Saturday, September 14, 2013

Humanity From The Perspective Of A Non-Corporeal Being

Channelled By Brian, The Dragon On 9-13-13

Hi everyone, this is the dragon. We're going to tell a little story. This is based on something that happens every single day on your world even if you don't see it. However, we're making up a character to represent a very common occurrence.

Keep in mind that you are a corporeal being and also a non-corporeal being in one. You see it as being connected through a soul to your higher self. We see it as your corporeal body being an emanation of your higher self. Either are correct. It is all one with all-that-is anyway, and different kinds of beings have different models for describing what is really just an illusion of separation. So beings choose models based on what's familiar to them. Obviously, we'll do our best to describe a type of experience, however we'll barely do it justice. There just aren't the tools right now to give you all the feeling and sensation that would be happening.

So, for a time, please try your best to suspend your perception of being a human being living on planet earth, and try to imagine a seven dimensional being from your perspective. Use your imagination, and fill in the emotions and sensations we couldn't include in written form. This being is not a he not a she, not a heshe, so we could call it an "it". However, since that is impersonal and won't help you visualize what it's like to be this being, we're going to call it Casper, the friendly ghost if you will, even if it isn't a ghost. 

At the higher vibrations, you can't usually compartmentalize dimensions and we're talking about dimensions solely as a convenience to you, so Casper isn't strictly locked into the seventh dimension which often you consider the first non-corporeal dimension. Casper explores what you call the fifth dimension quite regularly, and all the way up to the twelfth dimension, and experiences its oneness with all-that-is. Casper is not locked into its dimension of existence like corporeal beings on planet Earth seem to be throughout their lifetime (though even that is an illusion).

Let's just say Casper is content being centered in the seventh dimension. That feels like home to it, and it is not really interested or curious what life is like for corporeal beings like yourself. Casper's curiosity ends with experiencing what the 5th dimension is like, and it sees 3rd and 4th dimensional existence as you call it (even though it doesn't have a concept of dimensions) as just being less fun and less vibrant versions of 5th dimensional experience. It is aware of 3rd dimensional existence, but has never experienced or watched it. This is much more common than you'd imagine.

As far as curiosity, Casper is in the middle of the spectrum. It is content with what it knows and what its experienced, and its seventh dimensional existence, but Casper does have a mild curiosity. So, Casper is not curious enough to seek out third dimensional life. But what happens if it runs into it?

One day, and we're saying day even though it doesn't mean a day on Earth, Casper is traveling along out for a stroll if you will in seventh dimensional energy and "whop" it runs straight into a very dense energy. What is this thing? We'll tell you what it is. It's 3d Earth. It seems impenetrable but very curious. Does curiosity get the better of Casper? Of course it does.

Earth doesn't look to Casper like it does to you. It is not a round glowing blue and green ball of natural wonderment mixed with challenge and struggle. Instead, it is a very dense amorphous cloud that fills up a decent sized area but not so much of an area that Casper has ever run into it before, and its been by this way many times. Since its perception is higher vibrational, it had to get very "close" to the energy in order to perceive it. Yet, Casper still can't figure out what this energy is.

So, it asks universe all-that-is ME what is this thing? The answer is clear that this is the 3d energy it has never been interested in. Ok, content with the answer so Casper goes on his way and does his normal thing and leaves this energy behind, but it remembers where it is and may come back to it later.

As a mildly curious being, guess what happens the next time Casper comes by this area? It seeks out the energy again to inspect this curiosity a little more. "How do I penetrate this thick dense cloud to see what it really is?" thinks Casper. It has an idea. In seven dimension, it maybe just isn't at a level it can truly explore this energy. "Perhaps if I lower my vibration a little, take on a body, then I will experience it better". So it lowers part of its vibration, like dipping your hand in a pool, to five dimension while staying strongly strongly anchored in seventh dimension.

By doing so, it has just bypassed some of the akash and suddenly this amorphous blob looks much like a bubble instead. And Casper feels something. It is suddenly feeling Gaia. And Gaia whispers to Casper, tells Casper about the life, and the animals and Casper feels what it is to be Gaia. It is a bit unsettling because Casper feels the good an the bad. It feels there is more good, but yet this still is not a comfortable energy. "I can't be here very long", Casper thinks. And as quickly as Casper thinks that, Casper is back out of the cloud and in seventh dimension again.

