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Arcturian Conversations – A Call For Assistance

Channelled by Suzanne Lie On Sept. 16, 2013

Dear Arcturians, I am not feeling very centered the last couple of days. There have been weird situations around work, and I have been feeling like I have had to deal with issues that were over years ago. Then, I also wonder why I do not directly remember what is happening with me at night. Why can I only remember being on the Ship through my writing? My wounded child wants to know if I am not good enough to go to the ship. Now I am really digging around in my subconscious. Can you please help me?

devaWhen we first came to you almost twenty years ago, and in the NOW of our reality, do you remember how different you were? You have come a very long way in only 20 years, and you chastise yourself for not coming far enough. Is that Unconditional Love?

Most important you are thinking from you human self. Therefore you think that at 66 you are old. However, by our standards you are not even an adult yet. Galactics are not adults until at least 70 years of age. Of course, that is only in realities in which time and age exist.

Look at the life that you live and the people you come in contact with on a regular basis. Would these people believe that you were on the Ship? Would you feel better if you could talk to them about your nightly adventures? Enjoy the rest of your humanity, as it will soon be transmuted. Yes, we do mean soon, in fact soon will be major changes. However, many will not know of these changes, as their consciousness will be too low to perceive them.

Furthermore, you do not need to go on the ship to feel us for we are around you every day. You can feel us right now, can you not?

Yes, I do feel you. You feel like a warm mist and a safe feeling in my heart. I am so happy and grateful that I have had you to talk to all these years.

We enjoy taking with you as well. Yes we do “enjoy,” just like you do. You feel as though something is on the very verge of happening because it is. When humanity sees us with their physical eyes your life will change forever. However, people have had enough challenge in communicating with us – The Galactic Federation – with their consciousness.

Do you see why you do not remember? You already feel out of the loop and abnormal. If you actually remembered the ship, how much more abnormal would you feel? It is your choice that you do not directly remember. You know that you will not take another 3D Earth vessel. Hence, you want to totally embrace the one that you have. That reality will be greatly transforming very soon, so ENJOY IT.

Dear Arcturians, recently, actually it started a few days ago, I have felt as though something is leaving, and my world is about to be quite different. I understand that I have made choices about what to perceive and what to forget. I also know that I need to change some of these choices if I am to actively participate in the great transition that we are moving through.

Can you assist me please in more deeply understanding how to expand my consciousness enough to perceive all that is occurring? Also, is this negative feeling that I cannot release part of this process?

We will answer your second question first:

Yes, your negative feeling is indeed part of your transmutation. You must realize that everything that has occurred in your life has been a component of the lessons that were vital for you to come into this NOW of Ascension.

Therefore, as you move from your old life/home/body, you must open every file in your memory to get any remaining lessons that were lost in the flurry of survival on 3D Earth. This process is not in direct alignment with your daily life. Therefore, you will need to move into your higher consciousness in order to discover the deep transformation that is occurring in your sub-conscious self.

As you see the connection with the fully awakened YOU, you will know that the remaining wounded ones that have been buried deep in the forgetfulness of your subconscious mind are calling to be recognized and healed. These components of your self had to be shushed so that you could continue with the myriad responsibilities of daily life. Now, these responsibilities are becoming a burden, a distraction from your real purpose of expanding your consciousness to return to your SELF.

Hence, the remaining wounded ones are calling to be healed so that they can come with you into the higher worlds. The truth is that healing the wounded ones is more important than taking care of your 3D business. These wounded ones only require that you recognize the lessons that you learned from them so that they can also come into the ever-expanding Light.

When you were weaker, you pushed aside and even blamed your wounded ones because you did not have the power and wisdom to simply Love them free. Now, with your expanding multidimensional consciousness you are able to take care of 3D business, connect with your higher expressions of Self, and use that connection to Love free the wounded ones.

See these wounded ones now within your Third Eye. Allow each one of them to crawl onto your lap and tell you why they are upset. Since you have done so much work on healing your Self, it is likely that most of these wounded ones are very young. If they are too young to talk, open your heart to their emotions and listen with your multidimensional mind so that you are not limited to any language.

Consciously feel the emotions that carry their message so that it will no longer haunt your unconscious mind. Likely you will come to the collective message of: ”I am scared that I will have to do what I don’t want to do anymore, and that makes me angry.”

