Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Message Of Peace From The Divine Mother Through Bob Marley

  Jah No De...Jah Rastafari I And I...DT the ET

His presence was very loving and peaceful and never in my life and since I have been channeling that I would be writing a message from Bob Marley.
But of course I don't think too much about it as long as the energy is loving and full of light. So I just wrote exactly as it was said.  Enjoy!  Love,  Jose

I am the spirit of the land of Jamaica, and I come here to represent the great love of the Mother.

I lived a life of many lessons and struggles that propelled my soul to be soften by the clarity of my vision.

My heart was and is always Rasta. It is now in the realm of Heaven that I understand the love and the unity of the Christ.
Peace and love is the message always.

Leave your struggles behind, your false perception and reach out with your hearts and spread the love and expand the love all around the world. heart to heart we will do our parts. If you touch the heart of your brethren the illusion is lifted and peace of mind and purity of heart unfolds.

Music is in my soul and now I sing the octaves of love.

I bring you a message filled with the love of the Mother:

"Rejoice my children for the time to be real is now. The time to rise above illusion is here and the time to make peace your way of life.

Bring the music of the octave of love into your hearts and let it resonate and let the rhythm of love lead the way in the path of sacredness.

Yes life is sacred and shall be embraced with wisdom and compassion to live the experience of true love in the manifestation of the divine spirit. 

We are the holy trinity and in our sacredness we embrace you all our children of love, our children of compassion the great explorers, the warriors of light.

Spread your wings my earthly angels and rise above the illusion of power and become one with your soul, and one with your spirit and allow your selves to be guided into the light.

Peace is the new gateway that will send all of humanity into the era of love.

It is in a peaceful heart that love flourishes uninhibited and becomes the force of creation given to humanity to exist and co-create.


My children through this words I bless you all and awaken the gateway of peace in each and everyone of your hearts. For each one of you that reads my now words, Hundreds shall receive such a blessing through the frequencies spread through your hearts. By doing so my beloved children you are taking part of your hearts mission to be love and to spread love. 

I embrace you, We the Holy Trinity bless you and embrace you all. Welcome to the gateway of peace and the new Love.

Sacred Mother and the Holy Trinity. "

Praise to the Sacred Mother and the Holy Trinity. Jah is the Love!  My family, follow the rhythmic flow of your hearts and find the music of your souls.

Bob Marley


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