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The Buddha Discusses the Law of Attachment and Detachment On Heavenly Blessings Radio

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha!
 Posted by Suzanne Maresca

Channelled By Linda Dillon On Sept. 17, 2013

Heavenly Blessings: The Buddha ( full transcript)

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today we’ll be hearing from the Buddha on the Universal Law of Attachment and Detachment. Stepping fully into our roles as creator beings will mean using this law to bring our visions to fruition. Ideally, our dreams are what we attach to, and once we take action to bring what we want into being, we detach from the idea and release it into the flow so that it can move as it has need to.

I always look forward to a deeper understanding of these Universal Laws, and this week’s discussion is no different. Attachment has certainly been seen as something to steer away from because when we pin our expectations on some outcome or other, inevitably it leads to disappointment. By the Council of Love’s definition, we attach to the vision but allow it to unfold. It feels like an entirely different perspective, so this ought to be interesting. Good morning, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning, Suzi, and good morning, everybody. So I have to tell you that this is Linda weighing in at 2,000 pounds as I’ve been sitting here getting ready. The sensation of holding the Buddha energy is just bigger and bigger and bigger. So I’m absolutely glued to my seat.

SM: These laws are all being laid out for us at this time so we’re able to know the rules, more or less, for a greater success at creating the world we want.

LD: That’s absolutely right. And Sanat Kumara, who’s been with us through most of our discussions on the Universal Laws, here and there will have somebody who comes in to talk about a particular law. Because it’s sort of within their area of interest, and this particular law of attachment and detachment absolutely belongs to the Buddha. And when I say “the Buddha” I mean that collective huge energy of The Buddha.

SM: That’s something that I’ve been contemplating lately, is the nature of the collective. We humans are learning to think of ourselves more as a collective, but we’re pretty far from the group mind that, say Masters and Archangels experience. I feel that some people have a fear of losing individuality if they were to allow the unity consciousness thing. But I don’t think it’s about that at all. It’s not about sameness.

LD: It’s not about sameness. In fact it’s really about the diversity. I absolutely agree with you, Suzi, that when we talk about coming into unity and community and a joint mind, as you put it, I see people or I hear people getting a little nervous. And if we peel that onion – I’m so glad you brought this up – we peel this onion, it boils down to that old false grid of lack of self-worth.

There is a part of us that we haven’t fully accepted and embraced. And this isn’t said in any way of criticism, it’s just us and getting through the old third. But, there is a part of us that really wants to be special. And I don’t care how you frame it, but we want to be special and we want to have those unique qualities that are different from everybody else.

And we want that on a very deep level. Not even on the conscious level. Subconscious, unconscious, we want that uniqueness to be seen, to be admired, honored, loved, cherished, and recognized. Acknowledged….And so our fear is that if we join in with the group, as it were; if we become part of that herd mentality, it is that we lose that sense of our ‘self’.

But if you bring it back to the starting point that each of us is unique, individual, beautiful expressions of the One, birthed from the heart of the Mother as a spark of love and a spark of light, then that fear of losing our self disappears. So if we were ever going to be attaching to something, we should be attaching to that vision of our unique expression of God, of Divinity; and detaching from this need to be “special.”

SM: Yes. And as we’re speaking about this, what comes up for me is the movie Avatar. There’s this special thing between two people saying “I see you” to one another, and I think that’s what we all long for. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a great circle of people who “see” us. But if there’s one other special person who gets us and recognizes us – and plenty of us were born into families we weren’t seen in – that it seems to satisfy the universal human longing to be seen for who we are. But I guess we have to see it first.

LD: We have to see it first, but sometimes the breakthrough comes because somebody else sees us and points it out. It doesn’t necessarily have to come from the Company of Heaven, from the Archangels or our guides. Because they will always point it out.

But there is something about being seen and recognized for who you really are – warts and all. That is the gift beyond. So yes… and you mentioned one of my favorite movies, Avatar, and that group mind and how that can work and does work. And when you go into the group mind, the collective unity consciousness, it’s not that your uniqueness or your talents are diminished. Quite the contrary; you come into that place of joining and your talents, your mission, your vision, what you’re here to do is supported so much more deeply and fully and completely because you’re not alone anymore.

SM: I think that was a visionary movie because, for example when they all joined together to heal the dying Sigourney Weaver. They all connected and called on their universal energies as a collective, and it was an extremely powerful thing. It’s a touching moment for me in the movie because I look at that and say to myself that I want to live like the Na’vi. That’s what I want. And that’s what we’re moving forward.

