Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Testing Your New Communication Skills

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Much will come to light both globally and personally in the next few days. You can choose to review your perceptions in those areas or remain steadfast in your 3D beliefs.

3D beliefs are not about love and joy, but instead that someone or something is better than another. Such beliefs are so deeply ingrained you might not know you have them.

Your 3D world is based on a limited vocabulary that does not contain all the thoughts and feelings in your being. You beg to differ for you believe you have no difficulties expressing your thoughts or feelings.

There are tales of American Indians not seeing the first ships landing on their shores for they had no words or experiences to understand the concept. Such is true for you. By depending on your vocabulary, you are limiting your perceptions and life.

The new earth way to discover your world is through your inner-being. Your inner-being adjusts your thought processes and concepts on a second-by-second basis. It does not require a new dictionary to understand what it is experiencing.

Not everyone understands our meaning for our words are inadequate. Suffice it to know there is a way of thinking and acting that broadens your horizons and earth life.

Do you have difficulties understanding the new earth concept “All are one”? That is so because you are processing the concept through your logical mind. The concept is logical or “right” for you until you remember a neighbor, boss or family member who did not interact with you in what you thought was a loving way. When you remember the incidents that made you angry, fearful or sad, you cannot grasp how that person or thought is part of you.

If you release your logical thoughts and sift information through your heart or inner-being, all will become clear – maybe not today, but within a few days. The current energy shift is helping you understand new communication systems with yourself.

Many of you proclaim that you are not interested in communicating with yourself – that instead you need to solve some family, community or work-related dilemma. And so you will – but not with the communication tools you have used the past eons. It is as if you bang your head against a wall and wonder why your head hurts.

You cannot solve your 3D pain with 3D techniques – or words. It is time to expand your verbal/sensory repertoire. Such will happen once you allow it to.

Some of you are trying to determine how you sift your thoughts and actions through your inner-being. And the few now able to do so probably feel the process is more cumbersome than 3D language skills. It is yet another learning process.

No earth language defines all human thoughts and feelings, much less those of other entities. The languages created by your societies limit your beliefs and perceptions. Granted, by understanding several languages you might broaden your understanding a bit – but not enough to fully understand the new you and your new earth community.

What does freedom mean? Ask ten people and you will receive ten answers. Is freedom no rules or just the rules that officials think are appropriate? What does fear mean? Anger? And on and on.

Defining and perceiving through your heart/inner-being is quite different. Instead of using nebulous logic – definitions based on historical perspectives and common understanding – to define a word, your love-based definitions are a much broader and yet, more concise response.

This is a difficult piece for you do not yet comprehend how sifting your thoughts through your heart/inner-being will open your being to new ideas.

As a young child, anything was possible. You could be whatever you wished. You were not weighed down by the thought of at least 24 years of schooling before you could be labelled a physician. You just knew you could be a physician, fireman or ballerina if you wanted. How you achieved that was not a concern.

As you became more enmeshed in your society’s academic system, you discovered you did not like math so others told you that you could not be an engineer. Yet there are engineers who do not like math. And there are corporate executives of the highest level with learning disabilities. Your perception of what was possible as you became more enmeshed in your society determined your direction – not necessarily your likes or dislikes.

So it is now. You perceive something is bad because society tells you it is. Of course, you are probably thinking that such is not the case, that you react according to your gut or inner-being. Someone has done you wrong and they must pay.

What if the two of you communicated through your senses, instead of words and outer perceptions? Maybe you would sense that the person who made you angry was fearful because of a recently diagnosed disease or that you were smarter than they or that they could not pay their bills. Would your response be a bit different? Perhaps less about your hurt feelings?

Your communication processes are changing rapidly. Even though you will use words for some time, more and more you will sense what the other person really needs or wants – if you allow yourself to listen. You will also better understand your own actions – if you allow yourself to listen.

The next few days are a test run for your new communication skills.

If you allow it, you will just know things – and the same will be true for others.

Is the thought that others might be able to sense beyond your facade frightening? Such is your soon-to-be future. Words will become much less important. Once you adjust to this process, you will wonder how you ever managed to communicate. Just as you now cannot imagine life without a
computer. So be it. Amen.

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