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Saan and the Arcturian Councils: Understand the Power and Potency of your Light

I think that Douglas Adams was correct in describing The Arcturians as "incredibly intelligent shades of the color blue."  For your enjoyment and edification...DT the ET

Channeled Through Wes Annac-9/10/13

You’re coming to find greater and expanded individual and collective understandings about yourselves and this infinite Creation around you.

You’re coming to understand your infinite and unhindered ability to Create a fluid reality you’ve been taught to believe is dense and difficult to move around in, and as you do this, you refine and lighten the vibration around you and help to Create wondrous change for every person on your world to be able to get behind.

You’re bringing about the future you’ve read about in messages from the Company of Heaven for so long, and we continue to salute your efforts in bringing about your future and perceiving of the metaphysical realms as you exist in an illusory reality you’ve been taught to believe you possess little power to change or bring into alignment with the existence you deserve to be Living.

Every one of you deserves to Live a comfortable existence, and prosperity will be passed around and shared on your world in the time ahead as it’s understood that every soul is meant to experience the wealth that the few have been able to enjoy for so long.

Each of you will work diligently to bring about the new paradigm in the ways you’ve found yourselves best able to, and souls who’ve been at the forefront of communicating with the Company of Heaven and bringing our impressions through will perhaps step-up their efforts in doing so and in representing us in the time ahead.

We are Energy-Beings

Much representation will be needed indeed, as the collective’s general idea concerning what you consider to be extraterrestrials is still quite distorted in view of the truth.

In truth, we are energy-beings who take human form at times and experience Life as pure blissful energy at others.

We are of a fifth-dimensional consciousness and can utilize the option to exist in upgraded humans bodes if we wish to. Many of us choose to and many of us don’t, but when we’re able to exist openly on your world unhindered, we’ll each take bodies in the initial stages of contact so as not to overwhelm your collective with our presence as beings of energy.

When existing in our purest forms as we currently experience them, we’re energy that’s expressed and “seen” as Light. We possess Light bodies that we can take any form as, and in the higher realms you’ll come to find that you can take any form in any moment you wish to.

Your abilities are infinite in these realms, and upon growing back into the fifth dimension we can anticipate many of you happily experimenting with your expanded abilities and the wondrous perceptions you’ll enjoy.

You once knew and understood these perceptions and abilities quite well, but allowed yourselves to take on a dense and temporary human form in an effort to uplift an entire collective of people who’ve remained hindered in finding full consciousness and experiencing the bliss you were/are blessed with experiencing.

Now, from the realms of the Earth you can tap back into the pure bliss of the heavenly realms you’re growing back toward, and your evolution into these realms will continue as you work to uplift the collective and find yourselves reaching personal strides along your evolution.

Enjoy the expanded perceptions that are making themselves known to many of you, because they’ll continue to expand as you continue to embrace the higher dimensions and your ability to access them.

Those of you who make active attempts to connect with the higher dimensions every day are doing a great justice for yourselves, as you’re helping keep your higher-dimensional connection as strong as possible whilst you exist on the Earth and help transmute the dense energy of the collective consciousness.

Dark Facilitates Light

What you’ve seen as darkness is beginning to be understood by the awakening public for what it truly is; necessary for the growth and full bloom of the Light. It is indeed so that Light is bred from darkness, as darkness is a catalyst to the growth and development of Light.

Embrace what you perceive to be your shadow selves, and know that every facet of you is understood, empathized with and Loved infinitely.

Nothing can go unknown or unseen in the higher realms, and everything that’s been done and hidden is known about in these realms.

Despite this, we choose not to judge any soul as we understand that you’ve chosen to exist under the law of freewill in an effort to experience as much of the Earth and the lower dimensions as you possibly could, as you grew back toward the higher realms and brought the lower realms you’ve been existing in with you. (1)

Your collective is benefitting from the actions of the awakening public, as the Light you’re emitting is being radiated to every person around you. Understand the power and potency of your Light and the importance of your presence on the Earth, and worry not when Earthly events seem to be piling up on your or when it could be easy to allow your mood or vibration to dip.

It’ll help to remember that you’re spiritual beings existing on the Earth in an effort to help uplift it’s populace into the states of consciousness you once existed in, though we understand that the pressure of the Earth experience can seem to be too much at times.

We reiterate with Love that you’re never given more than you can handle, though we note with empathy that the difficulty can seem to hold you back at times from experiencing and expressing your pure Light and the joyful and brimming happiness you possess within.

An Instantaneous Connection

Each of you possesses the happiest and most jubilant states of consciousness within, and access to them can be instantaneous if you allow it to be.

We ask for you to see every aspect of your Lives that you’ve come to find joy and happiness from. Actively seek out everything that fills you with a good vibration, because it’s important for your vibration to be refined and lightened enough for you to be able to assist the collective in the energetic sense.

As has been mentioned fruitfully by others in the past, the awakening public and the Lightworkers especially are transmuting the bulk of dense and negative energy accumulated in your collective, and this is another reason balance is essential for you at this time.

When negative emotions or feelings surface that don’t seem to be your own, understand that in this moment they very well couldn’t be, as many of you have vastly volunteered yourselves to take on the collective’s dense energies in an effort to speed up your ascension process and the awakening of your collective that’s to precede it.

