Saturday, September 28, 2013

Archangeloi Of The Elohim: Releasing The Anchors Of The Old 3D Earth In Truth

Channelled by Karen Doonan On Sept. 28, 2013

Greetings beloved ones we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support ALL as the mass movement of ALL within the UNIVERSE of 3 gets underway, for it is not only the human race that are now expanding and shifting and growing, it is ALL within the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH. Mother Earth now expands her energetic signature, ready for ALL that will now unfold across and within planet earth at this moment. The heightening of energies can be felt by ALL but many are filtering these out still believing that somehow all is the “same” and nothing is happening.

Beloved ones YOU ARE the creators of this your reality in this dimensional space within the UNIVERSE of 3. YOU wait on you, do you understand our guidance beloved ones?

ALL SOULs are now stepping into place in order to guide the human vehicle that is incarnate upon and within planet earth but not all human vehicles are allowing the upgrading of tehir human vehicle, we guide for clarity that upgrading to the human vehicle is necessary. We ask ALL to honour the requirements of your human vehicle. The old 3d earth taught heavily about “controlling” the human vehicle, much of 3d earth reality based on controlling the weight and sustenance of the human vehicle and we ask for you to understand the reasons for this.

The human vehicle was designed to be self healing, designed to be self propelling, designed to work perfectly. It is the interface between the planet earth and your SOUL and the old 3d earth knew this and began to create ways to interfere with this. Hence you have the 3d earth control paradigms around nutrition and health. The master of health of your own human vehicle beloved ones is YOU.

At this time during the transition process the human vehicle is being upgraded with LIGHT CODINGS. These work to RESET the human vehicle back to its original form at cellular level. Many are filtering this out and falling to the teachings of distortion that state that the human vehicle must be kept under tight control, this is not TRUTH and is not supported under the New Earth energies.

As the vibration of the human vehicle rises then the need for fuel for said human vehicle begins to alter and this may trigger the teachings that have been ingested in relation to nutrition and health. We guide for ALL to TRUST and have FAITH in the process that is now underway. By listening to your human vehicle and honoring its need you bring it back into balance, it is not possible to achieve balance without the human vehicle being balanced for it is needed to enter the New Earth in TRUTH.

Do you understand our guidance beloved ones? This is not only about aligning with your SOUL and the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH, this is also about the human vehicle for it is needed to house the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH.

Many are holding tightly on to all that has been taught in defiance of the changes that are now unfolding across and within planet earth and we ask why? that which is in place upon planet earth does not serve humanity, it was used to control and suppress humanity and yet humanity holds on, allowing the human logical brain to teach that there is only one way to live and this is not TRUTH beloved ones and is not supported under the New Earth in TRUTH. As the energies begin to rise once more frustration will begin to set in as a need for control is unleashed that in essence is YOU fighting with YOU. Do you understand our guidance beloved ones? For in TRUTH YOU are the only one here.

As the New Earth now begins to anchor in TRUTH then the anchors from the old earth will begin to crumble and fall, again many are looking outside of SELF for “proof” of our guidance and we guide strongly that only the changes that are made from within can be seen on the outside, for again beloved ones YOU are the only one here. Do you resonate with our words? the outside reflection of humanity is merely the mirror to the inside of your life experience here upon the planet earth. All are mirrors to the inner at all times, the old earth taught about mirrors but taught you to mirror to the external, in essence you stand in a house of mirrors unaware that the reflection is you beloved ones.

We will guide more in due course, for the moment we wish to send out more codings to the children of planet earth and we send out the codings of 345 and 456. We place a white dove at the 3rd eye and we ask for all to inhale the frequencies of the colour that is known to the human vehicle as GOLD, for GOLD is the new frequency that will allow for the changes to anchor fully within the human race.

The codings are asked to be placed in the heart space for they will unlock further levels of SELF and allow more knowledge from SOUL level to filter through to waking human conscious mind level.
YOU are asked to breathe and BE beloved ones for the changes will now accelerate for the energetic signature of Mother Earth is now increasing and expanding in TRUTH. ALL are ONE and YOU ARE. BE in peace beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we walk with you always.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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