LD: That’s absolutely what we’re moving towards. And you know, in the midst of all the movies that are violent about beings from other planets and other realities, this was such a beautiful movie. And it’s worth just going to visit. I have maybe three or four movies that I go to for my feel-good movies that I can go and watch and just reset my barometer. And that’s sure one of them.

SM: Yes, it is one of them for me, too. So it’s a little early, but would you like to leap into a meditation?

LD: I think I would. Because I think today we’re going to do something that’s a little different. So, yes. I would. And the quality of the Buddha which really reflects into this Law of Attachment and Detachment is compassion. As you know, compassion is understanding, fully comprehending and being supportive of another person’s issues, vasanas, journey, challenges and victories, without assuming them as your own. So, again, in this unity consciousness, which is the way of being is the fifth dimension, compassion plays a huge role. So, why don’t we get started.

{meditation starts at 11:45 – ends at 31:25 }

Buddha: I am the Buddha.

SM: Welcome

Buddha: And welcome to you. I come to you as wayfarer and yes, as always, I ask you to sit with me underneath the Bodhi tree. For what better place is there to observe the coming of miracles, the fulfillment of creation, the unfoldment of The Plan and the unfoldment of your plan? We have taught you how important it is, might I say essential, to know your sacred purpose, to know your mission and purpose, and your intention of how you wish to fulfill this in this incarnation, which is of course one of many, but it is a continuity is it not?

And, yes, there is a time for action and there is a time for stillness. But most of you have the greatest amount of difficulty with the stillness. And this is why I ask you to sit with me as observer in detachment under the tree.

We simply watch and you know when you sit and you watch, not in any form of judgment, not even really in discernment, but simply as the observer, you learn a great deal. And it is a great deal about humanity, about the universe, and about yourself.

So we do not sit under the Bodhi tree together and watch people pass by and say “well that one’s robe is too tight or the sash is tied wrong or where did he buy those sandals, where does she think she’s going in such a hurry…” No. We simply sit. And in our energy we bless each being that passes by. Now what do I mean by this? I mean that you bless each person. Not simply with compassion but with the love of your heart.
You do not attach to either your vision or theirs.     
This is a very important understanding for humanity;
that as an infamous tendency, to get caught up in the drama of both their own lives and certainly of others as well.That is why it is so critical at this juncture that you truly learn to be the observer.

Because when you are fully anchored as the observer, you are in detachment. You’re simply watching – and when I use the word “watching”, I certainly do not simply mean with your eyes or even your etheric eyes – I mean with your heart. So it is not that you are simply watching and gathering information, you are truly observing and seeing into a person’s heart, their mind their soul, their frequency, their struggles, their joys – and you are loving them.

So this is one of the first steps of unity consciousness. And it is a critical step in your journey. Now I wish to make an aside…

And it will be something that I rarely speak of. Many of you, my beloved family, have great desire to meet, to embrace, and to be with your star brothers and sisters. Of course, for many of you, it is because it tugs at your heart and for some of you it is what you are creating, even this morning as we meet.

But let us look at this. Part of you wishes to be in the company of your star brothers or sisters, or for that matter the Ascended Masters and the Archangels. Of course, the first primary motivation is because of love, and of longing. But that is also back to that false grid of illusion and separation. That is not what I wish to speak of right now.

You long to be in the company of your star families because you think that they are “more.” Yes, I speak heresy do I not? But you know, as Buddha I am always plainspoken. You think that they hold the solution for many of the ills both of Gaia and of humanity. And they hold the promise of a higher vibration and a new adventure. And all of this is truth. So I do not dismiss it.

But what of your brothers and sisters of Earth? As Suzanne has mentioned, where is the desire to join in the fullness of creation with your brothers and sisters who have incarnated with you to accomplish this transition in ascension? Where is your faith, your trust, your love, your passion and your longing to join with them?

Because this is your family. This is the group that you – not we, but you – have chosen to travel with. Too often, what I observe is that the human collective is dismissed or not cherished as they deserve to be. And within that my beloved friends, is the love and creation, the honoring that you deserve. But if your universe is nothing more than a series of mirrors, if you are not attaching to the love of your fellow humans and hybrids, and then of releasing it so that they collectively and individually can become; if you are not holding that vision as observer, then who is holding it for you?

