Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Angelic Guides: Remember, Whatever You Focus On Will Expand

Channelled By Taryn Crimi On 9/15/13

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of love and light. It is our intention to further discuss the tremendous power that each one of you holds within. There are many events, situations, and circumstances which still occur on your world that seem appalling to many of you yet humans often feel helpless to change these situations on a grand scale. This is what we would like to focus upon in hopes that we may enlighten you to the tremendous power you hold within to dramatically impact the world for the better.

We requested that our messenger channels this particular topic because she, like so many of you has watched as so many situations have come to her attention as of late that she feels helpless to change or make a dramatic difference. We watch as so many of you often feel this way, never realizing the incredible power that you possess. Please know that neither hate nor anger will remove the acts which you most despise upon your world, only by sending love and light can you truly eradicate all that you no longer want to witness within your reality.

It has been said many times before and we will say it yet again, you cannot stop the manifestation of that which you hate by fighting against it, only love can remove it. Some of you now ponder, am I to love cancer? Am I to love war? Am I to love animal abuse. To this we reply no, you are to love it’s opposite. Let us further explain. If it is cancer you want to remove, than love health. You cannot remove cancer by focusing your attention on it. Remember, whatever you focus on will always expand. Focus your attention on health and health is what you will create. If it is war that you want to remove, you cannot remove war by fighting against it; focus your attention on creating peace. If it is animal abuse that you hate, then focus your attention on the truth that all beings are equal, all are sentient, all are love.

Now some of you are already familiar with this concept, yet there are still many that remain unaware of its true power. You still find yourselves wondering how your conscious focus on something can have any impact on the world. This is what we want to share with you. It is the power of your love that so many are unaware of its magnitude.

As your world literally becomes smaller because of the technological advances that will continue to progress, you will also see more of what has been allowed to take place upon your world. Many are appalled at the atrocities that have come to the surface in the most recent of years. It would be easy to perceive your world as becoming far worse. Yet we remind you, the reason why you are now all becoming consciously aware of the creations which have been allowed to take place upon your world is because the energy of the collective consciousness is becoming strong enough to change them. We have told you many times, you cannot change what you do not know.

When you hold love in your heart and send the “perpetrators” of these acts light instead of hate for the acts they have chosen to take part in you are helping them to ignite the light which they have lost. Certainly we are not suggesting that you must love what they do, but rather send love to them for they do not remember the divinity within all. When a being has regained the state of mind which many refer to as being fully conscious, these acts of violence against humans, animals and nature alike will cease to exist. You will remember that we truly are all one acting as though we are separate amongst many. By sending light to those who need it most you help to spark the remembrance of the divine being within all life. The energy shifts because you have chosen to respond out of love instead of perpetuating the hate and violence that exists within that act. Do you see?

It is your choice, you can choose to send love and light, or you can choose to send hate. However we can assure you, only one will eradicate what you no longer wish to see; only one will create the outcome which you wish to witness. It will likely take some time because you are still within the illusion of time and space in which the lower densities create a perceived delay when manifesting your reality. Yet we do not perceive the “delay” and we can assure you that you are doing more good than you truly realize at this time.

 As you continue to awaken you are realizing what sending hate has created, and as creator beings you are now beginning to realize how to truly erase all that has been created that you no longer wish to manifest. This is such a very large leap for the collective consciousness. Those of you who are drawn to these messages are holding the light for those who are still asleep; but remember this, it only takes one match to light an entire room of darkness.

Though no one can make you send your love and light out to the world, so many of you are choosing to of your own free will and we can assure you, you are changing the world with your simple act of kindness. Remember love removes hate, but hate can never remove love.

We hope that you continue to share your light where ever you may go, as you never know just how impactful your decision to love really has on the world you create.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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