It is very positive that you are able to realize the old fears of having to follow 3D rules in order to survive, or be happy, or be liked, or successful, healthy, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on regarding all one must DO in order to BE good enough to GET some third dimensional person, place, situation or thing.

You are now awake enough to KNOW that you no longer have to be “good enough” as judged by an external 3D standard. However, the wounded ones in your subconscious may need to be informed of that fact.

Just as you can expand your consciousness enough to speak with us, your higher expressions of Self, you can also expand your consciousness into your own subconscious. Once in loving connection with your remaining wounded ones, you can share the inner wisdom, power and love that you have regained from your connection with your Multidimensional Self.

With this depth of healing of old fears that were once necessary for you to protect your Self, you will be able to surrender any inner feelings of fear, anger and/or sorrow into the loving presence of the ONE. Most important, as early wounds are released, you will have free access to your Divine Child. Your Divine Child is the core of your essence who remembers all that you have ever BEEN in any of your incarnations.

Your Divine Child remembers everything you ever KNEW in any of your incarnations. However, you can only process all of this information with the multidimensional thinking that is coming back online with the activation of your 97% DNA. The higher Light now entering your Earth vessel is opening this multidimensional DNA, which aligns you with both your Divine Child in your deep subconscious mind as well as your multidimensional consciousness of your superconscious mind.

Your reality is not diminishing; it is expanding. Therefore, you are not losing anything. You are releasing the shackles that have limited you to the perception of ONLY the physical world. Please realize that the first expanded versions of reality that you will perceive will be the expanded expressions of your own Earth vessel.

Remember that your emotions come from many origins within and around you. We have talked about reactions to life that actually arise from your own wounded subconscious. Now we will discuss how the emotions that you are experiencing may not even be your own. As your consciousness raises, your empathy, telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience come online to allow you to receive the emotions and thoughts of others.

This experience is a preparation for the fifth dimensional reality in which you are NOW living. However, if you are overwhelmed by the sensations of your physical self and your wounded subconscious, added perceptions from the higher frequencies will be too overwhelming to perceive.

Furthermore, we wish to inform you that the energy patterns of your NOW have been of exceedingly high frequencies. These energy patterns have served to frighten those who live in fear, as they cannot understand the feeling of higher Light and Unconditional Love. Therefore, they have acted out, which has forced our away team to face their own reaction to the destructive nature of unconscious fear.

We say “unconscious fear” as those who are still lost to the darkness are not aware of their inner life. Thus, they can only perceive the danger to the world that their fear has created. Hence, they act out in a merciless manner with no respect for life forms of any manner.

What is different now, is that there are more and more fully awakened ones on Gaia, who realize that every portion of her planetary Being is an alive, sentient life form. These ascending humans grieve the death of every tree, lake, animal or creature because they have expanded their consciousness to encompass their planetary Self of Gaia. This Planetary Consciousness is the precursor to your process of expanding into Galactic Consciousness.

Once, you have fully embraced your Galactic Consciousness, you fully remember your higher expressions of Self on the myriad worlds that surround dear Gaia. Furthermore, your shift into Galactic Consciousness allows you to remember your myriad expressions of Self on other planets, galaxies, Starships and dimensions.

This memory reminds you how to align your consciousness with the heart/mind of many of your higher expressions of Self. You will then know that you are a Galactic and/or Celestial Angelic Being who is in the process of returning to your true Ascended Master of Self. This information will not decrease your sorrow regarding the immense damage that Gaia suffers every day.

In fact, it will so greatly increase your sorrow that you will be driven to expand your perception of Ascension to include the planet. In other words, with your humanity revealed as an illusion of the third dimension, you will turn your loving intentions towards ALL life on planet Earth. You will KNOW that the ONE of Gaia includes not just humanity, but every component of living Earth.

Dear Suzille, we have given these answers to you and ask that you share them. We see that many of our Galactic Family have similar questions, so we ask you to share your questions (which makes you vulnerable) with others. In this manner, they too may be able to be vulnerable with those they trust and share their communications with Self.

Blessings to all who receive this message,
We acknowledge your great courage and send you our Unconditional Love.
The Arcturians

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