Sunday, September 22, 2013

Two-fers From Ron Head

Michael and Yeshua 

Via Ron Head On Sept. 22, 2013

On this day of your equinox, we urge each of you to look into your hearts and commit once again to the re-birth of yourselves and your world. As you meditate, pray, walk in nature and commune with your higher selves, please continue your excellent work on this path. Use the energy that is pouring into your world at this time to your best advantage.

Ask us for help in this endeavor. Ask your Creator to send loving energy to you for the highest and best for you and your world. Do not imagine this to be outside help, dear ones. It is an ‘inside job’ of the first order.

Even if you do not yet feel the complete oneness of it, feel the love of family in it. Feel the trust placed in you. Feel the love. Fill your hearts with it. Fill yourselves with it to the point that it spills out into everything you do and everything you say. This will make the changes that are needed seem effortless. This will truly fill your days with joy.

A flood of such loving energy has been building in intensity around your world, through you, for some time. It is the feeling upon which you have been unable to ‘put your finger’. You have known, have felt, something huge was seemingly just over the horizon. What you truly were feeling is the energy pouring into and around you which will, which is, producing those just over the horizon events. Immerse yourselves in it. Revel in it. It is limitless. Allow it to carry you to your highest and most joy filled future.

Your mind may still be telling you that this is a fairy tale. Tell it to hide and watch. No harm will come of your being happy and loving. No harm will come of your being compassionate. No harm will come from your filling your heart with love.

This is the feeling which seems to be beyond your fingertips, dear friends. But in fact, it is only a bit unusual for you still. What you are feeling is what you are now immersed in. And you are feeling the closeness of your loving family as well. And you are feeling the same thing you felt as a child on the nights just before your holidays. Is that not so? And the change within yourselves continues full-tilt. For this we offer our congratulations and our support.

Move now into the final stage of this most wonderful year. We will speak with you again shortly.

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