messages to you down through the years has been the importance of seeing yourselves and your lives existing within an energetic matrix.

At your core, each of you is a unit of spiritual essence brought into being by a Universal Intelligence to which you are always connected. Periodically, this Creative Source mandates a period of soul growth for all those residing in a given area. The inhabitants of Earth have recently embarked upon such a time in their evolutionary history. We ask you to observe what appears to be destructive natural disasters and recognize the necessary and positive purification they bring to your planet and its people.

Initiate your own process of purification by identifying behavior patterns you need to eliminate and then have the strength of will to do so. When you succeed in this endeavor, you will have made a positive contribution to the spiritual development of your planet and will have assisted those souls that are waiting to begin a new and more advanced period of manifestation on Earth. So begin and persevere. It is one of the most important things you can do at the present time.


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