Monday, September 23, 2013

The Council of One: You Hold The Geometries Of What Is Sacred

Received Via Gillian MacBeth-Louthan On Sept. 23, 2013

We have existed long before you were created. We will exist after earth has turned to a star. We come forth from a place that has always existed as Light. You hold memoirs of us within your genetic encodings. We are the ‘Council of One’ and each one of us is stationed at a sacred access and exit on Earth. We align with what has been holy, long before the Earth was fit for life. We align with what was holy before your solar system existed. We align with what is holy and that which can never be destroyed.

Throughout time and space, you have ventured into new degrees of experiencing life. You have ventured into situations where time has slipped like a sailors knot. You exist simultaneously in a multi-dimensional fashion and it cannot be any other way, but you have forgotten the rules of the game as you take multiple time outs and bench yourself. All of these experiences come to show you in a clear-cut manner exactly what you need to agree with within yourself in order to become that which the universe asks you to be.

Within you is a programmed genetic coding to ‘seek’. You ask questions when many others do not even bother to think in that direction. You strive to remember where you have come from, you seek the oneness of love that you know lives as a singular event within your heart and you look for that in the eyes of all that you meet. You are known in the universe as the ‘seekers’.

Time dances around you, winding and unwinding in such precision that the other elements are jealous. Imagine all the cogs in the wheels of time that turn to create events opening you to more possibilities than you had entertained. Imagine the veil being lifted and you can see the inner workings of every human you meet, every reflection in every mirror of every interaction within every individual.

As you move into these time events you will see the many costumes that each person wears; the many dos and don’ts they have given themselves. The many should's’and should not’s, they wrap around themselves as a cloak of camouflage. These time lines ask you not to be afraid of death, of life, of love or of succeeding. You have come here voluntarily to this planetary jewel. Many of you are angry at your humanness. You want to be light and not human. In truth dear ones, you can be nothing but light, no matter what form you take in any incarnation in any timeline.

Like a liquid that is poured into a special container you hold the same vibration of light at all points of incarnation, you just choose to wear different containers.

You hold the geometries of what is sacred. You hold the promises that you made before you incarnated into your original soul. Hold tight to who you truly are through these shifts and don't lose yourself to the mayhem. You are a living vortex, you are living light and you are an emissary of the Heavens.

Trust what the heart tells you. Each time you think that you have a hold on your life or your situation, something immediately shifts. Each time you think you have tamed the wild beast in your family, in your boss, in your wife, it raises its ugly head. Know without a shadow of doubt that when there is upheaval around you that means the light is shining bright. When everything is turned upside down it shows that your life is a light that shines majestic enough for the darkness, to notice you. You are on the proprietary list. You are listed first on the label.

You have held the light for so long, wading thru this time and energy, you have accrued goodness in any form that you choose. You have saved many blessing for hard times. Spend them as you wish in accordance with your heart. Do not spend them to get away from the rising waters or the collapse of the economy. You cannot spend your blessings in a place that will not receive them.

No matter what the proof is, you have to believe in the highest good, the highest light, the highest frequency no matter how it appears until the very end. The energies of imagining that you are in battle on the battlefield in the days of old and suddenly you stop to pray, like Joan of Arc must have done as she battled what was injustice. Praying and talking to God in the midst of battle – that is what you will be asked to do.

You are becoming the marvel, the event horizon, by yourself and no matter how much you love another you cannot make them become that singularly of light. They have to choose on their own.

From now until the end of the year you will find yourself in visionary capacity – opened eye visions happening as you are driving, as you are talking to another, as you are just sitting, pondering in your bathrooms. This energy, this ocular frequency, is opening up portals within the eye structure.

There are many parts of your eyes that are like a honeybee hive – there are hexagons within them. There are eight portions of these geometric frequencies within your eyes that will be happening around the iris of your eyes and you will notice your eyes will change color. People will say that your eyes have changed color from one conversation to another. These portals of seeing are coming as a gift for you.

For many years some have lost their sphere of visibilities. It’s like the cord was cut or tied in a knot and nothing flowed. This time period allows you to see and then hold on to that information as a truth. If you see a person in the store that you know is a pedophile or you know abuses children, energetically you see this and you want to do something about it. Physically you cannot say to this person or those around him but you can send the vibration of protection to the children he may interact with.

As you have the eyes to see again a great responsibility comes forth with this. In this responsibility you will be shown each person how to deal with what you have found to be the truth. We do not ask you to be flustered, fearful and angry over what you see whether it is the person next to you that you love, your children, or whomever, but we ask you as a priest that has been confessed to as many to hold that truth in secrecy. There will be occasions where you will interact with those of your own light and you will speak of it and they will know what you speak but you are being given the secrets. Now every priest or psychologist or lawyer that holds these secrets sacred is asked to be in proportion and hold the light without speaking the secrets to another.

As the Seers what you see isn’t always pretty. You are all becoming great listeners -you hear the thoughts of others. Allow these truths to escort you into higher octaves of your own DNA patterning you have played every role thru time and you hold that information within you. We try hard to prepare you, helping you to move effortlessly in a fluid manner through these shifts. You are the one that holds the light and anchors it. Even when everyone stole every hope that you had, every mustard seed of faith, you came back to the light. You do not know anything but the light and that is who you are. We are the Counsel Of The One and we are part of your light as you are part of ours. We leave.

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