There is not one being on Gaia that does not hold the desire to be created into fullness, regardless of what miracles or acts of charity or admissions of atrocities and brutality they’ve done. Now there may be some misunderstanding about what that fullness is or can be, but that only comes with growth and with love. So as your teacher I am asking each of you this day to hold the vision, as observer, to the creation of humanity in the fullness of their potential. Their ascension and their remaining in physicality and the bringing forth of Nova Earth.

I assist in this – and remember it is attach, detach, reattach; it is a constant flow. It is a constant flow of your heart and it is the constant flow of the universe.

Examine my children, examine what you feel you’re attached to. If I continue in this lesson, what are you attached to? And what is the reality of that attachment? Are you attached to fear? Are you attached to lack of self-worth? Are you attached to drama? Are you attached to “things never work out for me?” Are you attached to “I will not have enough money to pay my bills?” Are you attached to “I don’t know why, but my body never seems to cooperate?” Are you attached to “I have trouble meditating and I can’t get my mind to go quiet?”

Why? Above or below, within or without, why would you attach to anything that does not serve the greatest glory of you?

So while I am with you, and I thank you for this, while I am with you, please let go. Detach from these meaningless attachments that do not serve you and do not have any substance. They are not reflections of your truth. That is why they are not sustainable and that is why they do not produce. That is why you fail to create.

Attach to the truth of your heart’s desires. What is the reflection of your highest desire? And let me be very clear about this, your highest desire every day – and it may be that I have enough grapes in my bowl. Because the plan is for you to be in the physical. You cannot do that without sustenance. So attach to what is truth.

Is there only one truth? Yes. But it has a unique face for each of you. Attach to that. And then when you are clear, step back and detach, let it go and feel as if you are handing it over to me, to your guardian angels, to your guides, to Raj. There are many of us who are here to serve. That has never changed. And it won’t.

Then let us do what we have need to do. And then your job is attaching to the ideal outcome. It is not that we are saying don’t be attached to the creation; what we are saying is, don’t be attached to how it is delivered – when, where, how, by whom. Allow the energy to flow and know that there is a beautiful, beautiful symphony of creation you have called by expressing your desire.

You’ve literally called together this symphony orchestra. But if you are the conductor you are not going to try and conduct and then tell Maitreya how to play the flute or even worse run and shove him off the chair and play it yourself. You are not going to Gabrielle and shove her off the chair and play the violin or the strings; or heaven forbid, Jophiel and throw him off the tuba.

You will not do this. You are the conductor. You know the melody, you know the flow, And you must allow the music to not only fill your ears, your body, your heart, but the entire symphony hall. This is what you are doing. And then when it is all over, you will attach for a moment and enjoy the accolades and then you will move on and attach to the next creation; the next symphony. Knowing that each musician is already in place, diligent and prepared. Stop underestimating us, and let us do our job.

I have gone on. Suzi, where do you wish to begin?

SM: It’s wonderful to have you with us again. You’re giving me a giggle in my heart with the image of shoving an Archangel off the chair. Of course, we’d never do that.

Buddha: Oh but you do, constantly. And I do not mean you, sweet angel, but yes you do.

SM: Well, I love what you said about joining with other Earthlings with as much passion as we long for reunion with our star family. My feeling of late is that it may be a while before we have face-to-face interaction with them, and that the technology that can help us will be telepathed into the human collective and spread that way. It makes me a little sad to think so, but maybe we aren’t ready yet.

Buddha: Well, the telepathic communication has been in force not only with your star brothers and sisters but with our realm, shall we say, as well, for quite some time…certainly more effectively during this past year. But no, I am not suggesting to you that the up-close and personal, in-person contact with your star brothers and sisters is in the distant future. Not at all.

But what I am saying, and one of the reasons why I’ve brought it to your attention, is in your society, in your nation states, in your cultures, you have had class systems. And believe you me I have experienced this as Buddha in form in India. And they are rigorously defined and even as light workers when you say that you have moved past that and you hold love for everybody equally in your heart, it is not so.

And we are not suggesting that there will not be differentiation. You will love your sister, your daughter, more intensely, more personally than you will love the homeless man lying in the gutter in Chicago. That is understood. But what is not understood is the class system.

Your star brothers and sisters are very clear on this, because there are already many of them on the ground. They have formed workarounds to eliminate some of the fear, but they do not want to come and start an elite class. You already have the monarchies, the Saudi princes, the arrogant elites, the financial princes; there is no room for this.

So what we are saying is all beings – the man in the gutter, the woman quivering in the corner from abuse, the autistic child, the arrogant businessman, the greedy dictator and your star brothers and sisters – all emanate as do I from that spark of love of the Mother.