You’ve stepped-up your efforts quite a bit to help the Earth and Her collective ascend, even if you don’t yet realize it, and you can attribute the tired and drained feelings many of you tend to experience to the increased work you’ve been performing for the Earth’s ascension.

As many of you continue to awaken, so will your roles for the Earth’s ascension continue to expand. Many of you who are just beginning to understand the higher dimensions and the need to enact widespread change that works for every citizen could very well be at the forefront of the collective consciousness in the time ahead to help establish a ruling body that’s fair and just.

You’ll each find your unique and specific roles to play, and those of you who’ve been activated ahead of time and have found yourselves performing myriad tasks for the Earth’s ascension would perhaps expect to want to rest after the most widespread changes to your Earth have been made.

There will be much to do indeed, but we can say with happiness that the brimming energies you’ll exist in will likely see you more motivated and excited than ever to help as many lower-dimensional planets and civilizations to ascend beyond the Earth as possible.

Universal Travelers Incarnate on the Earth

Those of you who’ll continue to go on uplifting planets and civilizations into ascension after the Earth’s collective has evolved, will be aided greatly in doing so by the Earth’s ascension.

A plethora of awakening Lightworkers incarnate on your Earth now are quite literal Universal travelers, and have made their way to the Earthly realms from other Galaxies, Universes and dimensions, some of which are very far away from the Earth.

Even some of the closest star systems (to Earth) can be seen as quite far away with your limited human capacity to travel, but the technology we and so many others will happily offer in the time ahead will see you able to travel to various different places outside of your Earth with ease.

Your society has been held back from revolutionary technology and insight that could see your entire collective experience abundance and an easy and joyful existence, and our presence as well as the assistance and technology we have to offer have been suppressed for reasons related to your cabal’s desire to maintain control of your planet.

They’ve done much more to control and enslave your populace than even many awakening souls yet realize, and the purposeful crafting of a distorted society that plays upon and feeds separation and hatred in many respects has been essential to keeping humanity in the dark and unaware of the truth of your existence.

Especially in this chaotic time many of you are experiencing on the Earth, we ask for you to seek not only happiness and joy in your Life but the spiritual realms as much as you feel you need. You can find nourishment and restoration with meditation and with other avenues of accessing the spiritual realms, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to explore your opened lines of connection with us and the higher realms in general.

Yes, much on your Earth at present could seem to be of a dire or distressful nature, but truly, there’s nothing for you to worry or be in concern of.

This message has been repeated throughout the ages and will continue to be, because at present, your collective is still quite convinced of the reality of the illusory hologram you exist in that teaches you to accept pain and difficulty.

Your Existence Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

Your Lives are, again, meant to be joyful and your higher-dimensional connection is meant to be actively explored in this time. As the dear Pleiadians have mentioned, Living a Life far away from the strife being experienced in your collective consciousness and played-out on the world stage can be attained by seeking the spiritual realms and the understanding that you come from a place of pure Love and empathy.

We don’t choose to judge any of you for your actions whilst on the Earth, as we recognize the necessity of experiencing every facet of the lower dimensions as you go about fully understanding yourselves and the reality around you. Experience of the lower dimensions has been an ultimate aim in incarnating, but understand that active higher-dimensional connections await your rediscovery and utilization.

Your existence doesn’t have to be as stressful or painful as many on your Earth tend to let it be. In many cases you’ve convinced yourselves that the difficulty and pain must be rebelled against, and in doing so, you’ve made yourselves much unhappier in attempting to combat feelings or situations you’re actively breeding.

In rebelling against pain or difficulty, you’re actually manifesting it for yourselves. We know that this can make your situation seem difficult as we understand that the overwhelming majority of you seek happiness and joy in your Lives rather than difficulty and strife, but we wish for you to know that those things are fed if rebelled against.

Beyond knowing yourselves in the greatest sense possible, you’re meant to understand how to navigate the Earthly waters, so to speak.

You’re meant to understand just how to exist on the Earth and how to find a joyful and happy experience, and we can say with Love that fighting against experiencing difficult aspects of your Lives can only intensify the difficulty and see you dig yourselves much deeper than you would’ve anticipated or preferred.

Surrendering to the Flow

Learning to surrender one’s ego to the flow of Life-experience helps you lay down the perceived need to fight or rebel against any aspect of your Creation.

There are souls in positions of political and financial influence and power on your world who certainly do deserve to be rebelled against in the sense of not accepting the society they’ve attempted to keep every person in line with, but even rebellion against the cabal can soften when one finds personal bliss and satisfaction with oneself, as well as an unhindered higher-dimensional connection.

The actions of the cabal will float further and further from your minds and hearts as you make deeper meditative connections with the spiritual realms, and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that your lightened planetary vibration will herald noticeable effects for you in the form of increased and heightened perceptions.

We note the weight felt by many of you in this moment, and can only say that the two intensified dualities you’ve experienced for so long are coming to merge. As you bring yourselves and your collective together into a state of balance, so does your collective vibration reflect such coming-together and lighten sufficiently for everything to really begin.

Thank you to Saan and the Arcturian Councils.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

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