Of course, the next time Casper comes along, Casper does the same thing again, though Casper this time wants to experience being 3d. It doesn't intend to incarnate for a long period of time. Casper just wants to dip its hand in, so to speak, and actually see these beings of strange 3d life that Gaia has spoken of.

You may think, "Well, that's just not possible. You have to incarnate for a full lifetime." That is not the case. In fact, if you added up the number of unique individual beings from humans to insects to bacteria on Earth, quite surprisingly it would not come close to the number of "non-corporeal" beings within the bubble of Earth at any one time. We're not talking about ghosts. Ghosts are just leaked energy that borrows consciousness from the observer to emanate to the observer. They are not self-aware beings in and of themselves, only through you as observers.

We're talking about, for example, what you call sprites, fairies, poltergeist, wisps, vaporous entities, orbs, spirits, inner Earth beings, on-and-on. There are beings made of electrical energy, and beings made of wind energy, and beings made of water energy, and radio energy, and light energy. You classify them. We just use the names you've provided. There are many more. And there are many many that only twinkle into existence for what would be seconds to you, make an observation, then leave.

Nothing that visits Earth enough to interact with the lower vibrational energies is non-corporeal in the strictest sense but their body can be and typically is that of Gaia, or borrowed from her, whom is a multidimensional being herself. Some are autonomous like ETs, spirits and what you call poltergeists, and some are using energy forms such as electric currents and water that give them the ability to only gently nudge at best, through Gaia. Yet they are still observing life on Earth as they do this, and having a very unique experience.

Casper asks the universe and Gaia what options it has, and decides upon something where it can be a little more interactive than it would be as electricity or water. It decides to take the form of a vaporous entity, which is a translucent form and easier to hold. Perhaps Casper will choose the room you are in, and you'll sense a presence momentarily. Boo! :-) Casper first feels his form begin to get more dense, and it feels his choice cementing. Casper starts to feel a form. So far, it is not too much different than 5d. Casper starts to become aware, though it can't see, of the beauty of nature, and the activity of human beings.

Casper starts to see denser energy forms and sees spirits coming in and out of that area, and begins seeing them take the forms of bodies then hang around a while and leave but can't see where they are going yet, it's still very cloudy. However, they seem very busy and there's a lot of motion and very dense energy moving around. Casper decides that's where it wants to go. Casper starts traveling in that direction. Casper starts to feel somewhat separated from all-that-is, and starts to feel the sensation of euphoria start to go away. Casper is getting uncomfortable, though it remembers last time it thought about wanting to leave, it did too soon, so Casper decides to stick with it.

Deeper and deeper into the energy Casper gets until Casper finds itself in a strange place. Casper sees energy zipping around and when it focuses on any one part of it, it sees this energy take a form. It sees the form of a bed, and walls, and a desk. Casper sees a being at the desk, very still, with a cord connecting back to all-that-is. Casper has to focus with all the might possible to maintain vision of this. It is a very wavy image. This being is like a stone to Casper. It never moves. Suddenly, Casper can hear the thoughts of the being at the desk. It is thinking, "I sense something around me, but there's nothing here". Casper gets excited. Casper may interact with this strange entity.

 Casper sees the being slowly, very slowly, stand up and very slowly walk. It is a bit spooky seeing a stone move, since that's what it feels like to Casper that it is witnessing. "Why is this being so slow?" Casper thinks. Obviously, by now, you have realized this is a human being and that it is moving at a normal pace to us. It just seems slow to Casper. Casper sees the being looking around very slowly. "I have been waiting for you" Casper hears. "What? This strange being knew I was coming?" So Casper focuses on the source of the energy and suddenly is pulled up in vibration very quickly.

Before long, Casper feels once again connected to all-that-is, feels wonderful energy around it again, and finds itself in front of another seventh dimensional being. "I am the soul of the being you were just watching. I knew you were coming. I am experiencing what it is like to be a 3d being like you have just been experiencing. However, I've been doing it for much longer. You have just given my incarnation in that 3d world the first experience of a non-corporeal entity's presence. I think you for it. We should give my incarnation a break now to process it. However, feel free to come back whenever you wish."

With that, Casper goes off on his way, satisfied that it now understands the 3d experience. Unlike the entity Casper just met, Casper doesn't really feel curious enough to experience it any further. It was an interesting experience, and a very strange experience, however Casper is satisfied being a seventh dimensional being.

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