Are some civilizations more advanced in your, not judgment, but discernment? Well some are more advanced in some ways. For example, from our perspective we would not say that a civilization that allows people to go hungry and live in the gutter is an advanced civilization. Particularly when there is plenty – that is rather a very primitive civilization.

Similarly if we are to look to a tribe in Africa that you might think of as rather primitive because they do not have all the technologies, but that tribe shares the food they have and supports the children together and works and plays and prays together. This is a very advanced civilization.

So the categorizations of this or that or you’re number three has need to be eliminated. So it is not that your star brothers and sisters are in the distant future; it is quite the contrary. We want this cleaned up so that they can come.

SM: I am very happy to hear that.

As you’re speaking, I’m wondering if I have attachment to being a higher dimensional being, here to help humanity raise up its frequency and transform into our true divine nature. And subsequently, being one not entirely comfortable with this lower dimensional experience. Is that attachment?

Buddha: Yes you do, but let us explain. It’s part of your evolution and part of why I have asked you and Sanat Kumara, my dear friend Raj, has asked you to go into your heart all these weeks; and we will continue to do so.

There are attachments and there are false attachments. You are attached to the fulfillment of your mission and your purpose, and the truth of who you are. And that is necessary because it is your guiding north star. It leads you where you need to go.

Now, if you are dismissive, judgmental, of those who are still struggling to let go of the third, then that is not, well it is not of prudence and it is not of compassion and it most certainly is not of love. And it gives you no joy. That is a lose lose lose lose lose.

But if you can look at it and say: “No that is not where I choose to live, I wish to attach to the vision of a higher vibration for all and therefore I am lifting up”. It is that sensation that has been described so many times as reaching through the portal and lifting up. Having them sit next to you – actually or in meditation – and in the presence of your field, of your sacred space of your energy field, so that they are being affected, then that is part of the creation. But, if it is “I am now above that reality, I am better than that”, then that is not of love. And I suggest dear Suzi that is not where you are.

SM: No, that’s not where I am. I’m just wondering about the ‘not being comfortable here’. Do I have attachment to that part? As in, that’s an understandable part of being who I am, that I don’t exactly fit in here. So I’m just wondering if that’s something I need to shift, too.

Buddha: You can let that go because it is two-fold. So now you are going to have the Buddha speak out of both sides of his mouth. On one side, I say to you, you are not intended to be completely comfortable in any remnants of the old third. It is a feeling like “get out of town.”

On the other hand, what we want you to attach to is the higher vibration that makes you want to stay in physicality. Because part of the difficulty that has been occurring is that you think that we have not been helping you, or not been doing our job in getting this taken care of. But we have been working quite diligently if I do say so.

There are so many of you that are more than willing, at the millisecond notice, to come and join me. without form. under the Bodhi tree. You are all ready. But that is not what this is about.

This is part of the uniqueness of the Mother’s plan. And it was what she had planned all along. It was to be able to assume and keep form – and by the way, that will morph into being able to assume many forms. And you will be happy, my friend, because you will be able to morph into a whale or into a dolphin and come home for dinner.

So it is attaching to the vibration but staying in form. And that is where some of the disconnect for the light worker community is occurring.

SM: That is wonderful news. So, this next one might be simply a matter of semantics in my admittedly incomplete understanding of the Four Noble Truths. I thought that attachment was seen to be the cause of all human suffering. Now, that would be attachment to outcome as opposed to attachment to a vision…is that the key here?

Buddha: It is part of the key. But let me tell you, attachment has come to mean – in your human realm and in the human expression of the spiritual realm – that you are attached, and just the mere fact of attachment is a negative. That is why telepathic communication will be so much more efficient. My dream for you is to enter, to be attached, to your creation of total detachment.

SM: Okay.

Buddha: Do you see where I am going?

SM: I do.

Buddha: Do not judge attachment. What we are asking of you is to be attached to the vision, the vision and not the delivery of the human collective rising up. Then you detach because we’re not asking you to organize push and decide who’s going where.

So you hold the vision and then you detach from it, and you allow. And it is more than allowing, it is truly surrendering. And it is not just surrendering to Source, Mother/Father One, to the higher realms or to the company of heaven, or even to me. It is also surrender to the individuals involved that they will find their way.

It is that honoring that their divine spark knows when they have received that input, that impulse of light, to jump-start them, that they will find their way.

SM: Beautiful. This is wonderful. Will you please speak to what the Council of Love has said about any or all of you adding your own elements to human creation? At what point in the process does that take place?

Buddha: It takes place primarily while you are at stillpoint. While you are in the nothingness, the void of all, we are doing our add-ons and the adding of elements to create. We are adding the gunpowder for the explosion as it were.

So we add our energy plus whatever you may have overlooked because in human nature that sometimes happens. And then as it drops down it is gathering force; your force, our force, the force and then exploding out into the universe.

Now, one of the pieces we have not spoken of is, in terms of being out in the without, the Law of Within and Without. So now you have given it to the universe, when we are out there as well. And so we are collecting what you think of as the material, the codes, to bring together into physicality to you. So we work at stillpoint, we work at ejection and we work at gathering and returning to you. We are busy.

SM: Yes you are.

Buddha: And we are happy. We are in joy to do this.

SM: That’s so appreciated, absolutely true. Thank you. I would like to ask you a question about our ability to manifest using this Law. As a relevant and timely example, I’m using Linda’s Joshua Tree conference. It’s been my stated intention and desire to go and I even see myself there. How it happens is something I’ve let go of without condition. So as far as I know I’ve not been a lawbreaker, as Raj puts it. As of right now, the way to get there hasn’t shown up yet. So would you please help me to understand what other powers might be at work when we adhere to Universal Law, yet what we desire somehow takes another form? I’ve been imagining that maybe it’s best for me to anchor the energy from where I am, and also that there will be other opportunities for the team to get together.

Buddha: That is absolutely correct. So what you have done is attached to the vision, and in fact you have been back and forth to Joshua Tree several times in the last couple of months. You in all likelihood will be bi-located so your presence will be there and be felt by those who are perhaps clear enough at this juncture to do so.

But you will also be anchoring the energy, because it’s inside your attachment, and your intent has always been whatever is for the highest good. And the highest good is that this energy is being anchored at many points. So yes, there is this part of you and frankly dear heart it is also that part of Linda, that is yearning to have the physical reality. But also you have surrendered so what you have done is surrendered to the highest good. So it is not that your participation in spirit and physical is not taking place, and your deeper desire for a team meeting is also being addressed.

SM: Yay. That’s wonderful. I so appreciate this, thank you. So we have one caller. Shall we move on to that one?

Buddha: Yes of course.

SM: All right, area code 860 are you with us?

Caller 860: Yes. Hi. This is Helen. I have a lot of questions, actually, to ask of Buddha. I don’t know how to start. I am a Buddhist, so I’ve been practicing Buddhist philosophy for many years. I know in Buddhist philosophy at the highest level – the emptiness – you taught us to have no eyes, no ears, no nose, everything is an illusion. To reach this level, for most of us, is very difficult. So I’ve been practicing this. But I know, when I see everything is so frustrating, I know it’s the best thing to go to this emptiness level to understand this illusion, to let it go. Could you give me some idea how to practice better to understand how to detach.

Buddha: But you are practicing. And because it does not always, shall we say, fully anchor, you are being critical of yourself. And of course that is a form of attachment, is it not? To be attached to the criticism that you are not quite doing, but that is not so. It is a matter of “keep going.”

As you know I talk a great deal about the diligence and the practice and the continuation and the ability to be in the stillness. So when you go to your meditation, simply turn off your eyes, your nose, your ears, and come to the true place of being. And then when you are done with that, when you reopen your human eyes, stay in this place of no senses and no input.

Because the frustration with the human condition does not serve. It does not serve you and it does not serve them. So it is the frustration that you are cutting out, and how you do that is in the waking, walking and being. Meditation is just simply staying in the place of being blind.

Helen: Thank you, I have another question. When I call you – we were taught your mantra - is this how I can connect with you?

Buddha: Yes, or you can simply say ‘Buddha’. What the mantras do is that it allows you to begin to inform all the levels of your being and your consciousness that you are preparing to enter into sacred communion with me. But I am always listening.

Helen: I know. I have Buddha statues everywhere in my house for the connection.

Buddha: It is quite a nice decoration.

Helen: And very high vibration, protection too.

Buddha: Yes.

Helen: Do you talk to LaoTzu

Buddha: Yes.

Helen: That’s very interesting. I’m a practicing Buddhist, but I also believe in the Taoist. So part of my fear about both those things is they are so compatible as a philosophy. You taught us to be at the high level, the detached emptiness level. LaoTzu, his philosophy is keep honesty and keep balance. Is there any difference on the practicing of these two?

Buddha: So I can tell you in this realm, there is not a contest about who got it right. While my message is often one of detachment, his message for his life, his many lives, has been balance. If you think of balance it is the stillpoint between attachment and detachment. They are one and the same.

Helen: That’s what I see, too. In order to be balanced, as a Buddhist that’s what I see so I use my Buddhist philosophy to practice the Taoist philosophy. In order to be balanced I have to detach, otherwise I cannot keep my sense of balance.

Buddha: So it is. The human race, over time, has been given many, many pathways. Eastern, Western and so on. But when you truly look at the kernels of truth and the way, the journey, the pathway, they are all the same. And it is time for the humans to meet in the middle and, my beloved Helen, that is what you are doing.

Helen: Thank you. I really appreciate the message. I really wanted to connect with your energy. Say hello to LaoTzu and Qwan Yin for me.

Buddha: And I will say hello back to you from them. Farewell.

SM: All right, so can we address what we’re going to have a conversation about next week? Is it not unity?

Buddha: Well, I will give you back to Linda. Go with my love.

SM: Alrighty. Thank you so much.

Buddha: And yes it will be unity. And this is also the point of balance. This is what I have spoken to you of this day in terms of the unity of the collective. It is another one of my favorite subjects. I might return. Farewell. And go with my love. Please, take all of my love and then come back because I will have more for you.

LD: Hi.

SM: Hi Linda, Welcome back. That was wonderful.

LD: Thank you. Next week, we won’t be on the air. Now that we’re gaining our deeper understanding of the Laws, he’d like us to go back and play the show on the first Law, which is the Law of Purpose. So that’s what we’ll do. And I will be hopefully lounging somewhere and recovering from the intensive at Joshua Tree.

SM: So our next continuation will be on October 1.

LD: Yes, and that will be on Unification.

SM: Amazing how quickly this is going by.

LD: I know. When we talked about this initially and I was thinking” ‘oh my goodness we’re doing another series of thirteen weeks like we did with the blessings and virtues’. And here we go.

SM: Here we go. This is number six. I’m amazed. Weeks are flying by. I don’t even remember what happened in them.

LD: And that’s also part of this energy of being in the fifth. Our sense of time is shifting. It’s not that I didn’t believe it – and we’ve all had that experience – but the Council, in the last while, said that our 24-hour day is really down to about 11 hours. Now, it certainly has felt that way. Because you wake up and start to do something and all of a sudden it’s 8 o’clock at night and you’re just getting going.

SM: I know. Sometimes it’s like five thirty at night and I haven’t eaten yet for the day.

LD: And so our sense of how we are placed in time is really shifting. That’s fifth-dimensional. Because in the other dimensions, we have different perceptions or different experiences of what time is. Even onboard ship, it’s a different rhythm, I guess, of time.

And that’s one of the things that our star families are acclimatizing themselves to by having assignments right now on Earth. It’s not just the vibration, the human vibration getting used to that compatibility factor; but it’s also getting used to different forms of gravity, a different form of time, all of these things have to be adjusted to. So, it’s really phenomenal.

You also mentioned that you, among several people I talked to who are having the experience of being levitated off their bed. And that also is very much a fifth- to seventh-dimensional experience. So if you’re having that and it may feel like it’s quasi-dreamstate. It doesn’t matter. If you’re having that sensation of levitation then you know you’re anchoring more and more fully in the ascended fifth. So go for it.

SM: I love this. If I’ve been waiting for the time when it gets really exciting, I think we’re in it right this moment.

LD: I think we are, too. I think everyone has been saying we’re waiting for stuff to happen. But really, it’s happening. And how we really see that, isn’t by looking at the White House – although they’ve given us some wonderful examples lately. But it’s also looking at ourselves: how we’re feeling, how we’re interacting with others and our neighbors; how our neighbors are transforming, how the groups that we interact with are transforming. That’s where I’m seeing the big difference.

SM: Also, I’m feeling like I’m under a cosmic sedative or something, because things that normally would bother me are seen as just what is.

LD: They’re not there, are they? It’s just a sense of what’s really important. It’s just not there.

SM: Absolutely. Thank God for everything. I am so grateful for this program. And for working with you, and I am a truly blessed girl.

LD: So am I.

SM: Awesome. Thank you so much again. And here’s to a wonderful Joshua Tree experience for everyone.

LD: Yes. Whether you are there in physicality or in spirit; it matters not. You’ll be there.

SM: Blessings all around.

LD: I love you.

SM: I love you too. Bye bye.

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